Gunfights at Shia religious festival 12.37, Sun Aug 20 2006

Gunfights at Shia religious festival
12.37, Sun Aug 20 2006

At least 16 people have been killed in attacks at a major Shia religious event in Baghdad.

The Iraqi Health Ministry has confirmed more than 200 people have been wounded.

The attacks took place from rooftops of buildings and houses along the route of the procession as it wound its way to the shrine of Imam Moussa Kadhim, an eighth century saint, in Kazimiyah in north Baghdad.

In the Wazeriyah area, security forces and Shia militias in flak jackets were seen exchanging gunfire with unseen assailants. Sounds of gunfire echoed in the streets, as people ran to take cover.

Reports also claimed that four alleged gunmen were shot dead by police.

Aug 16: Eight die in Baghdad market blast
Aug 8: Iraq: wave of bombings kills 30


Quotes of Imam Mahdi (atfs)

laeQuotes of Imam Mahdi (atfs)
“I am the Mahdi. I am the Qaem of the time”
(Bihar V.52 p.2)

“I am the one who will fill it (the earth with justice as it would be full of tyranny”.
(Bihar, V.52, P.2)
“I am the reminder of Allah in His earth”.
(Bihar, V.52, p 24)

“I am the avenger from His enemies”.
(Bihar, v.52, p.24)

“I am the seal of successors”.
(Bihar, V.52, p.30)

“And through me shall Allah, the Mighty and Glorious, drive away the calamities from my progeny and my Shia’s”.
(Bihar, V,52, P.30)

“Surely, I am indeed the (cause of) security for the inhabitant of the earth”.
(Bihar, V 53 p181)
“When Allah permits us to speak, truth will prevail and falsehood will vanish”.
(Bihar, V.53, p 196)
“And as for those who fix the time (of re-appearance) they are Iiars”.
(Bihar, V,53 p.181)
“Invoke more for the hastening of the re-appearance, for surely this is your safety”.
“There were none of my fore fathers except that the allegiance of the oppressive rulers of their times was in their necks”. (i.e. the previous Imams were forced to pay allegiance).
“As for deriving benefit from me in my occultation is like deriving benefit from the sun when it hides behind the clouds”.
(Bihar, V.53, p 181)
“And surely on my re-appearance, whenever I reappear, there will be no allegiance in my neck of any of the oppressive tyrants”.
(Bihar. V,53, p 181)

“If any incident occurs (now) then refer for it to the narrators of our traditions. For surely, they are my proof on you and I am the proof of Allah upon them”.
(Bihar, V. 53, p 181)
“For surely our knowledge encompasses information about you and none of your news is concealed from us”.
(Bihar, V. 53, p 175)

“Surely, we do not neglect your conditions nor are we forgetful of your remembrance”.
(Bihar, V. 53, p 175)
“Then each one of you should do those deeds which bring you closer to our love”.
(Bihar, V. 53, p 176)
“And you must refrain from (all such acts) which make you nearer to our displeasure and our anger”.
(Bihar 53/176)
“Then nothing keeps us away from them except that they attach to us what we dislike”.
(Bihar. 53/177)
“As for your wealth, we shall not accept it except that it should be purified (halaal). Then whoever wants, he can associate (with us) and whoever wants, he can sever”.
(Bihar, V 53 p 180)
“Whoever eats from our wealth (i.e. Khums) even an iota then he is taking fire in his abdomen and soon shall he be castled in it”.
(Bihar V.53, p 183)
“Allah’s, the Mighty and the Glorious, Destinies are not overpowered, and His intentions are not rejected, and His Grace is not left behind”.
(Bihar 53/191)
“Seeking knowledge through any other means than us Ahle’Bait, tantamount to denial (in our mastership)”.
(Kitab Deen-o-Fitrat: Vol – 1)
“Surely Allah the Almighty, did not create the creatures in vain and did not provide them freedom without reason”.
(Bihar V 53/194)
“(Allah) sent Mohammad (s.a.w.s) as a mercy unto the worlds and completed his bounties. Through him”.
(Bihar ,53/194)
“And He sealed through him (Mohammad S.A) His prophets and sent him to the whole of mankind”.
(Bihar 53/194)
“Surely, the earth can never be void of a divine proof, whether, he is seen or hidden”.
(Bihar 53/91)
“Allah, Mighty and Glorious be He, has denied the truth any thing except perfection and falsehood except destruction”.
(Bihar, 53/193)
“Certainly there is no (physical) relationship between Allah, Mighty and Glorious be He and any body else”.
(Bihar 53/180)

