Ariza e hajat Imam mahdi (a.s)



Ariza can be written to Imam-e-Zaman (a.s) whenever you feel a need or you are into a problem. No matter how big is your problem Imam-e-Zamana is the Imam of our time & HE is a Hujjat from Allah (s.w.t). Allah has granted him the power & because of his exsistence this entire universe is in to exsistence

You can write in any Language or your own too.

Our beleif is that Imam (a.s) knows about all our affairs and is always ready to help us. He is aware of our action & he helps us even if we don’t ask or seek His (a.t.f.s) help.
“We are never neglectful of your guardianship nor are we ever unmindful of your remembrance”. (Behaarul Anwar, V. 53, pg. 176)

But if we write Ariza to Imam (a.s) then or belief comes to our action.

In morning of 15th shabaan ( The time of birth of Imam mehdi (a.j) is the best time to send ARIZA to imam e zaman (a.s)). He read our wishes and also solves our problems.


We can also send this ARIZA on any juma also.

When you decide to send Ariza ( Drop your Ariza In sea, river, well, ect)



Recite after

Bismillah Hir Rahmanir Raheem.

LOUDLY…Ya husain Bin e Rauh

Then in normal tone…

Salamun alika ashahado anna wafateka fi sabilillahe wa annaka

Haeyyun indallahe marzooqun wa qad qa tab toka fi hayatekal latee

Laka indallahe azza wa jalla wahaadehi ruk atee wa hajatee ela maulana

sahibal asr e alaihislam fa sallim ha aelaihe fa antas fiqetul ameen.

And Drop your Ariza In sea, river, well, ect


We Should inculcate the habbit to write to Imam (a.s) whenever we are in difficulty rather than approaching someone who doesn’t has the power on any thing. Rather than writing a letter to a Minister or President we should write to our Master who has the control of our all affairs.

It always goes to Allah (swt). But unlike us, Imam (a.s) are infallibles and they hold a MUCH greater position infront of Allah (swt) and if we ask them to put forth our request in front of Allah (swt), if we go through them then Allah (swt) is going to accept our prayers faster. As has being said many times, tawassul is not wajib. You can pray directly too

Your basic intention should be to ask the Imam to interceed on your behalf Inshallah Imam (a.s) will heed your call.

Below is the Answer by Moulana Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi on Ariza.

Ariza is basically a du`a which, instead of saying, you write it down on a piece of paper. There are ahadiths where the Imams have told us that we can write down our prayer (du`a) in a paper and put it in a well or a river. See for example, a similar hadith in the last section of Mafatihu ‘l-Jinan under the section “ruq`a-e hajat”.

How it reaches how is not our concern. The God who can hear our voice, surely has the power to know the du`a we have put in writing. As for the curiosity of your brother; I would strongly advise against opening up the ariza or ruq`a-e hajat. If he believes in it, then he should not touch it; if he does not believe in it, then he does not have to write an ariza–it is not wajib.
Moulana Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi…k/msg00282.html

Amaal Dua and Ariza e Hajat Please Visit

Marhoom Syed Mohamad Zainuddin Abidi s/o late syed mohamad masoom and my sister syedaRequest:-Plz Recite Sura e Fateha for my father

Yasmeen Zehra D/o Late syed MOhamad Zainuddin Abidi.

Ariza e Hajat- Letter to the Imam(a.j) of our time Images

Syed Mohammad Masoom

11 thoughts on “Ariza e hajat Imam mahdi (a.s)”

  1. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


  2. You should repent and turn from your pagan ways all you born of Ishmael. God has shown you his dislike and instructs you to turn away from your pagan worship of stones and false prophets. Pakistan has reaped his anger and many more will feel his sword. Christians of this world love you and pray for you. Look around at all your defeats and know that you are followers of a false prophet born out of adultery. Repent now before it’s too late.



    1. Say: “He is Allah, the Almighty.
    I convey to all human beings in this earth for God had told her that was like unto Him with everything. HE can not be learned with the knowledge of words written, words words, words thoughts, words taste. HE is not covered by anything because He is not anything.

    Allah is the name for the man in this earth to express the HE as the Lord of hosts. God is the definition of God is already known by the knowledge orally, in writing, intellect, and taste. Then all the designations. number, name, is the name of God.

    Where have you face pose, face either orally, in writing, reason, sense, that’s where God’s face. All human beings in this earth, whether admitted or not godless godless, consciously or not, they’re dealing with the one who does not exist for instance, its equivalent, such as his, is second to none.

    Thus came the word “NO GOD BUT GOD.” Whatever name you give to express your Lord, I as a messenger from God Greeting call with a name that is: “GOD”.
    And I hope you all have to agree with the title I do this by leaving all the difference between me and you.

    O that all of mankind that there is this earth I convey greetings from the Lord, who is also your Lord, the Lord of us all: “Qul Huwa Allahu Ahad” = “SAY, HE IS GOD ESA.”

    With up to (daughters) of God was his greeting to you all have, then you are of understanding (‘Aqil) will be united with the Word of God says: “SAY IT, HE IS GOD ESA.”

    And I have to say Word of God is by not looking at the status of social life, culture, country and even religion. May you all have wanted me to take united, so that love and peace spread all over the world. Or if you are reluctant to any reason then I invite you to unite with love and peace remain scattered all over the world.

    from me to this earth of mankind.

    form muhammad allah messenger


  4. salamwalekum bro’s mere ku bohat khushi hai ke aap logo ne ariza scan copy dala thanks a lot or mere taraf se aap sabko wiladath Imam Zamana (a.t.f.s) bohat bohat mubarak ho.


  5. salam: Ya ali madad: ye bhot acha kia hy k ariza imam (a.s) ko ap ne net par rakha hy iss se momineen ko bari assani hui hy. meri taraf se ap ko or sub momineen ko Imam Zaman (a.s) ka zahoor pur noor bhot bhot Mubarak ho. From Syed Nazakat Hussain Shah Gara Baloch District Tank.


  6. i have a firm believe on 14 masoomeen and wenever i wrote ariza imam akhiruzaman has acceptd all my prayers i was in the well of problems some of the time i havent found the way to escape from the problms at every that time i wrote my pryers to imam a.s and he always being the most kindest and generous to me fulfill all my wishes i love u imam i love u 14 masoomeen kindly add me in ur loyal servants and remember me wen u want to shower ur blessings upon humans i love u 14 masoomen and um proud to have such a beautiful religen like shiaism becoz this religen gives us masters like holy prophet and lion of GOD.


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