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Tenth of Muharram – gloom grief, sadness and sorrow surrounded the ground of Karbalaa in particular, and the earth and the sky in general.

Hazrat Imam Husain’s (Allah be pleased with him) camp was filled with sadness and the army of Yazeed was rejoicing their victory , which, as a matter of fact, was going to bring calamity to them.

Ibne Sa’ad, the General of Yazeed’s army, stayed on the ground of Karbala till 12th of Muharram, collecting the dead bodies of his army’s personnel. He, along with his other friends and colleagues, offered namaaz-e-janaazaa for them and buried them. But this stone-hearted man never thought of burying the martyrs.

It is recorded that after Yazeedi army left, people of the village of Gaziya, which was situated on the bank of river Euphrates, came to the ground of Karbalaa and did the burial ceremony and buried the martyrs with great respect. However, according to another record, Hazrat Zainul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with him) buried the martyrs after returning from Damascus.

The yazeedis distributed the heads of the martyrs among themselves. They had put the martyrs’ heads of spears. The head of Hazrat Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him) was with Kholi Bin Yazeed. He started for Kufaa with Hazrat Imam Husain’s (Allah be pleased with him) head, before the army marched.

On the thirteenth of Muharram, the Yazeedi army moved towards Kufaa with Hazrat Imam’s family members as captives. The tyrants had handcuffed and chained Hazrat Zainul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with him).

After a whole day’s journey, the Yazeedi army stopped for the night and cut a camel which they had snatched from the family of Hazrat Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him). After cooking the food when they sat down to eat, they found the food had turned to blood and flames of fire started coming out of it. The Yazeedi army could not eat anything except dates.

Next evening, hen the yazeedi army stopped for the night, they saw a church. So, instead of pushing their spears with the heads of martyrs into the earth, they leaned them against the church wall. Blood was continuously dropping from the heads of the martyrs. All of a sudden the wall of the church opened and a hand came out of it. The hand was holding a pen. It was an iron pen. That hand dipped the pen into the blood of the martyrs and wrote on the wall, “Those who have killed Husain, do they hope to get intercession from Allah’s Messenger?”

When Yazeed’s army saw the writing on the wall, they though of the consequences and got scared and hurriedly moved away from there.

The tyrants moved from there but at their next stop, which was once again near a church, they saw the same words as they had seen earlier, inscribed on the church wall.

They called the priest from the church and enquired about the writing on the wall and its author and also about when it was written.

The priest said that it was not written down recently but he had heard from his foreafters that it was written down five hundred years before the birth of the last Prophet. And it has remained in the same condition till date. Then the priest questioned them, “Who are you and why are your enquiring about this writing?” The tyrant Yazeedis said, “No, tere is nothing special.”

The priest looked at the heads of the martyrs and asked, “Whose heads are you carrying with you?”

The Yazeedis said, “These are the heads of Yazeed’s traitors.”

The priest looked at the heads of the martyrs and when he saw the head of Hazrat Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him), the looked at it very very carefully and asked as to whose head it was. The Yazeedis said that it was the head of (Hazrat) Husain (Allah be pleased with him). Yazeedis said that he is the son of Hazrat Ali (Allah be pleased with him). The priest asked, “Is he the same Ali (Allah be pleased with him) who was the son-in-law of Allah’s Messenger (Blessing of Allah and Peace be on him) ?” Yer, he is the same person.” The priest said, “O tyrants, then why don’t you say straight forward that you have killed your prophet’s grandson. Do you think you will be able to hide your crime by toying with words. No, never. And remember that the revenge taken by the Almighty Allah is very hard. Well, whatever you have done, you will face its consequences. You may stay here overnight and if you can give this head to me for the night, I will pay you ten thousand gold coins. You can take the head back tomorrow morning.”

Hearing this, the Yazeedis were happy to part with the head of Hazrat Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him) for ten thousand gold coins.

The priest took the head of Hazarat Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him) and washed it with rose water and other good smelling flower extract and kept it with utmost respect in front of him on a table. Then he stood in front of the head.

As he stood there, he saw a diving light illuminated the atmosphere right from the earth to the sky. Till morning the priest watched this mystic scene and suddenly uttered these words,” O son of the Prophet, you are not dead but alive and I bear witness that is no God but Allaha and Muhammed is His Prophet.”

