Ali(as) the first In many fields

Ali(as) the first In many fields

Ali(AS) was the possessor of unique virtues and was the first and foremost person in a number of things. He had no match in the following attributes, to mention only a few :

He was of noblest birth for both his father and mother were Hashimites.

He was the only person to be born in the Kaaba (the house of God).

He was the only Divinely authorized witness and Attester that Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God. (Surah Raad Verse 43, Surah Hood Verse 17 and Surah Saha Verse 6.).

He was the first to offer prayers after the Holy Prophet.

He was the only one to offer his assistance to the Holy Prophet at the gathering of Dawat-e-Asheera

Ali (AS) was the only one (except the Holy Prophet) whom God inspired with Divine Secrets.

He was the first to compile and codify the Quran.

He had the distinction of being styled as “Brother” by the Prophet on both the occasions of “before Hijrat” at Mecca and after Hijrat at Medina.

Ali (AS) was the only one named by the Holy Prophet to bathe his body after his death.

HE was the only warrior to stick to his post on the battlefield in all battles and who never once turned his back

It was he who was appointed Commander in all the battles in which the Holy Prophet did not partici­pate personally and was the Standard Bearer when the Prophet participated.

He was the great warrior who succeeded in killing all adversaries who fought against him.

It was Ali (AS) who caught and conquered pagan ‘Jinns’ many of whom accepted Islam.

The honor of the propagation of the Quranic Surah “Al-Baraat” (the Immunity) fell to Ali’s lot, the Prophet saying that either he himself or Ali could do it and no one else, thereby raising him Supreme above all others.

It was he on whom the Holy Prophet bestowed the title “a Second Aaron.”

The privilege of removing the symbols of Arab paganism from the Kaaba (after the conquest of Mecca) was also reserved for Ali(AS).

Ali (AS) had the good fortune to have the sublimest woman of the world Fatima( as) as his wife and a unique father-in-law like the Prophet(PBUH) and sons like Hasan(AS) and Husain(AS).

Ali(AS) had the honor of being nominated by the Holy Prophet as his Successor, Testator and Vicegerent.

Ali(AS) was also honored by being styled “Moula” (Master) of the “Ummah” (nation) by the Holy Prophet, by the mandate of God.

Ali(AS) is the one who (long before the creation of the universe) came into being along with the Holy Prophet each of them being a fragment of the same ‘Noor’, (Light), Muhammad(PBUH) having the Prophethood and Ali having the ‘Vilayath’. (Authority).

Ali(AS) while in the stage of ‘Noor’ has been the Divine Professor who imparted knowledge to Gabriel and other angels – hence known as the Teacher of Gabriel.

Besides the Holy Prophet(PBUH), Ali(AS) is the only one, de­parture of whose soul depends on his own will.

He is the distributor of Kausar and will allot Heaven or Hell as deserved.

Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi


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