“Nothing is better than namaz to make shaitan bite the dust, then perform namaz and make Shaitan bite the dust”.
(Bihar 53/182)
“The thanks giving prostration is amongst the most necessary and obligatory Sunnah”.
(Bihar 53 – 161)
“I seek refuge in Allah from blindness after vision”.
(Bihar 53/191)
“And from staying off after guidance”. (53/191).
“And from the destructive acts and demolishing instigations”.
(Bihar 53/191)

“If you seek guidance you will be guided and if you search, you will find (the path)”.
(Kamaluddin Vol 2. P 502)
“Then do not ask questions which do not hold any meaning for you”.
(Bihar,V53 p181)
“And do not put yourself into (unnecessary) trouble in gaining knowledge in which you have sufficed yourself”.
(Bihar 53/181)
“Surely the truth is with us and in us and non can say like this except us. And if any one says then he is a liar a deceiver. None claims thus other than us except a strayed and lost one.
“Our hearts are the vessels of Allah’s intentions”. Then whenever He is pleased, We are pleased”.
(Bihar V. 52/ p 51)
“If our Shias (May Allah give them opportunity of obedience) would be firm on their promises wholeheartedly, our meeting would not be delayed”.
“Then everyone of you shall act in a manner which makes him nearer to our love and refrain from those acts which makes him proximate to our dislike and our anger. For surely, our affair (re-appearance) will be sudden and unexpected when neither repentance shall benefit him nor shall remorse from sins save him from our chastisement”.
“Nothing shall keep us away from the (Shias) except their news to us of those things which we dislike and do not expect from them. And Allah is the Helper

Ye sabr ka imtehaan, ya Imam-e-Zamaan


Ye sabr ka imtehaan, ya Imam-e-Zamaan
Muntazir hain ke kab ho zahoor aapka
Saare aalam pe chha jaaye noor aapka
Ho munawwar jahaan aap jab ho ayaan
Ya Imam-e-Zamaan, ya Imam-e-Zamaan

Zulm se tarr hui duniya aa jaaiye
Ban ke rehmat zamaane pe chhaa jaaiye
Aap hain waaris-e-rehmat-e-do jahaan
Ya Imam-e-Zamaan, ya Imam-e-Zamaan

Hum to labbaik kehne ko tayyar hain
Paas ilm-o-shujaa’at ke hathiyaar hain
Kab talak yun sahein zulm aur sakhtiyaan
Ya Imam-e-Zamaan, ya Imam-e-Zamaan

Ek karam ki nazar hum pe farmaaiye
Haal ab tarr hai kuchh to raham khaaiye
Aap ko sab khabar hai karein kya bayaan
Ya Imam-e-Zamaan, ya Imam-e-Zamaan

Raat din ye dua’ein hain lab par Nazeem
Humko mil jaaye duniya mein rutba azeem
Humse hi ho sipaah-e-Imam-e-Zamaan
Ya Imam-e-Zamaan, ya Imam-e-Zamaan

Beemar-e-karbala, Aseer-e-baykhata ,…SYEDA ZAINAB ABBAS.

Sajjad(as) haaye Sajjad(AS)

Beemar-e-karbala, Aseer-e-baykhata

tumhara qafla, to tha luta howa
pahan kay bayriyaan, jidhar bhi tu gaya
woh raasta bhi tha laho laho howa
na jaanay kis tarhaan, yeh tu nay seh liya
Woh Zainab(sa)-e-hazeen, ka ser khola howa
phir is kay baad tu, hai jab tallaq jiya
tumhari aankh say, sadda hai khoon baha
Sajjad(as) haaye Sajjad(AS) haaye Sajjad(AS) haaye Sajjad(AS)!
haaye Sajjad(AS) haaye Sajjad(AS) haaye Sajjad(AS) haaye Sajjad(AS)!


