Zahra” ke ghar meN paikar.e anwaar aa gaya

092043306d0b4c6e0.gifOn the occasion of the birth of Imam Hassan

(Pbuh) حسن بن علي بن أﺑﻲ طالب)‎ (c. 625 – 669),

we extend our greetings and felicitations to our 12th living Imam (ATF)


On a Friday night I saw my mother (Fatima) standing in her arch of prayer. She was continuously kneeling and performing prostration till the dawn broke. I would hear her pray for the faithful men and women, but she did not pray at all for herself. I said, “Oh mother, why did you not pray for yourself like you prayed for others? so she replied, “Oh my son, first thy neighbour and thereafter your own house.”
–Narrated by Imam Hassan (AS

The Auspicious Birth Anniversary of Imam Hassan (Pbuh) حسن بن علي بن أﺑﻲ طالب)‎ (c. 625 – 669)

Imam Hasan was the eldest son of Imam ‘Ali and Hadrat Fatimah. When the Holy Prophet received the happy news of the birth of his grandson on the 15th of Ramadhan, 3 AH , he came to the house of his beloved daughter, took the newly born child in his arms, recited adhan and iqamah in his right and left ears respectively, and in compliance with Allah’s command named him al-Hasan.

After the martyrdom of Imam Ali (Pbuh), the people of Kufa City swore allegiance to Imam Hassan (Pbuh) who had been governing as caliph for about six months.

Unfortunately; in the time of Imam Ali’s Imammate people turned out to be disobedient and separated. They devoted a lot of energy to the civil wars and some of the commanders and members of the army, joined Mo’avieh’s side due to the deceits threats and promises. Therefore Imam Hassan (Pbuh) found out if he wished to fight with Mo’avieh, he would be defeated and all of Shi’ites would be killed. Hence; he was obliged to make peace with Mo’avieh (which was the bitterest experience). Provided that he would continue to be in succession to throne and he would be the next caliph after Mo’avieh. And This would mean that Mo’avieh would treat Imam Hassan (Pbuh) as the way the last Caliphs treated Imam Ali (Pbuh). Mo’avieh accepted to be just a kaliph and not to interfere with the religious affairs and he also promised to consult with Imam as his advisor.

When Muawiya (la) gloated over what he had taken from Imam Ali (as) and his son, Imam Hassaan replied:

“O you who mention Ali, I am Al Hassan (as), and Ali (as)was my father. You are Muawiya (la) and your father was Sakhr (Abu Sufyan). My mother was Fatima (as) and your mother was Hind. My grand father was the apostle of Allah and your grandfather was Harb. My grandmother was Khadija and your grandmother ws Futayla. May Allah curse him who tries to reduce our reputation and to diminish our nobility, who does evil against our antiquiy and yet who has been ahead of us in disbelief and hypocrisy.


A Syrian man went to Medina. He saw an honorable man who was riding a horse .He explains the story in this way: “ I had never seen such a noble figure before. I was so anxious to know his name. I was told that he was Hassan Ibn Ali (Pbuh). Suddenly I became angry and asked him if he was Imam Ali’s son. His answer was positive. I began to insult him and his father as much as possible. He was in constant state of silence. Therefore; I was ashamed of myself. When I stopped insulting, he laughed and said: “ I think you are from Syria.” Obviously, he was right. “ If you need some place to settle down or some money or any thing else, come with me”. I was much more ashamed of myself. I was so wondered by his good nature that since then I could not like the others the way I liked him.”

