As a German Jew I am ashamed of Israel

Berlin, Aug 10, IRNA
Germany-Mideast-Jewish leader
The daughter of the late German Jewish leader Heinz Galinski on Thursday harshly condemned Israel’s brutal military actions in Lebanon and the Palestinian-run territories.

“As a German Jew I am ashamed of Israel. Target killings, humiliating the Palestinian population, land dispossessions, destroying the infrastructure, border checkpoint harrassments, building the wall, blowing up houses, bombing UN monitors …,” Evelyn Hecht- Galinski wrote in a letter to the Stern news magazine.

Hecht-Galinski whose father headed the German Central Council of Jews from 1988 until 1992, lashed out at those who equate any criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism.

She pointed out Israel “lost 30 years” during which negotiations with the Syrians and Palestinians could have led to a lasting peace.

Meanwhile the current head of the Central Council of Jews Charlotte Knobloch criticized in a letter to the Stern magazine its recent cover story titled ‘Israel- Why is Israel so aggressive’.

German politicians and people of all walks have repeatedly deplored Israel’s merciless military onslaught in Lebanon and the Palestinian-controlled areas.

Syed Mohamad masoom abidi


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