Lakhon saron ko bachaya namaz ne!!
Namaz ko bachane wala Sir HUSSAIN (as)ka hai!!
Islam ne jab maal banta to lakhon the magar!!
Jab khuun manga to bahattar nikle!!











Main Tu Malang Hoon Kisi Se Dushmani Nahi Rakhta
Per Dushman_e_Ali Se Main Dosti Nahi Rakhta
Zikr_E_Ali (as)Tu Zikr_E_Allah Hai Momino
Ise Ibbadat samjhta hoon Koi Dil Laghi Nahi Rakhta
Bas Isi Zikr Ke Sahare Jii Raha Hoon
Warna Is Duniya Se Main Koi Dilchaspi Nahi Rakhta

Naam Abbas (AS)ka likh kar jo pehna deta hai
Us ke bachon ko khuda sher bana deta hai
Thak ke so jatay hain bachay jo Azakhanon men
Apnay daman se malak un ko hawa deta hai
Apnay bachon ko sikha tay nahi matam hum log
Naam Abbas(AS) ka khud hath utha deta hai
Itni daulat bhi kahan tere khazane main yazid
Jitni ek Sheh(AS) ka Azadar luta deta hai


Hum Panjtan Pak ka Matam jo hain karte!!!!

Momin ki hai pehchan nahin woh mot se darte!!!!

Kafir ko aur Momin ko sahi pehchan na ho jab!!!!

Kafir kabhi bhi Matam-e-Shabir (as)nahin karte !!!!


Mola ka malangaan ki taqdeer hay Jannat!!!!
Or un k malango ki bhi jageer hay Jannat!!!!
Jannat jissay chaye maangay Dua wo!!!!
Apne liey to Majlis-e-Shabeer(as) hay jannat!!!!


Manzile Shaam kahaan ghayrat-e Shabbir (as)kahaan!!!!
Haa-e Sajjad(as) ko le aa-i hay taqdeer kahaan!!!!
Aaj shayad ke zamaane mein Alamdaar(as) nahi!!!!
Warna darbar mein Abbas(as) ki Hamsheer(sa) kahaan !!!!

Mola ka malangaan ki taqdeer hay Jannat!!!!
Or un k malango ki bhi jageer hay Jannat!!!!
Jannat jissay chaye maangay Dua wo!!!!
Apne liey to Majlis-e-Shabeer(as) hay jannat!!!!


Zainab (s.a) nay Shuru kee thee Yeh Rasam-e-Azaadari!
Sadiyoon say Chalee Aie yeh Reet Purani Hai!
Shabbir(a.s) kay Mattam main Marna hee Saadat Hai!
Wasey bhe Jawwad Aik Din yeh Jaan too Jani hAi!


Wo kon hay jo midhat-e-Haider(as) say rok


khud ko berha kay nar-e-jhahanom mein jhonk de!!!!

masjid mein tujko Nar-e-Haider haI na ghawar!!!!

ja Murtuza(as) ko Kabay mein anay say rok de!!!!

Jin ki mehfil main mere Mola(AS) ki baatain nah milain

Us se achi mere Mola(AS) meri tanhayee hai

or Ishq-e-Haider(AS) main laazim hai fana hojao

Is se kam ishq nahin ishq ki ruswaayee hai

Nizam_e_Shams_o_Qamar Hai Ali(AS) Ke Hath Main!!!!

