A Student’s Duties towards His Teacher

A Student’s Duties towards His Teacher

So far a learned man’s duties towards God were discussed. Now a learned man’s duties towards his teacher are discussed. Abdullah Ibn Hussain quotes his grandfather (AS) as saying:

* * *

“Some of the teacher’s rights against his disciple are as follows:
-The disciple should not ask his teacher too many questions.
-When someone asks his teacher a question, he (disciple) should not answer it before the teacher.
-When the teacher rejects something, he should not insist.
-When the teacher is not in a good mood, he should not appeal to him for help.
-He should not indicate his teacher with finger.
-He should not look at his teacher from the corner of his eyes.
-He should not speak or consult with others in the presence of his teacher.
-He should not say to his teacher: Someone has said the opposite of what you say.
-He should not disclose his teacher’s secret.
-He should not backbite in his teacher’s presence.
-He should support his teacher both in his presence or absence.
-He should warmly greet his teacher.
-He should sit politely in front of his teacher.
-He should take lead in meeting the requirements of his teacher.
-He should not be annoyed by his teacher’s long lecture, for teacher is as a palm tree and one should
wait for it to give its fruit.
-The learned man is as one who keeps fast, keeps vigil in prayer and fights in the way of God. When a learned man passes away, a gap will be created in Islam which will not be filled until the Day of Judgment. The seeker of knowledge will be accompanied by seventy thousand angels.”
Ibne Abbas has been quoted as saying: “Tolerate the humility of seeking knowledge so that you will become honorable later and others will respect you.”
A sage has said: “One, who does not tolerate apprenticeship during childhood, will remain in his ignorance for ever.” The Holy Prophet (SAW) has said:

* * *

“Flattery is not the quality of a believer save in seeking knowledge.”
Kinds of knowledge (Science)
Imam Sadeq (AS) has said:

* * *

“I found out all human knowledge having four qualities:
First-Knowing God.
Second-Knowing what He has done with you.
Third-Knowing what He expects you.
Fourth-Knowing what keeps you away from your religion?
Imam Sadeq (AS) has also said:

* * *

“God did not send any messenger save taking from him three pledges: Confession to obedience, renouncing polytheism, and admitting that everything is in the Hand of God, thus He will perish or preserve whatever He wills.”

Oddatatol Daee
(The Asset of Supplicant)


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