Quotes of Imam Mahdi (atfs)

laeQuotes of Imam Mahdi (atfs)
“I am the Mahdi. I am the Qaem of the time”
(Bihar V.52 p.2)

“I am the one who will fill it (the earth with justice as it would be full of tyranny”.
(Bihar, V.52, P.2)
“I am the reminder of Allah in His earth”.
(Bihar, V.52, p 24)

“I am the avenger from His enemies”.
(Bihar, v.52, p.24)

“I am the seal of successors”.
(Bihar, V.52, p.30)

“And through me shall Allah, the Mighty and Glorious, drive away the calamities from my progeny and my Shia’s”.
(Bihar, V,52, P.30)

“Surely, I am indeed the (cause of) security for the inhabitant of the earth”.
(Bihar, V 53 p181)
“When Allah permits us to speak, truth will prevail and falsehood will vanish”.
(Bihar, V.53, p 196)
“And as for those who fix the time (of re-appearance) they are Iiars”.
(Bihar, V,53 p.181)
“Invoke more for the hastening of the re-appearance, for surely this is your safety”.
“There were none of my fore fathers except that the allegiance of the oppressive rulers of their times was in their necks”. (i.e. the previous Imams were forced to pay allegiance).
“As for deriving benefit from me in my occultation is like deriving benefit from the sun when it hides behind the clouds”.
(Bihar, V.53, p 181)
“And surely on my re-appearance, whenever I reappear, there will be no allegiance in my neck of any of the oppressive tyrants”.
(Bihar. V,53, p 181)

“If any incident occurs (now) then refer for it to the narrators of our traditions. For surely, they are my proof on you and I am the proof of Allah upon them”.
(Bihar, V. 53, p 181)
“For surely our knowledge encompasses information about you and none of your news is concealed from us”.
(Bihar, V. 53, p 175)

“Surely, we do not neglect your conditions nor are we forgetful of your remembrance”.
(Bihar, V. 53, p 175)
“Then each one of you should do those deeds which bring you closer to our love”.
(Bihar, V. 53, p 176)
“And you must refrain from (all such acts) which make you nearer to our displeasure and our anger”.
(Bihar 53/176)
“Then nothing keeps us away from them except that they attach to us what we dislike”.
(Bihar. 53/177)
“As for your wealth, we shall not accept it except that it should be purified (halaal). Then whoever wants, he can associate (with us) and whoever wants, he can sever”.
(Bihar, V 53 p 180)
“Whoever eats from our wealth (i.e. Khums) even an iota then he is taking fire in his abdomen and soon shall he be castled in it”.
(Bihar V.53, p 183)
“Allah’s, the Mighty and the Glorious, Destinies are not overpowered, and His intentions are not rejected, and His Grace is not left behind”.
(Bihar 53/191)
“Seeking knowledge through any other means than us Ahle’Bait, tantamount to denial (in our mastership)”.
(Kitab Deen-o-Fitrat: Vol – 1)
“Surely Allah the Almighty, did not create the creatures in vain and did not provide them freedom without reason”.
(Bihar V 53/194)
“(Allah) sent Mohammad (s.a.w.s) as a mercy unto the worlds and completed his bounties. Through him”.
(Bihar ,53/194)
“And He sealed through him (Mohammad S.A) His prophets and sent him to the whole of mankind”.
(Bihar 53/194)
“Surely, the earth can never be void of a divine proof, whether, he is seen or hidden”.
(Bihar 53/91)
“Allah, Mighty and Glorious be He, has denied the truth any thing except perfection and falsehood except destruction”.
(Bihar, 53/193)
“Certainly there is no (physical) relationship between Allah, Mighty and Glorious be He and any body else”.
(Bihar 53/180)

“Nothing is better than namaz to make shaitan bite the dust, then perform namaz and make Shaitan bite the dust”.
(Bihar 53/182)
“The thanks giving prostration is amongst the most necessary and obligatory Sunnah”.
(Bihar 53 – 161)
“I seek refuge in Allah from blindness after vision”.
(Bihar 53/191)
“And from staying off after guidance”. (53/191).
“And from the destructive acts and demolishing instigations”.
(Bihar 53/191)

“If you seek guidance you will be guided and if you search, you will find (the path)”.
(Kamaluddin Vol 2. P 502)
“Then do not ask questions which do not hold any meaning for you”.
(Bihar,V53 p181)
“And do not put yourself into (unnecessary) trouble in gaining knowledge in which you have sufficed yourself”.
(Bihar 53/181)
“Surely the truth is with us and in us and non can say like this except us. And if any one says then he is a liar a deceiver. None claims thus other than us except a strayed and lost one.
“Our hearts are the vessels of Allah’s intentions”. Then whenever He is pleased, We are pleased”.
(Bihar V. 52/ p 51)
“If our Shias (May Allah give them opportunity of obedience) would be firm on their promises wholeheartedly, our meeting would not be delayed”.
“Then everyone of you shall act in a manner which makes him nearer to our love and refrain from those acts which makes him proximate to our dislike and our anger. For surely, our affair (re-appearance) will be sudden and unexpected when neither repentance shall benefit him nor shall remorse from sins save him from our chastisement”.
“Nothing shall keep us away from the (Shias) except their news to us of those things which we dislike and do not expect from them. And Allah is the Helper


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  2. salam
    Alhamdlolliah gud work, May Allah give more strength to continue with it.
    On 27 there ll be 2 MOON’ so ne sign of IMAM”s Reappearnce////


  3. Aslamu Alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh

    Masha’Allah. Barik Allah. May Allah bless you insha’Allah for the posted quotes. A beautiful and great reminder that should not be taken lightly, may Allah swt increase us in faith and sincerity and truth and save us from falsood and forgetfullness for when the truth comes and falsood shall then vanish there is no more repentance on that day, subhana’Allah.

    Salam and duas.





  5. salam :
    i am very pleased to read this quotes i think there should be proper system i mean to say that ther should be proper lectuere are you should send good qutations of imam ali (A.s)
    daily to your subcribers
    i hope you dont mind


  6. salam ! Wonderfull quotes
    Can you please remove the star in your picture ? It looks like a jewish star …it’s wrotten sahabe UZ (jewish start) zaman…..
    i mean please 😉

    May god bless.
    wslam alaikoum


  7. beatiful Quotes of Imam Mahdi (A.S.)……HOWEVER, please redo the gold sign at the top and do not use israeli 6 point stars…….Please be aware of your surroundings when it comes to these things. there are plenty of 5 point stars you can find on the internet…….
    Thank you
    your brother in islam


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