When will your Qa’em emerge? by Ayatullah Sayyed Sadrul-Ddin Sadr


When will your Qa’em emerge?

by Ayatullah Sayyed Sadrul-Ddin Sadr


The Messenger of Allah! Replied:

1)At the time when men will imitate the women and women will imitate the men;

2)when women will ride on saddles;

3)when people will cause their prayers to die and will follow their carnal desires;

4)when people will turn usurers;

5) when shedding of blood will become something insignificant;

6)when trade and business of the people will be based on usury;

7)when people will openly commit adultery;

8)when they will make towering constructions;

9)when they will consider lie to be lawful; when they will accept bribes;

10)when they will follow their lusts and desire; when they will sell their religion for this world;

11)when they will sever their relation (with others);

12)when they will hold under obligation the one whom they feed;

13)when they will consider forbearance to be the sign of weakness and feebleness and injustice to be an honour;

14) when their rulers will be evil and their ministers liars;

15) when the trustworthy amongst them will be traitors; when the helpers amongst them will be unjust;

16) when the reciters of Quran will be transgressors;

17)when cruelty and oppression will become manifest;

18)when divorce will increase; when people will engage in debauchery and libertinism;

19) when forced witness and lie will be accepted; when they will engage in drinking and gambling;

20)when men will be mounted on;

21)when women shall engage with women (indecent acts);

22)when people will consider ‘Zakat’ to be a booty and charity to be a loss;

23)when they will fear from the tongues of the wicked people;

24) when Sufyani shall revolt from Syria and Yemen; when ‘Baidah’ which is between Mecca and Medina will sink;

25) when a child from the progeny of Muhammad (S.A.W.A.) will be killed between ‘Rukn’ and ‘Maqaam’ and when a live voice will be heard from the heavens .crying out that the truth is with Mahdi and his followers.

It will be then that our Qaem will emerge. When he re-appears, he will stand with his back against the wall of Ka’aba and 313 of his followers would gather around him. The first speech of Qaem would be the following verse:—

‘What remains, with Allah is better for you if you are believers’.

Then he will say: I am the ‘Baqiyatullah,’ (God’s remainder) representative and Proof of Allah upon you. After that, no Muslim would salute him but in this manner:

Assalamu-Alaika – ya Baqiyatullah-Fi-Arzeh (Peace be upon you ‘O God’s remainder on the earth)

As soon as 10000 men gather around him, no Jew or Christian will remain but that they will bring faith in him and religion shall be confined only to Islam.

A fire shall descend from the sky and will burn every object of worship (other than Allah) on the earth.

Some of the historians say: Mahdi is the same Awaited Qa’em. Traditions about Mahdi’s emergence substantiate each other. Traditions manifest the luminous of Hazrat’s light. It will not be long when the gloomy day and night of his Occultation will turn into brightness and luminosity. Due to his emergence the desired dawn shall rise and the veil of darkness of the night will be set aside. Hazrat will emerge from behind the veil of Occultation and the hearts will be filled with joy. His Justice, will reach the horizons and the luminousness of his Justice will be more than luminousness of the luminous moon.