MIKYALUL MAKARIM By Ayatullah sayyid Muhammad taqi Ishfahani(r.a)




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By Ayatullah sayyid Muhammad taqi Ishfahani(r.a)
(Duties of Shias towards Imam E Zaman(a.s))

Summarised By
Syed Mohammad Masoom Abidi

May Allah have mercy on the great religious scholar Ayatullah sayyid Muhammad taqi Ishfahani(r.a) who has written a comprehensive book on subject of Marefat ( recognisation of Imam e zamana (as.) and the title of the book is Mikyalul Makarim and There are EIGHTY RESPONSBLITIES of shias with regard to Imam(a.s) during ghaibat (occultation).


To obtain knowledge about the special characteristics Of Imam (a.s) and to have information about the CERTAIN SIGNS of his reappearance.

Imam e zaman (a.s) is a guide and leader (rehber) whose obedience is compulsory. Marefat e imam e zaman(a.s) is wajib and it is also wajib to learn about his special characterstics so that if a false claimant of mahdaviyat appears we can at once, realize his falsehood.
Shaykh saddooq (r.a) has recirded a tradition of Imam Moosa e Kazim (a.s) tht he said:-
“one who doubts about four things has denied everything revealed by Allah. One of these being the marefat e imam of age.

Therefore knowledge of his lineage and personal qualities is very important.

To be respectful while mentioning his name.

A momin should always mention Imam(a.s) with the best of the titles. ie Hujjat, Qaem, Mahdi,sahibul Amr and sahibuz Zaman(a.s) etc. He should refrain from uttering his actual name, which is the name of Holy prophet(s.a.w).
The tradition of Our Holy prophet(s.a.w) is :-
Mahdi is from my progeny. His name is my name and his kuniyat is my kunniyat(agnomen).

Loving Him

We all know loving the ahlulbaith (a.s) is obligatory. Affection for them is a part of our faith and a condition for acceptance of our deeds.

Making Him popular among the people

Imam Jafer e sadiq (a.s) said: – May Allah have mercy upon the one who makes us loved among the people and does not do any thing that would make people inimical to us and hate us. By Allah! If they had conveyed our meaningful sayings verbatim to the people they would have created love and affection in their hearts. And no one could have put any sort of tag on them. Ref: Rawdatul Kafi vol 8 pg 229 H no 293

On another occasion Imam Sadiq (a.s) said:- May Allah have mercy on one who turns the love and affection of the people towards us and he speaks about those whom they know. And he leaves those who deny. Ref: Majalis of sadooq pg 61

Awaiting his Reappearance

Imam sadiq (a.s) in Kamalluddin “ One of you who dies awaiting for Imam Mahdi (a.s) dies as if he was with him in a tent.”
Kamaluddin of shaykh sadooq ch 55 trad No 1

Awaiting is a psychological condition of the person who is waiting for someone. The opposite of INTEZAAR is usually expressed as despair. Intezaar is the opposite of despair or hopelessness. To be hopeless of the reapprarence of hazrath Qarm (a.s) is definitely HARAM. The belief in the reappearance of Imam(a.s) is a necessity of shia imammia faith. To despair of Imam mahdi’s (a.s) reappearance is to deny the prophet hood of Our Holy Prophet (s.a.w). so we are supposed to await for reappearance of Imam (a.s) day and night.


Expressing an eagerness to see Him
The heart burns and tears flow in the eagerness to see you. The desire to see is burning us and the tears of separation are going to drown us. Have you ever seen a drowning man in flame?
An ardent desire to see Imam(a.s) is a meritorious deed because it is one of the necessary requirements of love and friendship. How can there be love when we are not eager to see our beloved?

Seventh Duty
Relating praiseworthy qualities of Imam(a.s)
Imam jafer e sadiq (a.) said:- “ It is duty of a group of heavenly angels to look at two or three people who are discussing the fazael of Aale Muhammad (a.s. One of the angels says Look at them! In spite of the fact that they are few in numbers and in spite of having so many enemies they are still discussing the fazael of Aale Muhammad(a.s)
The other group on angels says: That is Allah’s grace, He grants it to whom he pleases, and Allah is the lord of mighty grace” Sura e juma 62:4
Rawdatul Kafi Vol 8 pg 334

Grief of a believer due to Imam’s (a.s) separation

Imam Reza(a.s) says- How devastated would be the believing women and men when the Imam will be hidden from them? Ref Kamaluddin
The duty of believer is to be sorrowful in separation of Imam(a.s). It is a sign of ones attachment to imam(a.s). When he laughs among the people he laughs in such a way that his heart is full of grief like a mother who lost her grown up son.

To be present in the Assemblies where the Fazael and masaeb of Imam(a.s) are discussed.