Nizam_e_Shams_o_Qamar Hai Ali(AS) Ke Hath Main
Hayat_o_Moat Ki Taqdeer Hai Ali (AS)Ke Hath Main

Peahley Hain Jo Her Simat Yeh Khush Rang Nizare
In Ki Tu Tasveer Hai Ali (AS)Ke Hath Main

Khudai Ki Jhalk In Main Nazar Aye Tu Kya Hai
Khuda Ki Sab Jagheer Hai Ali (AS)Ke Hath Main

Zameen_o_Asman Ke Khaliq Yehi Tu Hain
In Ki Tu Tameer Hai Ali(AS) Ke Hath Main

Nazar Ate Hain Yehi Tu Masnad_e_Khaliq Pe
Loh Ki Tehreer Hai Ali(AS) Ke Hath Main

Dekhta Hoon Jab Bi Kabe Ko Tu Nazar Ali Ate Hain
Allah Ki Tu Tafseer Hai Ali(AS) Ke Hath Main

Laghte hain Ashjaar Pe Jo Phal Aur Mewa Jaat
In KI TU Taseer Hai Ali(AS) Ke Hath Main

Fatwon Ki Bouchar Ho GI Ab Tu Rab
Per MerA Tu Zameer Hai Ali(AS) Ke Hath Main


ASHURA Ki Shab Ko Moula (AS)Dekh Raha Hai
Bibi(SA) K Ashkon Ko Moula (AS)Dekh Raha Hai
SAJDAY Main Chalti Hoi Zarbon Pe
Rakhe Huwe Hathon Ko Moula(AS) Dekh Raha Hai
Karbal Se Sham Talk Zindan Main Sakeena(AS) Pe
Laghte Huwe Tamachon Ko Moula (AS)Dekh Raha Hai
Nusrat_e_Imam Se Jhoole Main Asghar(AS) Ka Hamakna
Jhooli Main Halke Asgher(AS) Ko Moula(AS) Dekh Raha Hai
Bikhre Huwe Badan Chup Gay Sham_e_Ghareeban Main
Jalte Huwe KHaimon Ko Moula(AS) Dekh Raha Hai

Gham-e-Hussain(as) k in aansoon k tarooon se!!!!
Pul-e-Surat pe ik aur pul bana den gay!!!!
Qasam Khuda ki in hi aansoon ki chenton se!!!!
Naqvi hum Aatish-e-Dozaq ko bhi bujha den gay!!!!

Ager Na Sabr-e-Muselsel Ki InTeha KerTy!!!

Kahan Se Azm-e-Payember Ki IbTeda Kerty???

Nabi Ke Deen Ko Tamanna Thi SerFarazi Ki!!!

Hussain(as) Ser Na Kataty To Aur Kia Kerty???


Hubb-E- Haider(a.s) hai ik ajab nasha!!!!

Mubtilay-e suroor rahte hain!!!!

Zindagi mein kabhi sharaab na pee!!!!

Phir bhee Nashe mein choor rahte hain!!!!

Hazrat Abbas (A. S.) ki shuja’at ka bayaan By Mir Anees

Nasr meiN Janab Zartab Saheb, Masoom Sahab Aur Mona Saheba bahot kuch likh chuke haiN,
page-1.jpg maiN Mir Anees* ke teen bUnd pesh kar raha hooN jismein maidan’e

Karbala mein Hazrat Abbas (A. S.) ki shuja’at ka bayaan hai:

naara tha ke haan aey sipah’e Sha’m, khabardaar
Abbas e dilaawar hai mera naam, khabardaar
hai qahr’e ilaahi meri samsaam, khabardaar
naizah hai mera maut ka paighaam, khabardaar

maiN lakhT e jigar saaheb’e shamsheer’e do-sar hooN
hoshyaar ke maiN sheir e ilaahi ka pisar hooN

farma ke yeh li teigh, bahaadur ne miyaaN se
ghoaRe ko jo cheiRa, na ruka laakh jawaan se
hAr waar meiN sAr girn’e lagey barg e khizaaN se
chaln’e mein ziyaada thi rawaaN, aab’e rawaaN se

jis par paRi, naazil hua qahr uss pa raza ka
thi teigh ki zarbat ke tamaaNcha tha qaza ka

hangaam e wegha bAnd thi rah amn o amaaN ki
jaaN choaRti thi na woh kisi, peer o jawaan ki
humdum thi yadullah ki teigh e do zabaaN ki
thi qatey umid uss se hAr ek dushman e jaan ki

hAr fArd ko iss teigh ka jauhar nazar aaya
saaya bhi paRa jis pa woh be-sAr nazar aaya

