Hazrat Qasim bin Imam Hassan (as) Mehendi in Karbala

During the present times when the anti shia propaganda of wahabi’s which has penetrated into shias in the form of some paid clergymen calling upon us to disrespect the effigies and saying that the Mehendi (Hena) ceremony never happened and that it is a Hindu custom which is introduced into the shias of Pakistan to discredit the religious events, the observance of Mehendi ceremony in Karbala by thousands of Iraqi mourners is a Slap on the faces of those who dare to open their mouth against effigies and such sacred acts of mourning. These ceremonies are not only approved by the Grand scholars but high ranking scholars term it as (Shaa’ir Allah) Signs of Allah and something that is associated with great blessings.

As you will see below in the pictures that the observance of Hena ceremony by the Iraqi Shias proves that such ceremonies are not restricted to Pakistan and India and are not Hindu influence which has penetrated into shias but is something that even the residents of Karbala have been observing since a long time raising doubts upon the person himself who is trying discredit these acts of mourning.


Whenever the day of Ashura (the gruesome day when the son of Imam Ali (as) and Lady Fatima (as) – grandson of holy Prophet Muhammad (as), Imam Al-Hussein (as), was slaughtered unjustly in the burning plain of Karbala along with his 72 family members & faithful companions at the hands of Yazid s/o Muawiya (lanatullah)) gets nearer, the mourning takes over every single shia around the world specially those who are in the holy city of Karbala.


On Muharram 7, which is specified with the Hena (Mehendi) processions and majalis of 13-year-old Hazrat Al-Qasim bin Imam Hasan bin Imam Ali (as) who got married to the daughter of his uncle Imam Hussein bin Imam Ali (as) on the night of Ashura. His holy body was trampled by horses of Yazidi forces chopping him into pieces.

Tens of thousands of mourners including little children attends the Hena procession of Hazrat Qasim bin Imam Hassan (as) holding decorated Hena dishes, colorful standards, candles, oil and sweats while crying and beating their chest to mourn the ill treatment of this brave 13 years old soldier of Banu Hashim

The procession touching through the streets of the holy city, reaches at the main gate of the holy shrine of Imam Hussein (as) where loud voices are heard to welcome Hazrat Qasim bin Imam Hassan (as), nephew and son-in-law of Imam Hussein (as). At the shrine, throngs are standing in lines to welcome an effigy of Hazrat Qasim (as) who arrives on the horse back.


After this, the procession enters the holy shrine where the same scene is re-enacted when Hazrat Qasim bin Imam Hassan (as) had asked Imam Al-Hussein (as) for permission to go to battlefield in his support, and how Imam (as) refused to allow him for he was the only sign of his beloved brother Imam Hassan Al-Mujtaba (as).

As much as the procession comes nearer to the holy grave of Imam Hussein (as), the sounds of drums goes aloud reminding the tragedies of

The mourners offer deep condolences with tears and chest beating to Imam Hussein (as) on the martyrdom of Hazrat Qasim bin Imam Hassan (as).











15 thoughts on “Hazrat Qasim bin Imam Hassan (as) Mehendi in Karbala”

  1. salam to all .there is lot of controversy regarding the marriage of hazrat
    qasim,and now adays it has become a common practice to say that it is a
    bidat to do the mendhi and other rituals regarding shahzada qasim also known
    as Abdullah inbe hassan. some moulana say that the nikah took place just to
    respeect the wasiyat of imam Hasan.not only in india pakistan but when i
    visited karbala several times and happened to go to the hujra of of qasim
    ibne Hasan in the khaima gah each time i saw that newly wed couples come
    there for the blessing on enquiring they said that they did manat there .the
    place was full of henna[mendi]on the walls and every where and lots of
    flowers and sweets were brought to pay tribute to shahzada qasim. if it is
    exergerated in india and pakistan how about it taking place right there in
    karbala IF THERE IS NO FACT TO IT…this is my question……darood bar
    Mohammad wa AlleyMhoammed!!……Y qasim…austin texas…usa


  2. Salam,
    My frist and Foremost important sentence is that which i wanna to say that in this page there is person who has written that”thanks to Allah, many people are entering in shi’ism” so i wanna to stree him with very bitter words that it is not good for you to say this, because we are muslims and we haven’t distinguish into caste, tribes, creads just like hindus or any other religions. we have to come on this point where we all are same/Equal and this is right path of Islam, No shia, No suni, or any other creads must not be. Ok, understand.
    it is my pray to Allah that may Allah gravite us on the rights ways/path of the true religion Islam and do not distinguish us in creads.(hamin)


    1. salam,sikandaer saheb, Shia is not a caste or tribe. shia means who love ahlulbayt , which is waajib on us as per Holy quran. Shukran Allah that now people express their love for ahlulbayt. Shia means friends. So there is no problem in saying shukral Allah after seeing more lovers of Ahlulbayt.ws


  3. salam to all this is very nice that religious activity is been published on internet but i would like to request all my muslim family members regardless they are belive in sunis or shias to stick together with each other to any thick and thin on this 10th muharam. we should stand together and show to our IMAM and HIS GRANDFATHER (MUHAMMED P.B.H) that we are standing together for you and we are here together to bring peace all over


  4. Salam
    First do Mehendi (Hena) ceremony or its kind but do not act like Hazrat Qasim (A.S) as a boy is dressed in the picture.

    Second reply to Sikandar Baloch who says shias and sunnis are one, reminding his the hadis of our Holy Propeht Mohamad (S.A.W) that after me there will be 73 sects in Islam and only one will go to Janath. Then who are you to say every one are same/equal and all are on the right path.

    Correct your self before you correct others.


  5. I have been told by shia aalim that all this tak of Qasim’s mehndi is nonsense and something made up in lucknow. This incident just never happened. I personally feel he is right. I believe shia faith is the right one but that we oo are not guilty of making up smal stuff.


  6. AOA
    I want say that we should not make the personality like above mentioned picture a boy play character of Hazrat Qasim (A.S).We should make Shabih of Mehndi in the shape of Taboot and should paste a sehra front of Taboot.Not Burn the candles etc.


  7. salam, i am agree what anjum abbas said. in iran there are many plays like karbala and life of imam ALI AS. i know that they are trying to show that what happend at that time. and maybe it is for children but they be very cosius with characters. the MASSAGE is the movie where there is not any personality shows in character. this type of movie can play a positive role to learn but as they show what happend in karbala where every personality is showen in characters does not show what exactly happend there. BIBI FATIME TU ZAHRA slamullah aleha said that only ALLAH or IMAM hussain as knows that how many cuts imam HUSSAIN as had. so how can we illustrate him in characters.


  8. i dont know brothers that which ur saying that mehndi is not muslim event. but my knowledge is that alot of muslims by arab had been migrated to “subcontinent pak o hind” in 11th century. may b they had been left this cuture of mehndi and all that events we celebrate in india and pakistan.


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