Our Responciblities by syeda quratulain Bukhari

we discussed “Shias Today” last days. Many brothers & sisters expressed useful views on this topic. Especially, I would like to mention the article “Aaj ka shia” by Miss Kaneez Babul. It was really a thought-provoking article.

In short, everyone of us is agreed that shias today are not such as they should be. The next question is what we are to do now. what are our responsibilities?

1.First of all, we are to establish karbala in our hearts, in our minds and in our souls. so that, we may able to reject every temptation by recalling the holy call of IMAM-E-MAZLOOM (a.s)
“Is there anyone to help me?”

Otherwise, just weeping in sufferings of IMAM HUSSAIN(a.s), without obedience of his holy commands, is not enough. If just weeping on IMAM (a.s) had been sufficient to be a shia, umar bin-sad (l.a) would have been amongst his (a.s) prominent shias. Because when SYEDA ZAINAB(s.a) exposed the sufferings of Ahl-e-bait(a.s) and martyrdom of IMAM (a.s), even the murderer of the holy family umar-bin-sad (may he be cursed forever) wept bitterly. so never forget the saying of IMAM ALI(a.s),

“Friendship with us depends on the fulfillment of our aims.”

2.we are to defend propaganda against shiaism. we are to spread message of KARBALA in the world. we are to tell the world, how great our leaders are. we are to spread teachings of 14 masumeen (a.s). Obviously, we cannot do this, untill we ourselves are aware of teachings of Holy Quran, Sunnah of Prophet(s.a.w) and his holy Progeny. so never forget the saying of Prophet(s.a.w),

“seek knowledge and convey it to others.”

3. Another responsibility imposed on us is to establish unity amongst us . This is the age when shias are cosidered to be infidiles. They are called polytheists. If we could not organize ourselves, there might be a constant threat to our survival. so, never forget the saying of IMAM(a.s),

“Organize your affairs.”

All the Muslims are requested to share their healthy suggestions on the topic under-cosideration.

Syeda Quratulain Bokhari


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