Aakhir meiN Josh* Malihabaadi ki eik rubaai mulaheza ho:

seeney pa mere naqsh e qadam kiska hai
rindi meiN yeh ijlaal o hasham kiska hai
zahid, mere iss haath ke saaghar ko na deikh
yeh deikh ke iss sAr pa alam kiska hai



celebrating the birthday islam by Reply Sunni mufti

Wa`alykum as-salaamu wa rahmatul Allahi wa barakaatuh.

Dear Brother Eram I am giving answer with support of One muslim mufti fSheikh `Atiyyah Saqr answers:………………

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah , and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

Sheikh `Atiyyah Saqr answers:

According to historians, the Fatimides were the first to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday. Qalqashandi, in his book Subh Al-A`sha, says that the Fatimides used to make a huge celebration in Egypt and distribute large amounts of sweets for the occasion. Actually, the Fatimides used to celebrate the birthdays of other members of the Prophet’s family and they also celebrated Christ’s birthday.

However, all of these celebrations were stopped in 488 upon an order from Caliph Al-Musta`li billah appointed as prime minister Al-Afdal Shahindah, son of Commander-in-chief Badr Al-Jamaali, a powerful man who conformed to the Sunnah as stated by Ibn Al-Atheer in his book Al-Kamel, volume 8, page 302.

People stopped celebrating such occasions till Al-Ma’moon Al-Bataa’ihi came to power and issued an official decree in 517 enjoining the distribution of alms in 12th Rabee` Al-Awwal. Sanaa’ Al-Malik was in charge of distributing them.

When the Ayoubides came to power, they stopped all Fatimide practices, but families used to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday in their houses. Then it returned to be officially celebrated at the beginning of the seventh century in the city of Irbil upon a decree from its prince, Muzafar Al-Deen Abi Sa`d Kawakbri Ibn Zein Ed-Deen `Ali- Ibn Tabakatikin, who was a Sunni.

Muzafar gave great care and attention to such celebrations and ordered marquis to be erected starting from the beginning of Safar. Such tents, which were wonderfully decorated and extended from Al-Qal`a gate till the Khandaq gate. Muzafar used to go everyday after `Asr prayer to watch the festivities in these tents.

The celebration was sometimes held on the 8th of Rabee` Al-Awwal (and sometimes on the 12th) which used to be an official holiday so that the people could enjoy the festival. Two days before the actual celebration, Muzafar used to order the sheep, cows and camels to be slaughtered in the main avenue amidst cheerful festivities, then the meat would be cooked and distributed among the people.

Ibn Al-Haajj Abu `Abdullah Al-`Abdari says that such festivals were widespread in Egypt during his rein and condemned the innovations that used to take place during such festivals. (Al-Madkhal, volume 2, p 11, 12)

Many books were written on the Prophet’s birthday in the seventh century such as the stories of Ibn Dahya, who died in Egypt in 633 AH, Muhy Ed-Deen Ibn Al-`Arabi, who died in Damascus in 683 AH, Ibn Taghrabik, who died in Egypt in 670 AH; and Ahmad Al-`Azli and his son Muhammad, who died in Sabata in 670 AH.

Due to the spread of innovation during such celebrations, scholars have denounced them and stated that they were groundless. Among those scholars is the Maliki jurist Taaj Ad-Deen `Umar Ibn Al-Lakhmi Al-Sakandari known as Al-Fakahaani, who died in 731 AH, wrote his thesis Al-Mawrid fil Kalaam `Ala-Mawlid on this issue and As-Syooti quotes it in his book Husn Al-Maqsid.

