Corpse among the Living


Corpse among the Living

Imam Sadiq (a.s.) says,
“The Almighty Allah sent some angels to destroy the people of a particular town. When the angels reached there, they found a worshiper engrossed in worship. The angels said, “O our Lord! Your particular slave is busy in worship, how can we send punishment on this town? The reply came, ‘Do not care about this man because he has never been angry for Our sake and never behaved curtly with the sinners.’
(Wasaelush Shia)

Amirul Momineen Ali (a.s.) says:

Some believers perform Nahy Anil
Munkar with heart, tongue and hands. These people possess good
qualities from every aspect. While some do Nahy Anil Munkar with heart
and tongue. They have two good qualities and lack the third one. Others
perform Nahy Anil Munkar only with their hearts and have only one good
quality. They are deprived of the two higher qualities. But the person
who has none of these three qualities is like a corpse amongst the
living. In comparison to Amr bil Maroof and Nahy Anil Munkar other good
deeds and Jihad in the way of Allah is like a drop of water in
comparison to the sea. By performing Amr bil Maroof and Nahy Anil
Munkar someone’s death does not come near and neither is there any
reduction in sustenance.
(Wasaelush Shia Vol. 11 Pg. 404.)

Iltemaas e dua

Syed Mohamad Masoom abidi


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