It gives BaD Impression..???


Heartless people whenever see any body weeping on death of dear ones make fun. If we shia after a long gap of 1400 years still weep on martyr Husain(a.s) heartless enemies make our fun..Some of balck sheeps among shia also target in the same WAY.why????

Reason behing putting these video is just to show our shia ne Ali who target our azadari practice and why?

See our great mujtahid recite masaeb e husaain(a.s) and weep…But for some shia it gives bad impression also as matam e husain gives bad impression.. It is american power, jews power who want to rule the world trying to insult muslims, declaring us terrorist but the fact is they are father of terriorism. if their nun wear their religious dres they respect but they make fun of muslim womens hijaab .

In short they make fun of all the practices of muslims and trying to divide us in so many groups. so we muslims must not start to think from their mind.

the enemies uploaded by titles..Head Slap,Crazy Mullahs,fake Mullahs,Rock the Casbah,Worthy of an academy award,Mullahs Are Good Actors,Akhoond Funny,Mullah Rap,Hypocrisy,Akhoonde Funny,Mullah caught on tape,Iranians vs. Mullahs AND War and so many title just to insult.. these are not a normal jews or christians…these are agents of enemies of islam.
Visit this link and see jews, christian and wahabi all the three added the same video. Think if all are wahabi or all are jews or all are christians.?

We shia muslim consider all the jews and christians are Our brother in humanity and their father of terriorism Mr, american power treat us like this and insult us.

Do not open audio of first video as it does not contain any masaeb but enemies added video to these video..may Allah curse on those who make fun of shia mourning.



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