Imagine all the lessons you can learn by studying the entire event of Karbala.

Imagine all the lessons you can learn by studying the entire event of Karbala.

Abbas, Imam Hussain’s half-brother (Imam Ali’s son), respects the authority of Imam Hussain to the degree that he does not call him “brother”. This shows the importance of leadership and the crucial role of followers, and how a follower should behave.

Abbas did not call his enemies “Kaffirs”. Instead, he referred to them as “Faasiq” (ie Corrupt). Meaning, you can never call a Muslim “Kaffir”, no matter how corrupt they may be.

Imam Hussain did not object to the term “Faasiq” being used to refer to Yazid’s troops.
This itself is a litmus test of measuring True Muslims against Corrupt Muslims.

Killing and fighting corrupt people is not always the preferred me! thod of confronting the corrupt.

Imam Hussain was very well aware about the historical impact of his actions and the actions of his followers.
So should we.

Imam Hussain did not just say “no”, instead, he provided an alternative to calm down an angry soldier. The solution is completely the opposite of what was requested.
Fighting and killing were requested, but Imam Hussain offered the alternative of water (life) and helping children (future of mankind).

Abbas did not act alone, and before he could act on anything, he stepped forward and asked for permission.

When permission was denied, he did not argue or rebel or ask questions. He obeyed and went to fetch water for children.

Imam Hussain’s mission was not to fight or to kill. His mission was to establish the true Islam, and show to the world the difference between his Islam and the Islam of Umayyads.
Imam Hussain explains why he is refusing the request, providing a rational explanation that includes the message of peace.

So many lessons in one dialogue. Imagine all the lessons you can learn by studying the entire event of Karbala.

Those who do not know Hussain, indeed do not know Islam.
And I stand firm by this statement on Judgement Day.


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