Islam Simplified


Dear friends whose minds are closed and prejudiced against Islam,

I have notice lots of people seem to have totally blocked minds, which are closed and prejudiced against Islam. Maybe because most media is not truly international and represents only the views of one section of society.

Here are a few things which will make life simpler for everybody:

1. Muslims don’t hate Jews, Christians, Hindus, etc.

2. Muslim Women are independent, intelligent, beautiful, work, run huge companies, smart, and DO drive.

3. Muslims were not born suicide bombers.

4. Muslims do not love blowing up buildings and killing innocent people. Nor do we support terrorists who do.

5. Muslims did not celebrate or have a big party when the World Trade Centre was bombed or every time there is a bomb attack in any Western city

6. Muslims children are not taught to kill non-Muslims and go to school like all other regular people.

7. Muslims DO NOT want to force others into following Islam

8. Muslims however do want to be respected and treated equally for their own set of values and beliefs which DO NOT harm any body else.

The above things are simple and should help people understand Islam, if you don’t understand what is written about then you are a true racist moron and are truly a BIG problem for the entire Earth.

peacceSyed Mohammad Masoom Abidi



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