Quotes from Hazrat Baqir-ul-Uloom (as)

Quotes from Hazrat Baqir-ul-Uloom (as)


*Man’s tongue is the key to all good and evil. Therefore, a believer should lock his tongue like he would keep his gold and silver locked up.

*If man knew the rewards for hardships and suffering, he would cut himself to pieces (to suffer)!

*All eyes except three kinds of eyes would weep on the Judgment Day:

i) Eyes that remain awake the whole night in Allah’s service.

ii) Eyes that weep from the fear of Allah.

iii) Eyes that have saved themselves from sinning in the world.

*No worship is superior to chastity and eating what is halal.

* Three things destroy a man:

i) considering his own deeds to be really great.

ii) forgetting the sins that have been committed.

iii) Considering his own opinion to be the highest.

* Whenever Allah wants to assist a sinner, He inflicts a disease on that person. If this does not happen, He makes that person dependant on another one. If this also does not happen, the Almighty makes his death a really hard one so that his sins are compensated.


… like ur body ur mind also gets tired so refresh it by wise sayings …


Contributed by Syeda Quratulain Bukhari”

(please pray for her health and long life)


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