In the morning, the Yazeedis took back the head from the priest and also ten thousand gold coins among themselves; they found that they had turned to dust. Only a few gold coins remaind intack and on one side of it was written ‘Allah is aware of the tyrants will face great torture’,

On the way was Kholi Bin Yazeed’s house. Kholi went to his house for a night stay. He took the head of Hazarat Imam Husain(Allah be pleased with him) with him and kept it in the earthen oven. When his wife asked him about the head, he said the man was against Yazeed and had come to fight against Yazeed. It was the head of the man Kholi’s wife was pious and virtuous woman. When she got up in the night to offer Tahajjud prayers, she saw bright light coming out from the earthen oven. Remembering very well that she had extinguished the fire at night, she was surprised seen light coming from the oven. Before she could recover from this surprising and astonishing sight, she saw a few pious personalities coming there and taking out the head from the oven. Kholi’s wife saw that the divine light was coming from the head with musk and rose water. Kholi’s wife saw tears coming out of one of the ladies’ eyes. Thos pious ladies waited there for a few minute and then went away.

Kholi’s wife went to the oven, took out the head and looked at it very closely. As she had seen Hazrat Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him) many times, she recognized that the head was that of Hazrat Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him). She screamed and became unconscious. In the state of unconsciousness, she saw a pious person, who told her, “O Afifaa, do not be afraid. The crime is committed by your husband. He will be questioned. You are not responsible for it.” Kholi’s wife asked, “Who were the pious ladies?” She was informed that those women were Hazrat Fatima, Hazrat Khadija, Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa (Allah be pleased with them) and Hazrat Mariyam Bintey Imraan [mother of Prophet Hazrat Isa (Peace be on him)].

Kholi’s wife kept the head on a high place with respect and reverence. Then she woke up her husband and said, “O you sinner ! You told me that you had gone to fight with a traitor and this is his head. Why didn’t you tell me that this is Hazrat Imam Husain’s (Allah be pleased with him) head. Listen! From this moment onward, I don’t have any relation with you.” Saying this she left Kholi’s house. And no one knew where she went.

Along with the family members of Hazrat Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him) and the heads of the martyrs, the Yazeedi army reached Damascus. Going round the city from one street to another the army reached Yazeed’s court.

Sheemar was not sure of Yazeed’s reaction, so to know how Yazeed will react, he ordered Basheer Ibne Maalik that when Yazeed enquires about Hazrat Imam Husain’s(Allah be pleased with him) head, he ( Basheer) should say that he had killed Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him) .

When Yazeed asked about the person who cut off Imam Husain’s (Allah be pleased with him) head Basheer came forward and said that he has done it. Yazeed said, “Why did you kill him ?” Then he ordered that Basheer be killed, His order was carried out immediately. Basheer was one o the tem person who came together in the ground of Karbalaa to kill Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him) .

Sheemar marrated the incidents of Karbalaa Yazeed ordered to bring the head fo Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him). The head was brought in a plate and placed before him. Yazeed had a stick in his hand. He started touching Imam Husain’s (Allah be pleased with him) lips and teeth. That way he was insulting the grandson of Allah’s Messenger.

A diplomate of Rome was present in Yazeed’s court. He said, “O Yazeed! In our church, we have an imprint of the hoof of a donkey which belonged to Isa (peace be on him). We pay a visit to it every year. We respect it as much as you respect Ka’aba, but I am surprised tht you have behaved with such cruelty and wickedness with the grandson of your prophet. I bear witness that this is the worst possible act of yours and O yazeed, you and your colleagues are absolutely incorrect. A Jew was also present there. He said, “I am the 70th descendent of Prophet Dawood (Peace be on him), but the Jew are still respecting me very much but I am sorry to say that you killed your own prophet’s grandson!”

A great companion (Sahabi), Samarah Bin Joondoob (Allah be pleased with him), was also present there. Seeing this most unholy and sinful act, he became indignant nd said, “O Yazeed! May Allah’s wrath be on you. You are insulting those lips and teeth which Allah’s loved one, Allah’s Messenger (Blessing of Allah and Peace be on him) had kissed innumerable times. Take away your dirty stick. May the Almighty Allah destroy you and your sinister colleagues.”

