Hussain paikar-e-Insaniyat kee jaan too hai,

Zameen-e-Sabr-o-Tahammul kaa Aasmaan too hai,

Na sirf deen-e-muhammad kee Izzo-e-Shan too hai,

Rahe-e-Hayat mein Salar-e-Kaarwaan too hai,

Jahan ko Khawab-e-fana sey jagaa diya too ney

Baqa key wastey marnaa sikha diya too ney

Hussain, thou art the inner soul, of the best of humanity,

Of the land of patience and fortitude, thou art the highest conopy,

Not only the religion of Mohammad, thou art the upholder,

But of the whole caravan of life, thou art the standard-bearer,

From the deadening sleep, awakened the world hast thou,

How to die for life, taught a lesson hast thou,

To hee hai zulm key panjay ko morhney wala,

Yazeediat kaa sare-nahas tornney wala,

Darindagan-e-Bala ko Janjhorney wala,

Musibataun kee kalai marorney wala

Pahaar sey bhi sabat-e-qadam ziyada tha

Dil-e-Hussain Thaa, Allah kaa Irada tha

Of the cruel clutches of tyranny, thou art the breaker,

Of the brutal force of Yazidism, thou art the shatterer,

Of all the evils and villainies, thou art the slayer,

Of the worst of adversities, thou art the challenger,

For more than the mass of mountain, was indeed the resolution

It was Hussain’s heart, or the undying Divine determination.

Zabaan sey kartey ho dawa Hussainiat ka Agar

Dikhao kuch to Hussain-e-Shaheed key Johar

Sajo who asleha jin par fida ho Fath-o-Zafar

Sabat-e-Azm kee talwar lo, Haya kee Sipar

Jo Haidery ho to Himmat karo, Dilair bano

Barho, Na barh key hatoa, Barthey Jao, Shair bano

If you claim yourself to be Hussain’s follower,

Show at least, some of the martyr’s feats of valour,

Arm yourself with such weapons, which are victory’s pride,

Let the sword of will and shield of modesty be by your side,

Should you be a supporter of Haider, be courageous and daring,

Advance, not to retreat, go on, be a lion raging.




  1. khuda se keh k chaly jahan se sb hi pyambar….. luta k akbar utha k asghar… chaly hein maqtal ko ibn e hyder…. labon pe he shukar kibriya ka… agarcha gardan he zair e khanjar…. sada ye khaliq ki aa rhi he.. hussai bs kr… hussain bs kr…


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