Anti muslim fatwa of Saudi Sheikh Abdullah bin Jabrain


i found these fatwa and responce of muslims and want to share with all of you…


Originally posted by: Naveed Aasim

( الرياض – 18 يوليو 2006) … أصدر الشيخ الوهابي السعودي عبد الله بن جبرين يوم أمس الأثنين فتوى ضد حزب الله اللبناني، قال فيها انه “لا يجوز نصرة هذا الحزب الرافضي ، ولا يجوز الإنضواء تحت إمرتهم ، ولا يجوز الدعاء لهم بالنصر والتمكين”.

(Riyadh – 18th July 2006)


Wahabi Saudi Sheikh Abdullah bin Jabrain issued a Fatwa against Hizbullah Lebanoni on Monday “it is not allowed to help this Shia organization and it is also prohibited to fight (with Jews) under them and even it is not allowed to pray for their victory against Israel.


{Same Shiekh issued a Fatwa that it is allowed to battle against Iraq under USA‘s command}


Few responce…


1)JazakAllahu Kh air Br. Naveed for highlighting the words of the Yahudi agent, who is probably in America’s and Israel’s pay.

He is worse than disgusting…..

2) i misread the fatwa, i didnt realise he was also saying its not allowed to fight the jews

shame on you shame, the mods should start a new thread so people can make thier feelings known, and make dua for lebenese

3)SUNNI OR SHIA or NON MUSLIM we have to support them if they are subject to injustice…. we dont have to follow their MADHAB..

4)Naveed bhai you missed out in the translation of this fatwa, Sheikh Abdullah al-Wahabi al-Saudi bin Jabrain

Yes a similar fatwa was released by abdullah bin baz when he allowed US troops into the Holy Lands to bomb our Muslim brothers and sisters in Iraq.


One thought on “Anti muslim fatwa of Saudi Sheikh Abdullah bin Jabrain”

  1. it is all bullshit to this scrwing shiekh tht he has given the fatwa tht hazbullah was rong i think he is paid to do this shit thing and also tht u cant fight against israel and some day hell say let america come where he want so he is f…….gggggggggggggggggggggggg son f…. shiekh and i dare him tht dont say this bitch thing out of his mouth again otherwise hewould not be inthis world .
    he is simply removingeman fom muslims and he mst be a emanless person ok


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