Duties towards Society..BY..Allameh Tabatabai.


Duties towards Society

Quraan says.. There should be among you a party who
should invite (people) to goodness and enjoin what is right and
forbid what is evil.They are ones(destined) to attain success’

A person who observes his brother doing something improper and
does’nt prevent him from it, inspite of being in position to do so,
has betrayed him.
baharul anwar

As we know, human individuals do engage in mutual aid and so benefit from each other’s efforts in meeting their own needs. The societies that form from such people are like a greater human being of whom individuals are members or organs.
Each of the organ of the human body has a specialised task and contributes to its own well-being while contributing to that of the other organs. Correspondingly, it benefits from their activities.If any of these organs were to become egotistical and not to serve the other organs (for instance, if the eyes refused to help with what the hands or feet were doing, or the mouth were to grow so engrossed in chewing that it would refuse to swallow), a person would soon die, along with these individualistic, egotistical organs.
The individual members of a society have tasks analogous to those of the organs of a body. That is, a person must think of his own interests in the context of the interests of society and consider what would be profitable to society in his work, if he is himself to profit from his labours. He must benefit everyone if he is to realize a benefit. He must defend others’ rights if his are to be preserved.
This is a truth that we comprehend through our God-given nature. The holy faith of Islam, too, in resting upon this nature and creation, decrees nothing less.
The Messenger (p.b.u.h.) has said, “A Muslim is one from whose hand and tongue other Muslims are safe”. He has also said, “Muslims are brothers to each other; they are one in the hand, heart, and purpose in the face of outsiders”.

There was an incident that illustrates this point at the Battle of Tabuk, as the Most Noble Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him and his family) was advancing with the army of Islam toward the border of the Roman Empire. Three men did not participate in the battle, and, when the army returned and they went out to meet and greet him, he averted his face from them and made no reply. So did the other Muslims. No one in Medina would even speak to their wives, and they were Finally compelled to take refuge in the surrounding hills and express their contrition and repentance. After several days, God accepted their repentance, and they returned to the city.

BY..Allameh Tabatabai.


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