Yazeed could not tolerate this matter -of -fact talk and spoke angrily’were you not a companion of Allah’s Messenger (Blessings of Allah and peace be on him),I would have killed you right now .Hazrat Samarah (Allah be pleased with him) said Iam surprised that you are not killing me because of my being a ompanion but you never thought of the grandson of Allah’s Messenger when giving the order to kill him . you never thought of your father , Amir Muaviyaa’s (Allah be pleased with him) last words. Wait and see; in the near future , you will see the result of your evil deeds. On the Day of Resurrection , in Allah ‘s court Imam Husain’s blood-stained shroud will be there and you will be there. “Hazrat Samarah ‘s (Allah be pleased with him) speech had a telling effect on the courtiers present there . Their hearts became heavy with fear and tears rolled from their eyes. Many of them started crying .Yazeed became very angry , but sensing the danger in case he orderd to kill the companion , he ordered to remove that companion , from the court.

Then Yazeed ordered to bring the family members of Hazrat Imam Husain(Allah be pleased with him). Hazrat Zainab (Allah be pleased with her), Imam Husain’s sister, became very angry at this indignity. She said, “O Shameless Yazeed! Don’t you have any modesty left. Women of yours household, who are not qualified to be even our maid’s are in purdah, and we, the family members of Allah’s Messenger, are being called here in the court without proper dresses, just to be insulted and humiliated. Your thirst for tyranny seems to remain unquenched. Beware, otherwise Allah’s wrath may fall on you. “Yazeed shivered at Hazrat Zainab’s (Allah be pleased with her) explosive speech against him .He immediately ordered to take the ladies to another room. Then he called Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with her). He tried to insult Imam Zainul Abedeen, but Imam Zainul Abedeen gave him jawbreaking replies. Yazeed got angry and wanted to kill Hazrat Zainul Abrdeen, but did not succeed.

Yazeed’s son came there . Yazeed said, “My son is of the same age as you. I would like to see a wrestling bout between you two. Let us see who wins.”

Imam Zainul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with him) said ,”If you like to see my strength, then give a sword to me, then see who wins.”

At that time a durm starting beating in Yazeed’s palace. Yazeed’s son said ,”O Zainul Abedeen see the drum is beating because of my father.”

At that very moment Azaan was called out. Imam Zainul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with him) said, “Your father’s drum beats do not go beyond his palace walls, but my great grandfather’s Azaan can be heard everywhere. As soon as the drum gets defective it will stop beating. My great grandfather’s Azaan will have its echo felt everywhere and for all times to come.”

Yazeed was impressed and also scared by Imam Zainnul Abedeen’s (Allah be pleased with him) speech.He said.”if You wish for anything’ Let me know”Imam Zainul Abedeen(Allah be pleased with him) be pleased with him) said.”Ido not expect that You will fulfil What I say, but If You are speaking The Truth then I need four things from You firstof all hand over My father’s killer to me, so I can kill him secondly, give me heads of all the martyrs.third thing I want is today is Friday, so allow me address people,from the member.(the place on which the imam stands and delivers the sermon).fourth thing that I want is to let me and my relatives go back to Madina.

After hearing Imam Zainul Abedeen(Allah be pleased with him), Yazeed enquired about the killer of Imam Husain. People present there said that it was Kholi Bin Yazeed. As Kholi had already seen how brutally Basheer Ibne Maalik was killed, he flatly denied having killed Imam Husain. He said that the killer was Sunaan Bin Anas.

On hearing his name Sunaan Bin Anas said “Cursed be the one who murdered Imam Husain. The murderer of Imam Husain is none but Sheemar.”

Sheemar refused to accept the charge. Yazeed got angry and said “Someone or the other must have killed Husain.”

Sheemar flared up and said, “Why should I kill Husain? Has he taken away my kingdom? As a matter of fact, the murderer of Husain is the one who was afraid that if Husain remained alive his kingdom will be lost. Murderer of Husain is the one who gathered the tribals and gave them properties, gave them diamonds and jewelry and made them fight against Husain. He himself remained in the comforts and got his purpose accomplished through others.”