Sheikh Muhammad Fadl `Ashoor says that in the ninth century, scholars were divided over the issue. Some said it was permissible, others said it was not and it was recommended by As-Siyooti, Ibn Hajar Al-`Asqalaani and Ibn Hajar Al-Haythmi, yet they condemned the innovations that took place during such festivities. Their opinion was derived from the verse: “And remind them of the days of Allah” (Ibraheem: 5).

Explaining the previous verse, An-Nasaa`i and `Abdullaah Ibn Ahmad report in Zawayd Al-Musnad and Al-Bayhaqi in Shu’ab Al-Iman reports on the authority of Ibn Ka`b that he said that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “The days of Allah” are Allah’s Blessings and Signs, and the Prophet’s birth is a great bliss. (Al-Aloosi’s Rooh Al-Ma`aani)

Muslim reports on the authority of Qatadah Al-Ansaari that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, was asked about fasting on Monday and he replied: “It is the day on which I was born and on which I received the Divine Revelation”. It is also reported on the authority of Ibn `Abbas and Ibn Jabir that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, was born in the “year of the elephant” on the 12th of Rabee` Al-Awwal. He also received the Divine Revelation, ascended to the Heavens, migrated to Madinah and died on the 12th of Rabee` Al-Awwal.

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, says that the day he was born was a special day. Since it is well known from Shari`ah that Muslims should seize the opportunity in blessed days and do good deeds, Muslims should celebrate the Prophet’s birthday so as to thank Allah for guiding them to Islam through Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

Therefore, celebrating the Prophet’s birthday is permissible provided that it does not include committing any of the prohibited things. As for throwing banquets, this comes under the verse saying: “O ye who believe! Eat of the good things wherewith We have provided you, and render thanks to Allah if it is (indeed) He whom ye worship.þ” (Al-Baqarah: 172)

My opinion is that celebrating such a religious occasion is recommended especially nowadays for youth have become forgetful of these religious occasions and their significance because they have indulged in other celebrations.

Celebrating such a great event should be done through reading more about the Prophet’s Sunnah and life, building mosques, religious institutes and doing other forms of charity work that remind people of the Prophet’s life and his struggle.

Therefore, it is permissible to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday as an expression of our love to him and our endeavor to follow him as an example provided that these celebrations do not involve any of the prohibited things. Some prohibited things are improper intermingling between men and women, behaving improperly at mosques and partaking in innovations such as worshiping at tombs and other things that violate the teachings of Islam. If such previously mentioned violations surpass the religious benefit realized from these celebrations, then they should be stopped in order to prevent harm and wrongdoing as indicated in the Shari`ah.

Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi adds:

We all know that the Companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, did not celebrate the Prophet’s birthday, Hijrah or the Battle of Badr, because they witnessed such events during the lifetime of the Prophet who always remained in their hearts and minds.

Sa`d Ibn Abi Waqqaas said that they were keen on telling their children the stories of the Prophet’s battles just as they were keen on teaching them the Qur’an. Therefore, they used to remind their children of what happened during the Prophet’s lifetime so they did not need to hold such celebrations. However, the following generations began to forget such a glorious history and its significance. So such celebrations were held as a means of reviving great events and the values that we can learn from them.

Unfortunately, such celebrations include some innovations when they should actually be made to remind people of the Prophet’s life and his call. Actually, celebrating the Prophet’s birthday means celebrating the birth of Islam. Such an occasion is meant to remind people of how the Prophet lived.

Allah Almighty says: “Verily in the Messenger of Allah ye have a good example for him who looketh unto Allah and the last Day, and remembereth Allah much.” (Al-Ahzab: 21)þ

By celebrating the Prophet’s Hijrah, we should teach them values such as sacrifice, the sacrifice of the Companions, the sacrifice of `Ali who slept in the Prophet’s place on the night of the Hijrah, the sacrifice of Asmaa’ as she ascended the Mountain of Thawr. We should teach them to plan the way the Prophet planned for his Hijrah, and how to trust in Allah as the Prophet did when Abu Bakr told him: “We could be seen so easily, the Prophet replied saying: “O Abu Bakr! What do you think of two when Allah is their third?” “Have no fear, for Allah is with us.” (At-Tawbah: 40)

As for the second part of the question, the exact date of the Prophet’s birth is disputed , but it is most likely to be on Monday, 9th Rabee` Al-Awwal (20th or 22nd of April, 571 AC), the same year in which the invasion of the Elephants took place against the Ka`bah. And he, peace and blessings be upon him, passed away on Monday 12, Rabee` Al-Awwal in the eleventh year of Hijrah (8 June 632 AC.)
Allah Almighty knows best.

