Imam Husayn’s Shrine at Karbala


4 thoughts on “Imam Husayn’s Shrine at Karbala”

  1. Sallam alaykoom
    Which are the names on the tomb of imam Hussain ?
    That there has been a division of Hazrat Abul Abbas Al fazla,who is with him in the grave.


  2. who was ali azhar & hazrat abdul abbas,
    what is the relationship of those two hazrats with prophet mohammad s.a.w
    by syed ghouse mohiuddin qadri al geelaani. & syed muneeruddin qadri al qumaisi al geelaani. india.


  3. I want to know hazrath ali karamallahu wajhu’s whole family details (total sons & daughters related).
    hazrath bibi fathima & other wives
    syed sadiq mohiuddin qadri al geelaani.
    s/o. syed rafiuddin qadri al geelaani.


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