Yazeed realized the blame coming in his direction, so he shouted “Allah’s curse in on you. All of you get out of here.” He then turned to Imam Zainul Abedeen and said, “Excuse me for this demand of yours. I will fulfil all your other demands.”

When Yazeed reached the Jam Mosque, he saw that the rich and respectable citizens of Syria were also present there. He thought that if Imam Zainul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with him) gets on the mimber and addresses people, they may turn in facour of him. So he signaled a Syrian speaker to start giving the sermon. Imam Zainul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with him) heard him, but as he was uttering absolute lies, he interrupted the speaker and reminded Yazeed about his promise. Yazeed was not ready for that. Those present in the mosque got up and insisted that members of the household of Allah’s Messenger were more eligible than anyone else to deliver the sermon. Yazeed consulted his advisors who expressed their opinion that as Imam Zainiul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with him) was just a child, Yazeed should let him deliver the sermon. So Yazeed granted permission.

Imam Zainul Abedee first praised the Almighty Allah. He then advised the people to save themselves from materialistic world and its deceits; that these things will destroy; they are mot permanent; the people who lived before them had more wealth, their bodies also turned to dust. In this manner he gave a piece of advice to those present and then he introduced himself, “Those who do mot know me should know that my name is Ali; I am the son of Husain Ibne Ali; I am the son of the one whose head was moved around from hand to hand; I am the son of the one whose head-gear (amaamaa) and cloth-sheet were snatched away; I am the son of the one for whom the angels also became sad and cried.

People were impressed by Imam Zainul Abedeen’s (Allah be pleased with him) speech. Sensing that the situation may turn unfavorable for him. Yazeed ordered the Muazzin to call Azaan. The Muazzin started calling Azaan, and when he said Ash-hadu an -na Mu-ham-ma-dur Ra-sool-lul-lah, Imam Zainul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with him) said, By Allah! Keep quiet for a minute.

Then he questioned Yazeed, O Yazeed ! Tell me whose grandfather id Muhammad (Blessing of Allah and Peace be on him)? If you say that he is my grandfather then you are right and if you say that he is your grandfather then you are a liar.”

Yazeed said, “He is your grandfather.” Imam Zainul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with him) said, “When you know that he is my grandfather, why did you kill his family members.”

Yazeed became silent and people started crying. Yazeed wasscared. He addressed the public, “Do you think I killed Husain? Allah’s curse be on the killer of Husain. His killer ion none but governor of Basra, Ibne Ziad.” Then he ordered that whosoever has severed Imam Husain’s (Allah be pleased with him) head form his body andthose who had helped in it should be brought to him.

First of all Sheesh Bin Rabee was brought. Yazeed said, “Did I order you to kill Husain?” Sheesh Bin Rabee said, “Not at all, Allah’s curse be on him who killed Husain.” And signaled towards Kholi Bin Yazeed. Yazeed asked the same question to Kholi who gave the same reply. The question and answer went on circulating and untimately. Hasseen Bin Nameer was asked the same question. He also refused to accept his quilt and said, “If you promise not to kill me I can give you the name of the murderer of Husain (Allah be pleased with him).”

Instead of giving a clear answer, Hasseen Bin Ibne Nameer gave a vague answer without stating any names. Losing his patience, Yazeed asked, “Who did it?” Hasseen Ibne Nameer said, “You did it.”

Yazeed was stunned and enraged by this proclamation. He left the mosque. When he reached him his wife narrated to him a dream which she had seen. She said that she had seen groups of angels from the sky coming to earth and standing near the head of Hazrat Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him) and saluting him. Then Allah;s Messenger (Blessing of Allah and Peace be on him), Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Hasan and Hazrat Jaafar Taiyyar (Allah be pleased with him) also came.

Yazeed got worried and thought for a few minutes and called Imam Zainul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with him) and said, “Whatever has happened. Now if you want to stay here you may do so. And if you wish to go back I will make necessary arrangements for your journey.” Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with him) said that he and his family members will go back to Madina. And after a week Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with him) and all his family members with the heads of the martyrs started from there. They reached the battle ground of Karbalaa. The dead bodies of the martyrs were lying on the ground. The blood was still flowing from their bodies. Though it was very hot, the condition of the dead bodies had not changed. Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with him) stayed there and buried the bodies of the martyrs with their heads.

