Need of Muslim Unity

Islam the Religion Of Peace, Tolerance, Brotherhood and Humanity.

 As-Salamo Alaika Ya Baqiyyatul-Lahe Fee Arzehi!

 Need of Muslim Unity..English video By

Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei


Dear members


‘As-salâmu calaykum,


Indeed, I am more than satisfied with the progress of our esteemed groups and your responce for my newly created blog. more than 31000 hits in two Months.


The aim behind this effort is to spread the Islam all over the world and to share with Muslim world news, current affairs, Qaseeda,marsiya, nauha, Majalis, sports , other topics of common interest etc

and above all to unite our community , all the muslims…and to Spread message of love to other who are also our brother in humanity..Non Muslims..

As you all know i started a new website just 15 days back and thankful to you for your good responce and suggestions. I request all of you muslims, non muslims…Visit our website ..learn some thing and also suggest me so i can add the things you want on islamic matters, for building your character and increasing your knowledge not only in islamic matters but also on social and bussiness matters.


Contents added on new updates are..


1) Section islamic Unity…More than 614 articles..from marsiya to non muslims subjects.




3) ASk Question from Ayatullah seestani Or hujjatul islam Sayyid Mooswi


4)Answer Of Objections On azadari e Husain By Ulema. 


5) Al munazar complete magzine..Articles with proper ref. of hadith books.


6)Present the webs where every islamic matter awailable in HINDI also.


7) Video section Contains..More Than 32 video in urdu, English, Arabic.

(With Thanks to Sister Aminah)


Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei


b) Safer e karbala



(Ziarath e 14 masumeen, Names of 14 masumeen , Value of ashoora,shahadat e imam husain (a.s) Movie)




d) Dua Section Dua e noor, sura e Rehmaan,Dua e muzammil and many more.


Software which you need basically and islamic softawares.


E) Majalis, zirat e waritha nauha and others




(All Together having 16732  Genuine members)

( 1997 to 2006)



To cont.. me  visit.

Syed Mohammad Masoom Abidi

(With Thanks to Sister Aminah)




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