margerretta8ax.jpgFITNA AND FASAAD

This means to spread rumours, and tell lies about people, with the niyyat (intention) of damaging their reputation. It is like backbiting, except that the rumours are totally unjustified and untrue.Another word for fitna and fasaad is slander (spoil someone’s name)


Imam Hassan (A) has said:

“If a person comes to you and speaks ill of someone else, you should know that he is actually speaking ill of you. It is worth while to regard such a person as your enemy, and not to trust him, for lying, backbiting, trickery, deceit, jealousy, hypocrisy, duplicity and creating dissension go hand in hand with slander”

Imam Ali (A) has said:

“The worst of you are those who slander and create discord among friends. They will find fault with the innocent.”

Slandering is such a bad deed, that the Holy Prophet (S) said that:

“A slanderer will not enter paradise.”

Slandering is haraam because it damages someone’s reputation, it is unfair on the one who is being slandered because people will think he has done things which he has not.

Slandering breaks the community, and cause enmity and hatred. It is one of the worst sins, and goes hand in hand with gheebat and other social crimes.

The only people who slander are cowards, if they see someone with whom people are good, they become jealous and want to tarnish his reputation. They do not have the courage insult face to face, and so go around like snakes slithering and whispering rumours in the dark


Syed mohammad masoom  Abidi


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