There are differences in the records. Some people say that Hazrat Imam Husain’s (Allah be pleased with him) head was buried outside Damascus. According to another record, after Yazeedi army left with the martyrs’ heads, people of a nearby village came and buried the bodies of the martyrs. (Allah knows better)

Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with him) returned to Madina.

As soon as Imma Zainul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with him) reached Madina, people started visiting him. And once again Yazeed’s thirst for power became severe. He sent his paternal cousin brother, Usman bin Muhammed bin Sifiyaan to Madina. After compelling the people of Madina to take pledge with Yazeed, he sent them to Damascus. When this group returned to Madina they openly broke the pledge of allegiance with Yazeed because they had seen his sinful activities with their own eyes, which they described to the people of Madina. People of Madina drove away Usman Ibne Muhammed, who was appointed by Yazeed as governor of Madina, and pledged their allegiance with Hazrat Abdullah bin Hanzalaa. Hazrat Manzar bin Zubair said, “O Abdullah bin Hanzalaa ! How did you accept bayat (pledge of allegiance) from people when Hazrat Zainul Abedeen is present here. You have no right to do so. He deserves this honour.” Hazrat Abdullah bin Hanzalaa accepted this fact. He, along with a group of Copanions, visited Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedeen.He enquired the reason of their visit. Zainul Abedeen bin Hanzalaa narrated the reason of their visit. He further added that they all desired that Hazrat Imam should be their leader. Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedeen’s eyes turned wet. Tears rolled out from them and he said that he wished to stay away from bayat and khilafat. When the Companions, he said that if they did not want him to live in Madina he would leave the city with his family to a place where there would be no one to remind him of the saddest moments of his past. All the Companions kept quiet as they never wished Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedeen (Allah be pleased with him) to leave Madina Munawwara.

Then people set their bayat (peldge of allegiance) with Hazrat Abdul bin Hanzalaa.

After the Karbalaa incident, Yazeed’s sinful activities were let loose. And it had reached its extremest point. When he learnt that people of Madina have broken the pledge of allegiance with him and driven away the governor Usman from the city, his anger and rage were out of control. He made preparations to attack Madina. He wanted a very tyrant and brutal person to lead his army. And he chose Masraf bin Aqbah. When Yazeed visited Masraf and told him about his intention of attacking Madina, Masraf who had a paralytic attack and was unable to move form his place, got up from his place with enthusiasm and said, “You have chosen a very appropriate and right person for this job. There is no better person than me who can perform this duty.”

Yazeed’s army was of twenty thousand soldiers. He instructed Masraf that if the people of Madina accepted the pledge of allegiance with him then there was no need to attack Madina. But if they refused then o kill them and loot all their possessions, and not to spare anyone.

Masraf himself was a tyrant and a brute and Yazeed’s order added fat into the fire.

The Yazeedi army was well quipped with arms and they attacked Madina with full force. People of Madina were unable to face the invasion.

As soon as Masraf got control over Madina, he ordered his soldiers to kill and loot whomsoever they wanted, and women of Madina were lawfaul to them by his order. The frenzy of Yazeedi army was let loose. They killed approximately seventeen hundred emigrants (Muhajeers) and Ansari Companions and Tabi’een (the one who memorises the Holy Qur’aan is called Haafiz), ninety seven chiefs of Quraish clan and approximately then thousand men, women and children were killed. Even the Companions of Allah’s Messenger were attacked brutally and everything thay had was looted by the Yazeedi army. One is unable to imagine the atrocities committed by the Yazeedi army. They did not care for the honourable ladies of Madina. Nearly one thousand illegitimate children were born after their atrocities.

The floor of Masjid-e-Nabvi (Prophet’s Mosque) where Allah’s Messenger and his pious and most honourable Companions used to pray was turned into a stable by the yazeedi army. For many days the mosque’s floor remained dirty with dogs’, cats and horses’ dung.

Today those who put forther arguments favouring Yazeed, can they say a single word for the Yazeedi arm’s sinful act of dishouring Masjid-e-Nabvi? People of Madina were against Yazeed, but the most sanctified mosque had done nothing to Yazeedi army.