JahaaN meN aamad.e sibt.e Nabee hai

(By Jawaid Badauni)

Manaao jashn KhooshiyoN ki ghaRee hai

JahaaN meN aamad.e sibt.e Nabee hai

Nabee haiN shaadmaN “Haider” bhi shaadaN

Khuda ne god “Zahra” ki bharee hai

Dar.e Zahra peh rahmat buT rahee hai

Suna hai bheeR nabiyoN ki lagee hai

Yeh meri qabr meN jo raushnee hai
Yeh sub Hubb.e Hasan ki chaaNdnee hai

Kisee abtar ko itna tou bataa dou
Nabee ki nasl aage baRh rahee hai

Imaamat ki fazeelat Allah Allah
Yeh aaGosh.e nabuwwat meN palee hai

Mujhe kya hoga Khauf.e zahr.e qaatil
Keh meri maut meree zindagee hai

Yeh rasm.e sulH ik hujjat hai warna
kabhii noori.o.naari meN banee hai

Sanaa “Shabbar” ki aur “Jawaid.e” aaSee
Yah bunda kaisa qismat ka dhanee hai


Zahra” ke ghar meN paikar.e anwaar aa gaya
(By Jawaid Badauni)

“Zahra” ke ghar meN paikar.e anwaar aa gaya
Lo jaanasheen.e Haider. Karraar aa gaya

“Haider”ke ghar meN jashn.e vilaadat hai marHaba
Jannat ke naujawaanoN ka sardaar aa gaya

Jo unke zikr.e Khair se rahta hai beniyaaz
Lagta hai oos ko dekh ke beemaar aa gaya

Sadqa Hasan ka lene dar.e Murtaza peh aaj
Jisko talab thee ban ke talabgaar aa gaya

Thi guftagoo karam ki saKhaawat ka zikr tha
Lub pe hasan ka naam kaii baar aa gaya

“Shabbar” ki jung dekhke HairaN haiN ahl.e kufr
Yeh kaun miSl.e Haider.e Karrar aa gaya

Ehbaab ne bataaya keh jashn.e “Hasan” hai aaj
“Jawaid” leke madH ke ashAAr aa gaya

”Weeping for the fear of Allah (SWT) causes salvation from the fire.”
–Imam Hussayn (AS)

“Teach others your knowledge and learn the knowledge of others so you will bring your knowledge to perfection and learn something which you do not know”. (Bihar al-Anwaar)

A person once asked Imam Al-Hasan (a.s.), “What is generosity and magnanimity?” Imam (a.s.) replied, “To protect the religion; self-respect; softness of conduct (gentleness in behaviour); and consistency in favour, kindness and the discharging of rights (of others)”. (Bihar al-Anwaar)

Additional Notes
A person once

asked Imam Al-Hasan (a.s.), was once asked of the signs of a mo’min (believer).He listed the following signs……..

1) He is one prays 51 rakaats of salaa daily.
2) He prostates on Khake Shafaa.
3) He wears rings on his right hand.
4) He repeats the verses of Azhan & Ikama.
5) He recites “Bismillah” loudly in Salaa.
6) He prays his Fajr Salaa before the stars disappear and his

7)Dhuhr prayers before the sun starts to decline.
8) He recite Qunoot in Salaa.
9) He dyes his hair and beard.
10)He recites 5 takbirs in Salatul Mayyit.

”A good deed is the one before which there is no evading and delaying, and there is no boasting of favor after it.”
–Imam Hassan (AS)

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Aa gaye Hasan, aa gaye Hasan

We are committed in our efforts to promote a platform for a healthy society which adheres to the tenets of peace, justice and freedom.

Iltemaas E Dua
Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi


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  2. MoHtarmee Qazi Sayyid Muhammed Asad
    SaHaab, Aadaab.o.tasleemaat

    Qaseeday ki pazeeraaii ke liye aap ka mamnoon hooN. Aap ne mujhe graNqadr wa beshqeemat doa se bhi nawazah hai jiske liye ek baar phir aap ka shukriya. Yeh vilaa.e Imaam ki daleel hai keh aap ko unkee madH itni bhaati hai. Allah aap ke dilmeN unki muwaddat meN iazafah farmaye.

    Aapka MuKhliS
    Jawaid Badauni


  3. Main aap sab, jo iss website ko maintain kar rahen hain, bohot mubarakbad dena chahta hoon, aur khass tor se Jawaid Badauni Sahab ko, jinkey ashaar itney khoobsurat aur dil ko chooney waley hain ki main bayan nahi kar sakta! Allah sey yeh dua hai ki Jawaid sahab aur aap sabhi ko iska bey hisaab ajar dey..Ameen!


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