So It is ALLOWED….
Syed Mohamad masoom Abidi

Request for sura e fateha ..Names..

Salamunalaikum to momin and mominaat,

These momin and mominaat requested us to recite surae fateha on 15 eve of shabaan. I request all members also to include these names as this is the best gift which you can give to all of them. If you cant take all name just say to all members who requested for surae fateha and give nazar once.

The Holy Prophet (sws) had said that during the nights of the 15th Shabaan, the Almighty takes decisions in the matters of sustenance, life, death and the welfare of the people.

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Fateha shall be offered as follows:
Niyyat: I offer this fateha to <Name>

baTawussul-e-Mohammad-w-Aalay Mohammad (AS)
3 times Salawat bur Mohammad-w-Aalay Mohammad (AS)
1 time: Surah-e-Fateha (Surah-e-Al-Hamd)
3 times: Surah-e-Ikhlas (Surah-e-Ahad)
3 times Salawat bur Mohammad-w-Aalay Mohammad (AS)
The Following Mo’mineen / Mo’minaat have requested Fateha for their departed loved ones:

These names are……………………….

Thanks for the noble cause, if you kindly include following names in your parayers I will be very much obliged.

MAY GOD BELSS ALL OF US…From shoaib raza

1.Syed Muhammad Haider,

2.Syeda Zeenat Sultan,

3.Syed Sajjad Haider,

4.Syed Aun Mohammad Shaheed,

5.Maulana Malik Jawad Shaheed Masjid Shah e Najaf

6.Gulzar Ghuri Shaheed Masjid Shah e Najaf

7.Malik Hayat Shaheed Masjid Shah e Najaf

8.Kamran Kazmi Shaheed Masjid Shah e Najaf

9.Liqat Shaheed Masjid Shah e Najaf

10.Kashif Shaheed Masjid Shah e Najaf

11Majid Ali Musvi

12Feroze Hussain Rizvi

13.Hafiz Riaz Khateeb Markazi Imambargah G-6 Islamabad

14.Syed Shahid Ali Naqvi my uncle author of Book Azadari

15.Raunaq Sultana

16.Syed Shamshad Haidera








Salam Alikum

I wish you to read the Alfatiha to my dear father who died in

February 2001at the age of 70 years on the same day he was born 70 years

ago.His name was …….

24.Marhum Syed Sajjad Jafar Ebne Marhum Hamid Hassan, and my


who died of long illness at the age of 45 on August 15, 2003 and

his name is..

25.Marhum Syed Hassan Asghar Kazmi Ebne Jb. Zameer Hasan Kazmi who

died in Allahabad, India.

From Asad Jafar

Assalamun Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

May Almighty Allah (S.W.T.) bless you in making a

committment of remembering the marhooms on an

auspicious day of the birth of our 12th Imam (A.S.)

(May He hasten his appearance. AMEN.

Here are the names as requested:-

(26) Marhum Jafferali Gulamhussein Shivji

(27) Marhuma Zehrabai Sajan Ladak

(28) Marhum HusseinRaza Gulamabbas Shivji

(29) Marhuma Khairunbai Virjee

(30) Marhuma Nargis Sivjee

Once again thanks allot for doing all the marhums

a favor. May they intercede (shafa) for you in this

world, in the grave and on the day of judgement. AMEN.

Khudahafis. Fi Iman Allah. Iltemaze Dua. Salaams.

Tawakkaltu ilallah. Takabbar ilallah ul aliyul azeem.

include my parents father mirza

31).abul qasim s/o mirza abu jaffer .