A companion, Hazrat Saeed Ibne Maseeb (Allah be pleased with him) stated, “When Yazeedi army was shamelessly dishonouring and disrespecting Masjid-e- Nabvi, at that time I was crying, putting my head on the walls of the mosque. The soldiers of Yazeedi army used to laugh at me saying what this mad fellow is doing here. At the time of Namaaz I used to head Azaan and Iqaamat from the Roza Mubarak (the resting place of Allah’s Messenger) and I used to offer my prayers.”

The lawlessness of Yazeedi army is very rare to be found. When they reached the house of Hazrat Abu Sa’eed Khudri, a Companion, they did not find anything there, so they removed the hairs of the Companion’s beard with their hands.

After committing the atrocities on the people of Madina, Masraf moved to Makka-e-Muazzama, as he was instructed by Yazeed to attack Makka after Madina.

Before Yazeedi army could reach Makka, Masraf met with the punishment inflicted by the Almighty Allah. His stomach got filled with pus. The pain increased to such an extent that it was unbearable for him. Ultimately, death made him a hell-dwelle, Before his death, he appointed hasin Ibne Nameer as chief of army. That was an order of Yazeed.

When Yazeed took the reign of Caliphate in his hands, after the death of his father Hazrat Amir Muaviyaa, he sent an order to the governor of Madina to take pledge of allegiance from the people of Madina. At that time Hazrat Abdullah bin Zubair (Allah be pleased with him) came to settle at Makka-e-Mukarrama. People of Makka drove away the governor of Makka and took pledge of allegiance with Hazrat Abdullah bin Zubair (Allah be pleased with him) and accepted him as their ruler. From that day till the time when Hasin Ibne Nameer came to attack Makka, Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Zubair was the ruler of Makka-e-Muazzama.

A brief introduction of Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Zubair will unfold to the readers, how pious and reverent personalities like him became the target of the tyranny of Yazeedi army’s brutality.

Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Zubair is the grandson of the greatest Companions, Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (from maternal side). When the Muslims migrated to Madina from Makka, the disbelievers of Makka were claiming that they have cast a magic spell on the Muslims of Madina so that they will not have children, Twenty months after the migration of Allah’s Messenger to Madina, the first child which was born to Hazrat Asma (daughter of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique) was Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Zubair (Allah be pleased with him). People of Madina and Allah’s Messenger were pleased when hazrat Abdullah Ibne Zubair (Allah be pleased with him) was born. Hazrat Asma (Allah be pleased with him) took her child to Allah’s Messenger. He took a date, crushed it with his teeth and put it in the child’s mouth and prayed for him.

When Yazeedi army attacked Makka-e-Muazzama, Hazrat Abdullah first fought with them outside the city, but when he found that the situation was infavourable he, along with his men, came back inside the city and closed the gates. The Yazeedi surrounded the city. They did not have and feeling of sanctity for Madina or Makka. With the help pf catapults, they started showering stones on Ka’aba Sharif. The showering of stones was so severe that piles of stones were to be seen everywhere around Ka’aba Sharif. Several pillars o Masjid-e-Haram were broken. The gilaaf of Ka’aba Sharif (the outer covering) was burnt down. The horns of the sheep which was sent down from Paradise to be sacrificed in lieu of Prophet Hazrat Ismail (Peace be on him) were hanging from the roof of Ka’aba Sharif. Those horns were also not spared.. The tyrants burnt down those horns also.

For many days the House of Allah, Ka’aba remained without the outer covering (gilaaf). Suddenly there was a wind and the fire rained from the sky. The catapult through which stones were showered on Ka’aba Sharif got burnt down and so also the persons who were operating it. They turned into dust. Seeing this, the Yazeedi army was scared to death. Before they could react to this situation, they heard the news that Yazeed the devil had died. Hasein Ibne Nameer and his soldiers were still discontented with their atrocities but the news of Yazeed’s death made them scatter and then ran away from there.