It is our duty during ghaibat of Imam e zaman(a.s) to organize programs where the fazael of Imam (a.s) are narrated. Where people will pray for Imam(a.s).Even if one has to work very hard to organize such gathering it is highly recommended, because it is a propagation of the religion of Allah, it is the promotion of the word of Allah, it is an help in goodness in piety and it is help to the sign of Allah and the friends of Allah.
We shall quote a hadith from Imam sadiq(a.s) on this juncture,” meet each other because it enlivens your hearts and causes the remembrance of our affair(wilayah), and our traditions will promote love amongst you.

Tenth &Eleventh Duty
Composing and reciting poems in Imam(a.s)’ praise

Imam jafer e sadia (a.s) says: Allah makes a house in paradise for one who composes a couplet about us”
Wasaelus shia vol 10 pg 467

So it is duty of believers during ghaibat to compose poetry or couplets in praise of Imam(a.) and recite these poems.
To stand up with respect at the mention of Imam(a.s)’ name.
Whenever one utters the name or title of Imam(a.s) one should stand up in respect,as had been the practice of the twelver shia.The textual proof can be cited from the report regarding Imam sadiq(a.s) as quoted in the book NAJMUS SAAQIB. The report says that one day the name of imam e zaman(a.s) was mentioned in the assembly of imam sadiq(a.s) when the name was uttered, imam sadiq (a.s) stood up in respect. Beharul anwaar vol 44 pg 278
So standing up in the respect is recommended (mustahab).

Due to the sorrow of imam’s (a.s) separation one should weep, make others weep and make a sorrowful expression.

Imam Reza (a.s). Said …”One who remembers our calamities and weep on them or makes others weep, on the Day of Judgment he shall be with us in our category. One who is reminded of our sorrows and weeps or makes other people weep , his eyes shall not weep on the day (qiyamat) when all the eyes shall be weeping” Ref: Muntakhabul athar.
In the same book Imam sadiq (a.s) is quoted..” one who remembers us or our mention is made before him and a tear equal to a mosquito’s wing appears in his eyes, the Almighty Allah forgives his sins even if they are equal to the foam of the sea.
Beharul anwaar vol 44 pg 248

To pray to Allah that he bestows us with the Marefat (recognision) of Imam(a.s).

One Of the responsibility during ghaibat is that we regularly supplicate Allah to grant us the correct Marefat of Imam e zamana(a.s). This is because gaining knowledge is not restricted to writing and reading, Ilem (knowledge) is a light and to whomsoever he desires he inculcates his heart with it. He guides whomsoever he wishes. Only those guided by Allah are actually guided.
Abu baser says that imam sadiq(a.s) explained the ayat: And those who are bestowed wisdom they indeed are bestowed with exceeding goodness:—(wisdom) Means the obedience of Allah and (exceeding goodness means) Marefat Of Imam(a.s).
Al kafi vol 1 pg 185

Always Pray for Imam(a.s)
To pray for the well-being of Imam e zaman(a.s) is an important duty of the shia Imamia. Various traditions have been recorded emphasizing this duty.
Al kulyani in Al kafi, numani in his book ghaibat and shykh , tusi in Ghaibat state that Imam jafer e sadiq (a.s) said” This youth will have ghaibat before the advent of Qiyamat” why asked the narrator? For the fear of his life Replied the Imam(a.s) pointing out his belly then said” O’ Zurarah! He is the awaited one (muntazer) , one whose birth will be doubted. Some will even say that his father departed from the world without leaving any heir. Others will say that he was not yet born when his father expired. Some will say that he was born two years prior to the martyrdom of his father. He is that same awaited one. But the Almighty shall test the shias.Immediately after this begins the period of doubts of the deviated people. O zurarah! If you are alive in such a time Recite the following dua:-

“In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful.
O Allah! Grant me your recognition, for if I do not recognize you I will not recognize your messenger, O Allah grant me the recognition of your prophet (s.a.w), so if I do not recognize your messenger, I will not recognize your hujjat(proof). O Allah grant me the recognition of your Hujjat. For if I do not recognize your Hujjat I will deviate from my religion. O Allah bless Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad.
Steadfastness in praying for Imam(a.s)

Shayikh sadooq narrates from Abdullah bin sinan who says that imam jafer e sadiq(a.s) said:
After this a time of such doubt will befall you that you will be without the visible signs and a guiding Imam(a.s). And no one shall be able to achieve salvation from this except those who recite “ DUA E GHAREEQ(supplication of drowning man), That is ..

Bismillaahir Rahmanir Raheem
Yaa Allaho ya Rehmano ya raheem ya muqallebal quloob thabit A’ala deenak.
Allaahumma salle a’laa muhasmmadinw wa aale Muhammad.
In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful.

O Allah! O Beneficient! O merciful! O one who changes the hearts(of people) Give me steadfastness upon your religion.
O Allah bless Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad.
After repeating Muqallabel Quloob the narrator added the word “Wal absaar (and the vision. When Imam(a.s) heard this said “Indeed Allah is the one who changes the hearts and vision, But you recite the dua as I have said”
Kamaluddin vol 2 pg 351

CONTD….Visit for All eighty Duties

Duties of Shias towards Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.)


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