Commemorating the Wafat of Sayyida Khadija (AS)


Commemorating the Wafat of Sayyida Khadija (AS)

10th of Holy Ramadhan is the day when we mourn the demise of Sayyida Khadeeja (as). This great lady was the first to believe in Allah (SWT) and in the prophethood of Prophet Muhammad (saww). In addition, she sacrificed her entire wealth and life for the mission of her husband. Khadeeja (as) literally lived and died for the sake of Islam. The Messenger of Allah remembered her for as long as he lived.

It does appear from the history that Aayesha – one of the many wives of the Holy Prophet (saww) was quite agitated by the fact that her husband, the beloved prophet of Allah, constantly praised Khadeeja (as) and continued remembering her even long after her death.

It is mentioned that the Holy Prophet (saww) was constantly helping the poor and the sick. On one occasion, Aayesha asked him the reason for this, and he (saww) said, “Khadeeja had told me to treat these people with kindness and love. It was her last wish”. When Aayesha heard this, she flared into rage and shouted, “Khadeeja! Khadeeja! It seems that for you there is no other woman on the face of the earth except Khadeeja”. The Apostle was a man of unlimited forbearance but when he (saww) saw Aayesha’s outburst, he (saww) stopped talking to her”.

While it is a known fact that treating the poor and sick with kindness and love is infact the teachings of Islam, it is worth contemplating as to why the Holy Prophet (saww), on this occasion chose to specifically mention Khadeeja (as)? Perhaps He (saww) could never forget his great benefactor in the early days of Islam and also wanted her pure traits to become known to all. This becomes more apparent from the report that one day the Messenger of Allah was praising Khadeeja (as) when Aayesha said, “O Messenger of Allah! Why do you talk all the time about that old woman who had inflamed gums? After all, Allah has given to you better wives than her!” The Holy Prophet (saww) replied, “No Aayesha! Allah never gave me a better wife than Khadeeja! She believed in me when others denied me; She put all her wealth in my service when others withheld theirs from me; and what’s more, Allah gave me children only through Khadeeja”.

It has been said that when Hazrat Khadeeja-tul kubra (A.S) was nearing death, she asked the holy prophet (p.b.u.h ang his progeny) sit near her for a while so that she could see his face while taking the last breath. Then she said: ‘thou holy prophet, Fatima (A.S) is young, I am going to hand her over to you.’ The Holy prophet neared the daughter, sat her in his lap, kissed her and said: ‘Fatima (A.S) is the piece of my heart.’ At last Hazrat Khadeeja briefly said: ‘A part of my life was spent serving you, I wish you to take care of me on the day of Judgement and do Shafa’t (intercession) for me. Forgive me, If I lacked in fulfilling any of your right. Maula, there is another request to you that I would like to make through my daughter Fatima (A.S) therefore, as directed by mother, Hazrat Fatima -Tuz – Zahra (A.S) requested her father saying: ‘Baba, my mother desires that the chader you used to wear at the time of Wahi may be given for her coffin so that she could become the center of Allah’s blessings. The Holy prophet SAWW) went weeping hearing this and handed over that chader to his daughter. In the meanwhile, Gabriel appeared with a message of God and said: ‘Thou Holy prophet, Khadeeja (A.S) is Mohsin-e-Islam because she has spent all her wealth in the way of God.
Allah feels that Khadeeja’s (A.S) coffin is his responsibility and it would come from the heaven’. After that Hazrat Khadeeja (A.S) breathed her last (reference miftah-tul- Jannah, Muhammad bin Ashaar Fakhr ul muarrekheen al muqaddas al Zanjani) Holy prophet could not forget her during his lifetime. He often had said:

“Hazrat Khadeeja tul kubra(A.S) was an embodiment of qualities . She certified my nabuwwat at the time when no one was my supporter”.

Hazrat Abdullah (A.S), Hazrat Qasim(A.S) and Khatoon-e-Jannat, mistress of the ladies of the worlds Hazrat Fatim -Tuz -Zahra (A..S) Were born of Hazrat Khadeeja -tul -Kubra(A.S).

Seerat-o-Kidar of Hazrat Khadeeja-tul-Kubra (A.S) is a complete example and a beacon of light for all women, by following which they can prove to the whole world that they could play an effective role in each and every field of life.




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