After Yazeed’s death, his colleagues made his son Muaviya Ibne Yazeed to occupy the throne, though he constantly refused to occupy the throne, but great pressure from the couriers made him helpless. After occupying the seat of Caliphate he made an address in which he clearly made it known to everyone present that Caliphate is neither his right nor was a right of his father and grandfather. And so he refused to take up the seat of Caliphate. After that day he went into seclusion and on the 40th day he passed away.

After the death of Muaviya Ibne Yazeed, marvaan Ibne Hakim took over Caliphate by hook or crook. He died in Hijri year 65. Before he died he made his son Abdul Malik Ibne Marvaan his successor, who ruled over Syria and Egypt.

At that time, hazrat Abdullah Ibne Zuabir was the Caliph of Hijaaz and its surrounding areas. But Kufaa was not under anyone’s control.

Seizing this opportunity, Mukhtar bin UbaidSaqfli took over the reign of Kufaa in his hands. No sooner he got into power he announced that he will not leave a single tyrant unpunished.

First of all he imprisoned those who had intended to kill Hazrat Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him). So he caught hold of Sheemar and Ibne Sa’ad. As soon as they were brought in front of him, he said, “Are you not the one on whose order water was stopped for the grandson of Allah’s Messenger? Tell me how much wealth did you get in return?”

Then he called the executioner (the man whose duty was to punish the culprit by killing him) and said, “Give them very painful death, so that their death becomes a lesson for others.”

The fear of death turned them pale. Both the deveils pleaded for mercy and said, “We have not done anything by our own wish but we acted on Ibne Ziad’s orders in attacking Hazrat Imam Husain and his companions.” Those sinner Kufis started running towards Basra but Mukhtar said, “When you did not have mercy on the grandson of Allah’s Messenger, how con you expect mercy from me? And I will not leave Ibne Ziad either. You will go first and Ibne Ziad will follow you. O executioner ! Kill them now so that the earth is lessened with the weight of these sinners.” Then Mukhtar ordered to kill all those who were with Ibne Sa’ad.

KHOLI BIN YAZEED : He was the person who cut the holy head of Hazrat Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him) and put it on the spear. He was imprisoned and brought in front of Mukhtar, who was shivering with anger. When he saw Kholi, he immediately ordered to mail him and then cut his hands and legs, so that the world can witness the tortured death of enemy of grandson and people of the House (Ahle Baeet) of Allah’s Messenger. Accordingly, Kholi met with a very humiliating death. After he was slaughtered, his dead body was burnt down.

Approximately, six thousand Kufis (the residents of Kufaa) were captured by Mukhtar and those tyrants met with most painful death.

After killing these tyrants, Mukhtar thought of Ibne Ziad. He calle dIBrahim Bin Maalik Ibne Ashtar and asked him to help his brother in capturing Ibne Ziad and further instructed him to carry Sharatullah with the army, as because of its oresence his army will meet with success.

Before going further, let us explain what Sharatullah is. It was a chair of Hazrat Ali (Allah be pleased with him). It was with one of the sons of Hazrat Tufail (Allah be pleased with him). Hazrat Ali (Allah be pleased with him) used to occupy that chair while delivering judgements. When he met with martyrdom, Hazrat Tufail (Allah be pleased with him) inherited that chair. When Mukhtar over the reins of Kufaa, he gave the very valuable present to Hazrat Tufail (Allah be pleased with him) and asked to favour him that chair. Then he kept it in a precious box. It was kept in the Jaamaa Mosque of Damascus. When Mukhtar’s army was leaving to capture Ibne Ziad, that chair was kept out and Mukhatr addressed the people present there.

“Gentlemen, this chair is as reverant to Shias as is the station of Ibrahim (Maqaam-e-Ibrahim) to Muslims and Taboot-e- Sakina (the relics of Prophets of Bani Israel) is to Children of Israel. The army with which this chair is accompanying will meet with the success against an army thousand times stronger than this army. This is a sign of Hazrat Ali.” After this short speech, the army of Mukhtar marched off.

