Allama Turabi martyred in Bomb Blast

Allama Turabi martyred in Bomb Blast

SFP News:
July 14, 2006

Allama Hasan Turabi, a well-known Shia cleric, his nephew Ali Abbas and guard were martyred in a powerful bomb attack near the residence of Allama Turabi at Abul Hassan Isphahani Road, in Abbas Town, Karachi on Friday 14th July around 4:05 PM.

His nephew Ali Abbas and guard martyred on the spot while allama was rushed to Patel Hospital, where he succumbed his injuries. His dead body then sent to Fatimiya Community Center, where Molana Mehmood Moosvi, Molana Hasan Zafar, Molana Asghar Shaheedi and several other clerics reached there. Nimaz e Janaza will be offered on Saturday 15th July 2006 after Nimaz e Zuhrain at Shah e Khurasan.

He was a president of Islami Tahrik in Sindh Province, southern part of country. Allama Hassan Turabi was a very influential personality in Shia and Sunni communities, well known political and religious leader. His party is a member of Mutaheda Majlis e Amal. He struggled for Shia Sunni Unity and was very strong supporter of Muslim harmony. He always raised his voice for Muslim cause. He always supported morally to the oppressed people of Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq and Lubnan.

Before his martyrdom he was coming back from the rally against Israel that has attacked on Lubnan and butchering Palestine’s Muslims. People think that he is punished by anti Islamic forces who are violating Muslims in all over the world and don’t want Muslims to be Unite.

MMA (Mutahda Majlis e Amal) has announced strike on Saturday and Shia Ulema Council declared 3 days mourn. President, Prime minister and several other religious and political parties condemned this brutal act. Martyrdom of Allam Turabi is a great loss of Pakistani Muslims and especially for the Shia Community.

Inalilahe wa Ina Ilahe Rajeoon

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