Divide and rule policy among followers of faiths

As salam u alikum
Today i would like to share one reply from Hujjatul islam sayyid mohamad moosvi...on the matter of the sermons of Martyr Ayatullah Murtada Mutahhari..

Hujjatul islam sayyid mohamad moosvi.

Question ……..

Question: Assalamun Alaykum Few days ago I did read the Sermons of Martyr Ayatullah Murtada Mutahhari called ‘Ashura – Misrepresentations and Distortions. And I shocked that Hadhrat Qasim was not married in Karbala and other stories fabricated about the Karbala. So from where I can get authentic narrations/story of Karbala? Because in India and Pakistan these types of stories are very common in Majlisis. And tell me what our scholars are doing to prevent this? Because if whatever written in the sermons of Martyr Ayatullah Murtada Mutahhari than these things are very big sins. I m confused now please immidiately guide me to authentic book or source about the Karbala

Answer: Assalamu alaikum wr wb,

Different opinions about hisorical events should not make us confused. Many historians say that Hadhrat Qasim got married in Karbala as it is recited in Majlises, so, we do not take one scholar’s statement for granted like Quran or Ma’sooms statements. Many books contain details of the tragedy of Karbala in cluding Bihar al Anwar by Majlisi, Maqtal Abi Makhnaf, Maqtal al-Khawarizmi, Al-Lohoof by Ibn Taawoos and many other books.

We should not make such matters (like the marriage of Hadhrat Qasim) as an issue causing dispute among Mo’mineen. We should focus on mourning the tragedy, getting its great aims and teaching ourselves and others the great lessons of self purification and justice. Even if one can prove that a certain incident did not happen in Karbala, we should always have the possibilty of other scholars reaching to a different result, so, we do not make it an issue of dispute, unless it carries an insult to our respected leaders and our high values of Islam.

Wassalamu alaikum wr wb Mohammad al-Musawi

I hope people will understand whjat he said? and who are those who create doubts in minds of momineen and create dispute among us..

Also visit video lecture of Hujjatul islam sayyid mohamad moosvi. on the same issue…..

Azadari By Hujjatul islam sayyid mohamad moosvi


Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei also said…The policy of divide and rule among followers of faiths and ethnic groups is a British policy and they are very expert in n pursuing that policy and they have taught the Americans how to sow the seeds of discord among muslims..


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mmasoom wrote on Oct 16

“The Iranian revolution in 1979 was not a mere backlash of the shah’s oppression. The two strongest factors that keep Shi’a Islam alive are the mourning of Muhammad’s grandson Husayn as.gif and the authority of the Shi’a marjiayyat. Weaken these and Islam will be destroyed. The CIA allocated $900 million to weaken Islam and in particular SHi’as of Ali.
– Dr Micheal Brant, former CIA cheif, “A Plan to Destroy and Divide Theology”

AND there are websites who create dispute among shia on the basis of difference of openions of marja…Only these have courage to ask why shia do taqleed of ayatullah seestani only? Enemy of islam knowsmajority of shia consider ayatullah seestani an Aalam and his one fatwa is able to change scene, in the same way as they experienced by ayatullah khomaini..

and on the other hand these people make target azadari practice of shia by taking one scholar’s statement for granted like Quran or Ma’sooms..
In the same way another group target iran and our rehebr…..both groups who are creating dispute among shia are part of this saazish..

So target Our Aaalam and our rehber….create doubts for shia practice of majalis, matam, masaeb and fazael….and rule the muslim world..

So dear those who are busy in targeting shia scholars, our mujtahids,
are part of sazish of enemies…