FFew answers from Ayatullah Sayyid Mohammed Saeed al Hakeem

Few answers from Ayatullah Sayyid Mohammed Saeed al Hakeem
1) Who is the Wilayat al-Faqih in these days?

2) Is it obligatory to do taqleed of the Wali al-Faqih?
3) If someone does taqleed of a marja other than the wali al-faqih and in a particular issue the fatwas of both differ, what is the duty of the moqallid? Can he follow his marja, or does he have to follow the Wilayat al-Faqih?

If determining the right religious jurist (Merji) was based on religious evidence then the individual should follow the verdicts of the chosen jurist whether this jurist believes in the issue of wilayat al faqih or does not.

A: Wilayat al faqih is a branch issue that religious jurists did not agree on.The individual had to choose the most knowledgeable jurist that is described with all necessary conditions for imitation – Taqleed.
Kassim’s Marriage:
Q: Who was kassim married to?

A: It has been reported in some history books that Abdullah, the son of Imam Hassan (Peace be upon him) was married to Sukaina, the daughter of Imam Hussain (Peace be upon him) and not Kassim.

Narrations about Kerbela:

Q: When we hear our speakers saying what we believe to be unreliable things about the details of what happened in Karbala should we try to correct them?
For example I have read that the mother of ‘Ali al-Akbar (as) was not present at Karbala but every year I hear a Khatib saying that she was there and she was crying for her son.
Should we try to correct the speakers or is it better to avoid confrontation and just remain quite.  I don’t want to stir controversy but I feel quite guilty if I keep quite because I don’t feel what they are doing is right?

A: Our advice to you is to try to encourage the speakers in a calm way to depend on the reliable known sources and do not include any rare traditions in their speeches that might lead to misinterpreting the mission of the Ashura.
As for the incident of the presence of the mother of Ali al-akber in karbala, this issue does not effect the picture of Ashura in a negative way. Yes, It is a must to report incidents that actually happened in an accurate way without rushing in confirming or refusing an incident depending on indefinite sources.

Every Day is Ashura and Every Land is Karbala”

Q: I just wanted to know the reference of this “supposed” hadith – “Every Day is Ashura and Every Land is Karbala” attributed to Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (as)?

A: There is no tradition narrated by the ahlulbyte in such content. It is not but a phrase that is publicly known in our time.

I want to ask those who curse shia zakir and maulana for reciting incidents of janabe  ali akbar, janab e qasim ect and say these are the lies..and at the same time declare imam jafer e sadiq (a.s) said..every day is ashoora and every land is karbala. why they do not want to do research on their this lie? Perhaps their target is only azadari practice of shia and majalis e husain(a.s)….

I personally do not like to make such things an issue . that who said this slogan ect the slogan is good and we can put this every where and  those who are in tqleed of  Sayyid Mohammed Saeed al Hakeem should follow him.

I mentioned all these answers just to convey my message learn from scholars and do not dispute with your own Brethern in faith and lovers of ahlulbaith on these issues.

We are committed in our efforts to promote a platform for a healthy society which adheres to the tenets of peace, justice and freedom.

Iltemaas E Dua


Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi



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