Ye sabr ka imtehaan, ya Imam-e-Zamaan


Ye sabr ka imtehaan, ya Imam-e-Zamaan
Muntazir hain ke kab ho zahoor aapka
Saare aalam pe chha jaaye noor aapka
Ho munawwar jahaan aap jab ho ayaan
Ya Imam-e-Zamaan, ya Imam-e-Zamaan

Zulm se tarr hui duniya aa jaaiye
Ban ke rehmat zamaane pe chhaa jaaiye
Aap hain waaris-e-rehmat-e-do jahaan
Ya Imam-e-Zamaan, ya Imam-e-Zamaan

Hum to labbaik kehne ko tayyar hain
Paas ilm-o-shujaa’at ke hathiyaar hain
Kab talak yun sahein zulm aur sakhtiyaan
Ya Imam-e-Zamaan, ya Imam-e-Zamaan

Ek karam ki nazar hum pe farmaaiye
Haal ab tarr hai kuchh to raham khaaiye
Aap ko sab khabar hai karein kya bayaan
Ya Imam-e-Zamaan, ya Imam-e-Zamaan

Raat din ye dua’ein hain lab par Nazeem
Humko mil jaaye duniya mein rutba azeem
Humse hi ho sipaah-e-Imam-e-Zamaan
Ya Imam-e-Zamaan, ya Imam-e-Zamaan

8 thoughts on “Ye sabr ka imtehaan, ya Imam-e-Zamaan”

  1. I really enjoy listening to the kids recite the “Ya Imam -e- Zamaan” (lashkar-e-Imam-e-Zamaan). Please provide me sites that have any recitation that has to do with our 12th Imam.


  2. The above two eulogies in regard to Imam-e-Zamaan (A.S.) are excellent but they lack something. The 1st one (Ya sabr ke imtehan) lacks the rhythm for it and the kids one lacks the wordings for it. I am on the process of putting together a book of all the nawhas, qaseedas, naats, etc etc involving our 12th Imam but i’d like to include both the wordings and rhythm so that the public wont have a hard time. So please if i could be provided the site where the rhythm for the 1st one and the wordings for the 2nd one is present i’d apprecite it. my e-mail of response is


  3. this is knoledgeble ,useful and very interesting website for our society and i will tell to visit this to my friend and family


  4. Aaa is tarha k markaze ehsas saat hoo
    sadiyou see jiss ki teg ko hai pyas saath hoo
    karrar k jalal ka aukaaf satth ho
    lena hai enteqam to abbas saath ho


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