NUMBER OF SIGNS OF MAHDI’S EMERGENCE by Ayatullah Sayyed Sadrul-Ddin Sadr

by Ayatullah Sayyed Sadrul-Ddin Sadr (Summerised by Syed Mohammad Masoom Abidi)

The author of Fusul al-Muhimma (who is one of the Sunni authors) in chapter 12 says:
Traditions have come down about the signs of Mahdi’s emergence and the events which would occur before his uprising and the evidences which would be discovered before his emergence. They are as such:
(1) Sufyani’s revolt,
(2) Killing of Hasani,
(3) Discord amongst Bani-Abbass about possession of kingdom,
(4) eclipse of the sun during mid-Shaban,
(5) Unusual eclipse of the moon during the end of Shaban contrary to astronomies calculations. The moon will not be eclipsed but during the thirteenth, fourteenth or fifteenth of the month. The moon will be eclipsed at the time when the sun and the moon would be facing each other in a special form.
The eclipse of the sun will not occur but on the twenty-seventh, twenty-eight or twenty-ninth of the month. The sun will be eclipsed at the time when it comes close to the moon in a special form,
(6) rising of the sun from the West,
(7) killing of seventy pious people
(3) killing
(9) destruction of the wall of the Mosque of Kufa,
(10) advancement of the holders of black flags from Khorasan,
(11) Yamani’s revolt,
(12) Maghrabi’s revolt in Egypt and becoming the ruler of Syria,
(13) Descencion of Turks in an island,
(14) The coming of Romans in Rumalah,
(15) The rising of a star in the East which would be like a sparkling moon,
(16) That star would bend and break into two in such a manner that they would come close to each other,
(17) a redness will appear in the sky and it will cover its surrounding,
(18) a fire would appear throughout the East and it would remain so for three or seven days,
(19) Arabs would set free their rein,
(20) Arabs would become owners of cities,
(21) Arabs would exit from the rule of Iranian Kings,
(22) the inhabitants of Egypt would kill their ruler and his commands,
(23) Syria would be destroyed and three flags will advance towards it,
(24) the flags of Qais and Arab would advance towards Egypt,
(25) engraved flags would advance towards Khorasan,
(26) The entry of some Arabs in the outskirts of Hirah
(27) the coming of black flags from the East,
(28) A split shall occur in Euphrates as a result of which its water would flow on the roads of Kura,
(29) Sixty liars will emerge where each of them will claim Prophethood for themselves,
(30) twelve persons from the progeny of Abu-Talib would revolt and each of them would claim Imamate for themselves,
(31) A dignified person from the followers of Bani-Abbass will get drowned near the bridge of Karkh in Baghdad,
(32) A black wind will blow in Baghdad,
(33) An earthquake shall occur in Baghdad where a greater portion of the city will collapse,
(34) Fear will encompass the inhabitants of Iraq,
(35) death will swiftly overtake the people of Iraq,
(36) The people of Iraq will face deficience in their property and fruit,
(37) locusts will appear during the normal season as well as during off-season and they will get attracted to plants and cereals,
(38)the agriculture output of the people will be poor,
(39) discord will arise amongst non-Arabs and they will shed blood of one another,
(40) slaves shall disobey their master and will kill them.
(41) After that, it would rain successively for twenty-four times. The earth would become alive after its death and would throw out its treasures. At that time, all types of calamities will be kept away from Mahdi’s believers. At that moment they will realize that Mahdi has emerged in Mecca. As a result, they will move towards Mecca for assisting Hazrat and the same can be seen in the traditions.
Some of these events are sure and certain to occur while some others are conditional. Allah Knows better what might take place. We have mentioned the afore-mentioned happenings as per the traditions.
Ali-ibn-Yazid Ezadi narrates from his father who narrates from his grand-father that Amirul-Mumineen (A.S.) said: ‘When the Qaem’s emergence shall draw near, red and white deaths will appear. Red-coloured locusts shall become visible during the normal and off-season. Red death refers to the sword and white death refers to plague.
Jabir Tuafi narrates that Imam Muhammad Baqir (A.S.) told him as such: Remain firm in your place. Do not move until you see for yourself these signs. I do not think that you will perceive these signs. They are as such: Discord amongst Bani-Abbass, a caller who will call out from the heavens, sinking of a village (called Jobiah) in Syria, descension of Turks in an island descencion of Romans in Rumalah and discord in every part of the land until Syria will be ruined. The reason for destruction of social life will be the hoisting of flags where one of them would be red and white, the other black and white and the third flag will belong to Sufyani.
“O God, our hope and longing in you are to grant us the blessed government of Imam Mahdi, and in that government grant Islam and its followers honour and greatness and abase hypocrisy and its fellows, and grant us the glory of the life in this world and the life hereafter.


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