Raat aaee hai Shabbir pey yalgaar-e-bala hai

Sathi na koi Yar na gamkhawr raha hai

Monis hai to Ek dard kee Gangore Ghata hai

Musfaq hai to Ek Dil key Dharakney kee sada hai

Tanhai kee, gurbat kee, pareshani kee shab hai

Yeh Khana-e-Shabbir kee Wirani kee shab hai

Night has set in, manifold miseries have Shabbir chained,

No friend, no companion and no well-wisher has remained,

The dark clouds of pain and suffering, are but his soother,

And the throb of his wounded heart, is the only comforter,

It’s the night of a lonely being, stranger, stranded and molested,

It’s the night of Shabbir’s house, which is desolate and devastated.

Dushman kee sipah khawab mein madhosh pari thee

Pal bhar ko kisi kee na idhar Ankh lagi thee

Har ek ghari Aaj qiyamat kee ghari thee

Yeh Raat bhot Aal-e-Mohammad pey karhi thee

Reh reh key bukaa Ahl-e-Haram kartey they Aisay

Tham tham key Diya Aakri shab jalta hai jaisay

Fast Asleep, the enemy soldiers were senselessly lying,

But this side, non could even wink in a situation trying,

This day, each and every moment was mortifying,

To the progeny of the Holy Prophet, this night was most terrifying,

The house-folks bewailed so, at times but helplessly,

As if the snuffed-out candle, flickers at the night-end slowly.

Ek ghoshay mein Un Sokhta Samanoan key Salaar,

Un Khak basar, Khaknuma Weeranaoun key Sardaar,

Tasna lab-o-Darmanada-o-Majboor-o-Dil-Figaar,

Is shaan sey bhaithay they Shah-e-Lashkar-e-Ahraar,

Masnad thi, na khilaat thi, na khuddam kharaey they,,

Haa tan pey jidhar dekhyee, So Zakham Sajay they

In a nook there was, the Commander of the deprived creatures,

The Chief of those uprooted and molested creatures,

Broken-hearted, exhausted, helpless and thirsty,

The Leader was sitting but with great dignity,

Neither was royal cushion, nor robe, nor were the attendants standing,

Multiple wounds were on his body, blood from each was oozing.


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