Inopportune timings and things to avoid during intercourse according to the teachings of Ahlay-Bayt (a.s.)

Inopportune timings and things to avoid during intercourse according to the teachings of Ahlay-Bayt (a.s.)


It is prohibited (haraam) to have an intercourse when one’s wife is experiencing menstrual period or having iochia (passing of blood after childbirth – nifas). It is considered undesirable to fondle any portion of a woman between the navel and knees during these periods.


After menses or lochia are over it is important for wife to perform the relevant ghusl before intercourse. Though intercourse before ghusl is not haram it is highly recommended to perform the ghusl.


There is no objection to perform intercourse with his wife in the state of ‘Istehaza’ (the irregular discharge of blood for a shorter or longer period than menses) after she has performed ghusl for Istehaza and observed all the regulations prescribed for such a woman. (Please refer to Ayatullah Sayyed Ali al-Husaini Seestani’s ‘Islamic laws’ for details).


Intercourse should not be performed during nights of lunar eclipses and days of solar eclipses.


Intercourse should not be performed during the night proceeding Wednesday. There is a possibility of abortion if conception is achieved and if child is born as a result of it, there is a possibility of the child becoming insane or to suffer from epilepsy.


Intercourse should not be performed in the beginning, the middle and the last day of month. The consequences can be the same as mentioned above.


Both the man and the woman should not talk with each other during an intercourse as the child, if conceived, may be born dumb.


During the intercourse looking at the vagina of the wife should be avoided. If conception takes place, the child may be born blind.


Intercourse should be avoided when the husband or the wife have applied henna or dye to their hair.


Intercourse should not be performed in the presence of children as in that case the child who is conceived or the children who watch them may become adulterers.


Intercourse should not be performed when someone is watching, hearing or aware of it. The child who is conceived may turn out to be an adulterer.


Intercourse should not be performed with face or back confronting the Qibla.


Intercourse should be avoided at the time of sunset and sunrise and when the sky appears yellow. Also during the last 2 or 3 days of the lunar month when the moon is not visible.


If a man has had an emission while sleeping, he should perform ghusl before having an intercourse; otherwise, the child conceived as a result of it may be born insane.


Do not have intercourse with the desire, picture or thought of others in your mind or before your eyes.


Do not use the same towel for cleaning each other, because it will lead to enmity between the husband and the wife.


A child’s habit of urinating in bed is the result of his father having performed intercourse in a standing position.


Intercourse should be avoided on the night preceding Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-uz-Zuha.


Avoid intercourse in sunlight, between Azaan and Eqamah, during pregnancy, on the roof, before commencing a travel, after journey, early evening, on the night preceding 15th of Sha’ban, without Wuzu, under the sky, completely naked, under a fruit-bearing tree, etc. They all have adverse effects on the child conceived under such conditions.


Imam Sadiq (a.s.) has said that he who keeps enmity with us (i.e. Ahlay Bayt (a.s.) is either born of an illegal coition (i.e. adultery) or a coition performed during menses (i.e. Haiz). He who has love of Hazrat Ali (a.s.) and his descendants in his heart is legitmately born.

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