Al-Hijrah (Migration in the cause of Allah)

“And those who migrate in the way of Allah and are then slain or die, Allah will most certainly provide them with a goodly sustenance. And verily Allah is the best of Providers”. (22:58)


According to Tafseer-e-Namoona: When Muslims migrated from Makkah to Madinah, some died of natural death and some were slain. Seeing this, a group of Muslims began to claim that people who were slain had acquired martyrdom and distinction in the sight of Allah (SWT) whereas those who died of natural causes, had achieved nothing. This claim caused lot of distress to many Muslims who had left behind in Makkah everything they owned and possessed, and had migrated to Madina with the Holy Prophet (saww) to secure their faith and freely practice Islam. This verse was revealed as a consolation for them and also made them equal in rewards with those killed in the cause of Allah (SWT).

Qurtubi states in his tafseer: The most important thing is to die in the cause of Allah (SWT). It is regardless whether one is killed on the battlefront or dies on his bed. Whoever dies while obeying the commands of Allah is a SHAHEED.


Al-Hijrah or migration basically means to leave one place and travel to settle in another place for greener pastures, or better prospects and opportunities. However, the Hijrah which has been exclusively praised in the Holy Quran and Hadeeth is known as al-Hijrah fee sabeelillah meaning “to migrate in the cause of Allah (SWT)”.

“Verily those who believed, and those who migrated and strove hard in the way of Allah, these (are they) who rightly hope for the mercy of Allah…” (2:218)

“Those who believed and migrated and strived hard in Allah’s way with their possessions and lives, are much higher in rank with Allah; They are those who are successful”. (9:20)


FROM KUFR TO ISLAM: One who was a Kafir, or a Mushrik and later on accepted and entered into the fold of Islam, is said to have migrated from Kufr to Islam.

Imam al-Baqir (a.s) has said, “One who enters into Islam willingly is a Muhajir (one who has migrated to Islam)”. (Bihar al-Anwaar)

FROM SINS TO PIETY: One who leads a sinful way of life and later on wakes up from the deep slumber of heedlessness and corrects himself, this act of correction is also considered as migration to Allah (SWT).

“And all the abominations, then migrate (from them)” (74:5) meaning “keep away from them”.

The Holy Prophet (saww) once told a woman by the name of Umm Anas, “Migrate from sins, for it is the best (form of) migration”. (Kanzul-‘Ummaal)

MIGRATING FOR THE SAKE OF TRUTH WHILST SACRIFICING EVERYTHING INCLUDING ONE’S LIFE: This is regarded as a greatest form of Hijrah and Jihad (Struggle), and only those who are true believers yearn for this in order to attain Martydom.

Harithah bin Malik was a young man in the days of the Holy Prophet (saww). One day after offering fajr prayer in congregation, the eyes of the Holy Prophet (saww) fell upon this youth. He saw that Harithah’s face was pale, his body was thin and weak and his eyes appeared to have sunk into their sockets. So he (saww) asked, “What state are you in?” Harithah said, “I find myself a true believer”. When asked to produce the truth behind his claim, Harithah said, “O Prophet of Allah! I have become disenchanted with the world. I stay awake whole night in worship and see myself enduring thirst by observing fasts during the day. It is as if I see the throne of Allah and the scenario of reckoning. Inmates of paradise are meeting each other and I hear the shrieks of the inmates of hell”. The Holy Prophet (saww) said, “This is a person whose heart Allah has illuminated”. Harithah then asked the prophet to pray to Allah to grant him martyrdom which the prophet did. A few days later, the Holy Prophet (saww) despatched an army for battle and Harithah was included in it. During the battle, Harithah killed nine infidels and eventually got killed thereby attaining Martydom. (al-Kaafi)


Mulla Mujaheedali Sheriff


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