When Ibne Ziad learnt that Mukhtar’s army has marched towards him, he ran from Kufaa. A strong army of twenty thousand soldiers was with him. He ran towards Mosal, but Ibrahim bin Ibne Maalik (chief of Mukhtar’s army) got Ibne Ziad before he could reach Mosal, In those days, it was a custom not to carry on fighting at night. So everything was calm and quiet. The army chief of Ibne Ziad was Amr Ibne Aslam. He was a on-time friend of Ibrahim Ibne Maalik. At night he visited Ibrahim Ibne Maalik and said that the purpose of his visit was that when the fight begins the next day, He would get his men and merge with Ibrahim’s army, so that the tyrant Ibne Ziad is humiliated and he also gets freedom from the tyrant’s clutches. He added that he had forcibly joined Ibne Ziad. Ibrahim Ibne Maalik’s spirit was boosted with that talk of Amr Ibne Aslam and he was confident of success.

In the morning when the combat began, Ibrahim Ibne Maaliks saw that Amr Ibne Aslam’s battalion was fighting with full force. He waited for quite some time for Amr Ibne Aslam but when Amr did not appear, he understood that it was a trick played by Amr.

Ibrahim Ibne Maalik picked up Sharatullah (the chair was Hazrat Ali’s). Seeing that his army fought very valianty. Ibne Ziad’s army could not resist the forceful attack and there was a setback in his army. When Ibne Ziad learnt that his army was having a tough time, he came out from his tent and attacked Ibrahim’s army and prompted his army-men, “Brave men! Don’t be afraid. Ibrahim’s army is nothing in front of us. March forward and embrace victory.” His brief speech boosted the morales of his army. Once again they attacked Ibrahim’s army forcefully but it proved temporary. Looking at Sharatullah, Ibrahim’s army became fearless.

The battle began in the morning and it was in the evening that a soldier of Ibrahim attacked Ibne Ziad and killed him. As soon as he was killed, his army ran away from the field and Ibrahim sent Ibne Ziad’s head to Mukhtar.

Three days before Ibne Ziad was killed, Mukhtar made an announcement that very soon Ibne Ziad’s head will come to Kufaa. People were talking about Mukhtar’s prediction. However, when Ibrahim sent Ibne Ziad’s head, people were surprised.(Initially Mukhtar claimed that he loved people of house of Allah’s Messenger(Ahl-e-baeet), but later on Mukhtar proclaimed himself as a prophet).

When Mukhtar got Ibne Ziad’s head, he called a gathering and kept Ibne Ziad’s head at the same place where Yazeed had placed Hazrat Imam Husan’s head and hung it at the same place where Yazeed had hung Hazrat Imam Husan’s head.

It is recorded in Tirmizi Sharif that when Ibne Ziad and his colleagues heads were brought in front of Mukhtar, a large black serpent appeared, passing through all the heads. It stopped near Ibne Ziad’s head and entered into it through one nostril and after some time came out from the other. The serpent did this seven times and disappeared.

HARMALA BIN KAAMIL : was the one who pierced an arrow in the neck of infant Ali Asgar, the arrow pierced the neck of the child and went into the arm of Hazrat Imam Husain (Allah be pleased with him).

Harmala, the devil got a severe punishment from the Almighty Allah. He used to have severe burning sensation in his stomach, all the time and on the back he used to have feeling of severemost cold. To get rid of heat of stomach he was using a fan to air his stomach and to get rid of cold of the back he used to have fire burning behind his back. After some days he used to feel thirst all the time. Drinking glass after glass of water could not quench his thirst. One day he died very painfully and went to Hell.

JAABIR IBNE YAZEEDZADI : This was the man who took off Hazrat Imam Husain’s headgear (Amaama Sharif) as soon as Hazrat Imam met with martyrdom. He turned insane and used to drink dirty water from the gutters and ate dirt of animals. He died in that state.

JUVIAANA HAZRI : He was the person who took off Hazrat Imam Husain’s Paerahan (the long shirt) when Hazrat Imam met with martyrdom. The devil wore that cloth. He became a leper. Each and every part of his body got rotten and that horrible disease killed him.

SHEEMAR : This devil of a person was the one who sat on Hazrat Imam Husain’s chest and pierced the throat of Hazrat Imam Husain with a dagger. The devil’s humiliation can be imagined from the fact that when he died his face turned into a swine’s face. Whatever number of Hazrat Imam Husain’s enemies were captured by Mukhtar, he punished them mercilessly and got their corpses trampled under horses hooves.


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