32).Eidy begum D/O syedIsaq Ali

Meerza .darood bar mohammad wa aaley mohammad

Salamun alaikum,

Kindly include the name of my Marhoom father Saiyed Abul Kazim Qaisar Zaidi

my father name is syed ashfaq hussain

may his soul rest in heaven

Salamun Alekum,

Please add following names in your list

33Syed Aliuddin Abidi ibne Syed Minhajuddin

34Syeda Sayeedunnissa Begum binte Syed Abraar Hussain Abidi

35Syed Ameer Hussain Abidi ibne Syed Aliuddin Abidi

36Syed Iqbal Hussain Abidi ibne Syed Aliuddin Abidi

37Maulana Syed Aqa Haider Zaidi Ibne Syed Wahajul Hasan Zaidi

38Syed Tasleem Haider Zaidi Ibne Syed Wahajul Hasan Zaidi

39Syed Zulfiqar Haider Zaidi Ibne Syed Wahajul Hasan Zaidi

40Roshanali Rajabali Merali Dewji

41Mohamedhusein Gulamhusein

42Rajabali Merali Dewji

43Sugrabai Mohamedhusein Gulamhusein

44.Sherbanubai Rajabali Merali Dewji

JasakAllah Khair

Thank you very much

Wasalam Alekum

Please add the following names and oblige:

late Syed Ekram Haider Ebne Syed Ali Ubbad

Late Syed Kurshed Hassan Rizve Ebne Marhoor Shabbir Hassan

Late Ekramul Niza Binte Syed Mohd Akbar

Dear Masoom Sb,

Thanks for e-mail.

Please include my parents name.

45) (Late) Syed Zafar Mahdi Zaidi

46) (Late)Syeda Aaliab Zaidi


with kind regards

A.A Zaidi

Salaam Alaikum brother Mohd Masoom.

Thank you very much for giving us this wonderful offer for reciting

sure fateha for our marhumeen. List of Marhumeen in my family is as


47) Marhum. Abdullah Rashid Muraj. (Dhadha)

48) – Marhuma Sugra Hagi Khaki. (Dhadhi)

49) – Marhum. Rajabali Abdullah Rashid Muraj.(Chacha)

50) – Marhum. Baqirali Abdullah Rashid Muraj.(Chacha)

51- Marhum. Mohdraza Ashikali Abdullah Rashid Muraj.


May Allah grant you all your wishes, A’meen.


Khuda Hafiz.

Rashid Ashikali.


some names of mahroomins: for sur- e- fateha

52. syeda anees zahra binte syed ali abbass

53. syeda roohi bano binte syed wazih hasnain naqvi

54. syed allay hasan zaidi ibne syed ebaad husain zaidi

55. syed rajjab husain ibne syed sajjad husain

56. syed sajjad husain ibne syed imdaad husain

57. syed ali abbas….

58. rabbaab bano…

59. tanveer zahra binte syed ali abbas…

thanking you…



Read Fateha for




and for all momineen and momina’at

Khuda Hafiz


mehdi husain”

Please recite sura e fateha for my

father marhoom syed mohd. zainuddin s/o marhoom syed mohamad masoom


My sister yasmeen zehra D/o syed mohd zainiddin.

And to all who requested in group for surae fateha.

The best gift you all can give me and to your brethern in faith is surae fateha for their dearest one.

This year you can add in comments section…….

Please also visit..

For amaal
Ayyaam ul Bayz / Shab e Baraat – The Bright Days–Amaal E Shabaan
on this announcement section


Request:-Plz Recite Sura e Fateha for my father

Marhoom Syed Mohamad Zainuddin Abidi s/o late syed mohamad masoom and my sister syeda

Yasmeen Zehra D/o Late syed MOhamad Zainuddin Abidi.

Please Recite Surah-e-Fatiha & surah-e-ikhlas For All MOMINEENS  Specially For Those Who Are Died In  EARTHQUAKE In Pakistan & Who were Shaheed In parachinar,  Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Palestine, Bosnia & Other Countries including the following names: