Surat gar-e-Jalaalat-e-Islam Hai Hussain

Ek markaz-e-Rawabit-e-Aqwam hai Hussain

Fiqr-o-Nazar Mashiat-o-Elhaam hai Hussain

Mehboob-e-Ahl-e-Dard Bas Ek naam hai Hussain

Darya Mukhalefat key Charhai,aur Utar gaiy

Baqi raha yeh naam, hawadis guzr gaiy

Of the fair face of Islam, the embellisher is Hussain,

Of the unity of nations, the coherer is Hussain,

Hussain is the will of God, His revelation and vision,

On the lips of men of inspiration, Hussain is the name in repetition,

There indeed waxed and waned his opposition,

But his name lasted, despite many a revolution.

Insaaniat ko jis ney sanwara hai wo Hussain

Jo Husn-e-Maanawi kaa sahara hai wo Hussain

Jis ney Diloan mein dard ubara hai wo Hussain

Rohey bashar ko jis ney pukara hai wo Hussain

Awaaz jis kee dour key insaan taq gaee

Bijli see sameaa kee fazaa mein chamak gaee

To humanity, Hussain has undoubtedlty graced,

The real grandeur in life, Hussain has traced,

In every human heart, Hussain has created pain,

And has set free each human soul, from slavery’s chain,

The echo of his voice, reached the most distant man,

Like a flash of light it was, on the acoustic span.

Khudaar zindagi kaa jo hami hai wo Hussain,

Izzat ki maut ka jo payami hai wo Hussain,

Jo Khaliq-e-shaoor-r-awami hai wo Hussain,

Har qoum kee nazar mein girami hai wo Hussain,

Waqif nahee bashar jo payambar key naam sey

Manoos hain Hussain Alai-his-salaam sey

Of noble and virtuous life, Hussain is an exponent,

Of an honourable death, Hussain is the champion, most fervent,

Of the mass consciousness, Hussain is the creator, most notable,

In all clans and tribes, Hussain is a name, all venerable,

One who is yet ignorant, of the Holy Messenger,

With the name of Hussain, he is indeed familiar.



Thaa jahan phir wahee’n quran ko ley aaye Hussain
Saj gaee jaey Muhammad key qareen jaey Hussain

Marzee-a-Haq sey muzayyan tho jo Eimaey Hussain

Mashal-e-Raah bana Naqsh-e-Kafe-paye Hussain

Taey Maslak-e-Islaam Dobara Chamka

Phir sey Insaan kee qismat kaa sitara Camka

Hussain restored the Qur’an, to its pristine position,

Not too distant from the place of Mohammad, was his position,

In consonance with the Divine will, was the very act of Hussain,

For mankind thus became a guide-line, the footprints of Hussain,

The fortune of Islam was, re-ascendant vigorously,

And the star of man’s destiny, shone more brilliantly.

Kitnaa nazuk tha fareeza jo baja laey Hussain

Ta ba dil Halqaey Mazhab ko barhaa laey Hussain

Kalma-e-rasm key phanday sey churaa laey Hussain

Haq ko Nahaq kee milawat sey bacha laey Hussain

Naql ko Asl-e-Haqiqat mein jo khapney na diya

Dhong Islam-e-Majazee ka panapney na diya

How challenging was the task, which Hussain has completed,

To the beat of the heart, Hussain had Divinity stretched,

From the mechanical acknowledgement of faith, he made Islam free,

To adultrate the Wrong with the Right, Hussain allowed in no degree,

The spurious, he made to segregate with the original,

To the façade of false Islam, he jolted a blow eternal.

Haq mein Islam key Naana kee Tamanna they Hussain

Jo Beharhaal na ho kam wo bharosa they Hussain

Bap bhai key maqasid key Mohaiyaa they Hussain

Silsilay Dar Faraez kaa Tatimma they Hussain

Deen o Dunyaa kee Qiyadat ko alag kar key rahey

Badshahat ko Imamat sey Alag kar key rahey

For the survival of Islam, Hussain was the hope of his grand-father,

And the unflagging confidence, which indeed knew no falter,

Of the mission of his father and brother, Hussain was the fulfilment,

Of the duties and obligations, Hussain was a sheet and its supplement,

Between the spiritual and temporal lordship, a line he demarcated,

To Kingship from the Imamate, he most certainly separated.

Hussain Ek Idara hai, Ek Naam nahee

Husainiat ko Makani Hadoan sey kaam nahee

Hussainiat mein zamani koi maqam nahee

Yeh faiz who hai key tafreqq Subho-sham nahee

Dare-Hussain hai Insaan Nawazeeon key liye

Game-e-Hussain bana chara sazeeon key liye

Hussain is not a mere name, but an institution of merit,

To the confines of space, Hussainism has no limit,

Hussainism is in fact timeless,

It transcends all such barriers, it’s all matchless,

His gates are ever open to humanity, for its betterment,

The mournings for Hussain are for man’s cure and treatment.

Syed Mohamad masoom abidi



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