Healthy minds, Happy living…………..


Healthy minds, Happy living
sarwat ansari

There is a saying: “ The best thing you can give to your enemy is forgiveness; to an opponent tolerance; to a friend your heart; to your child a good example; and to yourself respect “

In fact these are the best things we can do for ourselves; forgiveness , tolerance, intimacy with friends, good example for children, and self respect. These are essential ingredients for a happy, healthy life with high standards of morality, spirituality and satisfaction.

Forgiveness to Enemy is extremely difficult, but possible. It can be surprisingly beneficial for one’s physical and mental health. Research has shown that people who forgive experience more energy, better appetite and better sleep patterns. Forgiveness is for you and not for anyone else. And Remember that a life well lived is your best revenge.

Tolerance is a sign of strength. Tolerance makes you empathize with your opponents, helps you analyze each situation with honesty and clarity. To get the facts tolerance is essential. Control on emotions helps us analyze difficult situations calmly and can disarm your enemies.

Intimacy with friends serves as a cushion against stresses of life . It is absolutely necessary to have some one close by to share your inner feelings. So share your intimacies with friends and listen to them. Never take a friendship for granted, make friendship a top priority. Find time to be with friends. Open up to friends. Maintain a deep friendship relationship at the level of “psychological intimacy.” Don`t be afraid to express your inner fears & feelings. It prevents you from stress and disappointment Help your friends with their problems, as well. Sincere and timely help reaffirms the bond of friendship. When your friends are shaken, stand by them in good and bad times to win their loyalty and sincerity.

To give your child a good example and to have an impact on child’s life, it is important that you take the right path for yourself and stay on course. Whatever qualities you want to see in your child, you must acquire them for yourself. As Mahatma Gandhi said: “We must be the change we want to see in the world”. Children can follow your example.

Self-respect makes your life easier and happier. Always remind yourself of your and strengths and capabilities. Never try to compete with others, whether in accomplishments, appearance, or possessions. Jealousy is a self-inflicted pain and can be disastrous. Be satisfied with what you have. Those who cannot accept what they can not control — are most likely to suffer and live unsatisfied lives.

Syed Mohammad Masoom Abidi



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