what would be the main cause of Islamophobia?

what would be the main cause of Islamophobia?

Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi
Assalamu `alaykum,

There are three main reasons for the prevailing negative attitudes about Islam.

1. Ignorance: Some people are really ignorant because they are either lazy or too pre occupied with other things to learn about Islam.

2. Hatefulness. There are people who hate Islam for what it is. They view Islam as a threat to their survival.

3. Fearfulness: There are those who genuinely fear that their lifestyle will be impacted once Islam becomes part of their life.

What is being written about Islam is horrible. It is ridiculous and amounts to insanity. It appears to be an open season against Islam and Muslims.

There are three types of writing visible in most newspapers and magazines: offensive, ignorant, and aggressive. Offensive writing is usually done by those who are either from Christian right or Zionist circles. Ignorant writing is done by those who are still living in a cocoon of ignorance without making an attempt to research and find facts. Aggressive writing is done by those who are politically motivated and who want their aggressive writing to serve a specific political purpose.

So, it is a combination of anti-Islam and Islamophobia as well as ignorance that has resulted in attacking on Islam. In the last 12 months, some 900 articles have appeared in major newspapers in the world and some 83 percent are offensive written by Christian right or Zionists.
There are groups in the West that hate Islam both in religious sense and political sense. These groups have tried to use different techniques to spread lies and hatred against Muslims and Islam. Sometimes, they are overt in their condemnation of Islam and sometimes they are subtle.

Islamophobia is described as a state of mind where ignorance about or biased opinions against Islam have created unknown fears in the mind of average person who has no time to explore the faith on the basis of his knowledge. One has to go deeper to study those biased opinions and statements of ignorance and find out their sources of origin.

Most of the biased opinions against Islam have their origin in the writing of early European writers who had Christianity as their faith. They described Islam as a religion of terror, the Prophet as a pedophile, companions of the Prophet as bandits and Islam as a faith that reduces human beings to non entity and places non-Muslims in the worst kind of social order. They projected Islam as a religion of misogynist.

Leaders like Calvin and Martin Luther who are described as the champions of the modern Protestant movements in Christianity promoted these ideas and wrote extensively against Islam. Their followers are following their path and using the opinion of their leaders to project a negative image of Islam in the modern context.
Most of those who have written against Islam during the last 500 hundred years are either extreme liberals, or extreme right wing Christians or extreme Zionists. The number of those who are highly ignorant is in fact in minority.

At times, Muslims thought that ignorance is the cause of negative attitudes towards Islam. It is not ignorance that feeds hatred against Islam. It is a campaign that is run actively by those who view Islam as a challenge to their political and religious superiority.

Extreme liberals view Islam as a religion that curtails extreme freedoms in all walks of life. Extreme Right wing Christians view Islam as a religion that does not believe in the final battle between Jews and Jesus before the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth. Extreme Zionists view Islam an anti-thesis to their design to control pieces of lands stretching from Nile to Euphrates.

In modern times, right wing Christians and Zionists have joined forces while liberals are singing the same tone without playing their music.

Iltemaas e dua
Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi


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