Salat al-Lail Weapon of the Believer


And during part of the night, pray Tahajjud, beyond what is incumbent upon
you; maybe your Lord will raise you to a position of great glory.” Qur’an

This namaz is highly recommended. It can be prayed after mid­night till true dawn(subhe Sadiq i.e one hour and twenty min­utes before sunrise). It is said the nearer to Subhe Sadiq the bet­ter.

The Holy Quran refers to Namaz-E-Shab as “… and pray in the small hours of the morning an additional prayer (of spiritual profit) for thee. Soon will thy Lord raise thee to a station of praise and glory” Holy Qur’an (17:79)

Imam Jaffer Sadiq (A.S.) enlightens us about some of the ben­efits of namaz-e-shab:

1)It makes the face good looking, shining.

2)It improves morals and manners.

3)It helps emanate a pleasant odour from the body. It increases livelihood.

4)It clears debts.

5)It removes sadness. It improves eyesight.

Imam (a.s.) said: By Allah! This action is the cause of the vision of your eyes. And he repeated this sentence thrice.

Ishaq bin Ammar has related from Imam Sadiq (a.s.) that he quoted his father who quoted the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) that when a person performs the Qaza of Namaz-e-Shab the Almighty Allah expresses pride before the Angels and says; O Angels! See he is performing the Qaza of that which I have not made obligatory on him. Be witness that I have given him salvation. (Beharul Anwaar Vol. 87 Pg. 202) 


Method of Reciting Namaz-e-Shab

The namaz consists of 3 parts and a total of 11 rakats.

1. Niyyat: Namaz-e-Shab Qurbattan Ilallah.

8 rakats (4 namaz of 2 rakats each) to be prayed like the morning prayers.

Then 2 rakat namaz e shafa like the morning prayers.


Niyyat: Namaz-e-Shafa Qurbattan Ilallah.

3. Niyyat: Namaz-e-Witr Qurbattan Ilallah. 1 rakat as follows:

Recite Surah Alhamd once

Recite Surah Tawheed x3

Recite Surah Falak once

Recite Surah Naas once

Qunoot as in any 2nd rakat

Keep hands in same position for Dua (supplication), after dua repeat whilst in the position of qunoot the following:

a. La ilaha illalahul Haleemul kareem

La ilaha illahul Aliyul Adheem Subhanallahi Rabbis Samawatis Sab’ee Wa Rabbil Ardheenas Sab’ee Wama Fehinna wa ma Bainahunna Wa Rabbil Arshil Adheem Wal Hamdulillali Rabbil Alameen Wa swallalahu ala Muhammidiw Wa Aalihit Tahireen

b. Recite 70 times………….. …..astaghfirullah rabbi wa atoobu ilaih.

c. Recite 7 times………….Hadha maqaamul Aaedhibika Minnanaar

d) Then repeat 300 times …..Al Afv (please forgive).

e) Then name 40 momineen, each to be preceeded by

Allah hummaghfirli …. ( fulan bin fulan means Mr. or Mrs. so and so s/o or d/of mr so and so

If it is difficult to recall the 40 names, then recite Allah hummaghfirlil momineen wal mominaat

Then complete the namaz with rukoo, sujood and salaam…

finish rakat as normal..then recite dua as under

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem

La illah ila Allah al-haleem  al-kareem.
La illaha ila Allah al-‘aliyo al-‘adheem.
Subhanallah rabal-samaa al-sab’a,
wa rab al-ardeen al-sab’a,
wama fihena wama baynahona wama fawqahona wama tahtahona,
rab al-‘arsh al-‘adheem.
Asalamu a’la al-anbiya jamee’an.
Alhamdulillah rab al-a’lameen.
Allahuma sali ‘ala Muhammad
wa alihi al-Tahereen.

n the name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful.

There is no God except Allah, the Forbearing the Generous.
There is no God except Allah the High the Almighty.
Glory be to Allah Lord of the seven heavens
and Lord of the seven earths,
and whatever is in them and
between them and above them and  below them
Lord of the mighty throne.
Peace be on the Messengers.
All  praise is for Allah, Lord of the worlds.
O Allah send blessings on Muhammad
and his family, the purified ones.



For Ref from allama majlisi, and hadith e masumeen on this namaz please visit..

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A short article that explains methods of reciting Salat al-Lail (the night prayer). Includes Arabic along with English translations.


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Qur’anic verses and ahadith on the merits of reciting Salatul Layl. Includes method of recitation along with Arabic and English along with a rich collection of basic and additional supplications given to us by the Ahlul Bayt (a) that can be recited along with the prayer itself.


“Hadith of Merits from Al-Mubin”New


A Summary of the ettiquettes & duas of Salatul layl



2 thoughts on “Salat al-Lail Weapon of the Believer”

  1. salaaam……namaz e shab ka tareeqa pareh kar dil khush howa..Allah aapko punjitan k sadqay main ajer e azeem ataa fermaye..plz ager mumkin ho tu is namaz e shab k tareeqa ko urdu main bhi translate ker dijeye ta k urdu parhnay aor samjhnay waloon ko aasani hojaye..jazakAllah
    khudahafiz n mola zamin


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