Al-Tasleem (Submission) PROPHET IBRAHIM (AS)’S PRAYER:

Al-Tasleem (Submission) PROPHET IBRAHIM (AS)’S PRAYER:


There once lived a king who was very fond of jewels and gems. It is said that it was his hobby to collect as many jewels and gems as possible until a time came by that he had gathered so many of them that he had to build a strong room in his castle as a depository of those jewels.

The depository had one door with two locks: inner and outer. There were two separate keys for them which only the king used to carry. Once every week, the king would enter that room, lock himself from inside and spend a long time in it admiring his collection. This would make him extremely happy.

One day, it so happened that the king entered his depository and sat inside for a very long time. When it was time for him to come out, he realised that he had forgotten the key which would open the door from inside. He was trapped. He tried calling out for help but the room was made in such a way that nobody could hear him. As a result, he suffocated and died in it. Few days later, some ministers began to worry. They asked each other as to where the king had disappeared to but nobody could answer. Finally, it occurred to one of them to check in the depository. When the room was forced open, they saw their king lay dead on his jewels.

(Bikhre Moti)

The moral of this story is simple. Allah (SWT) has given us all two keys. One for this world and the other for Hereafter. Unfortunately most of us become so fond of this world that we forget to preserve the key for Hereafter. As a result, we die as losers.



Prophet Ibrahim (as) is the champion of Monotheism. He (as) is one of the favourite prophets of Allah (SWT) who has been praised in several places in the Holy Quran.

The Holy Quran states some of the prayers made by this great Prophet. One of them is:

“Praise be to Allah who has given me Ismail and Is-haq inspite of my old age, verily my Lord hears the prayer. O my Lord! Make me keep up prayer and from my offspring (too). O Lord! Accept my prayer”. (14:39-40)

In other words he (as) has asked Allah (SWT) to keep him and his offspring firm on the path which leads one to Him. Elsewhere, Allah (SWT) is mentioning another similar prayer which both Prophet Ibrahim (as) and his son Prophet Ismail (as) had made.

“Our Lord! Make us both Muslims (submissive to You) and of our progeny a nation submissive to You…” (2:128)

We should also pray the same and work hard to keep ourselves and our offspring on the right path which leads to Allah (SWT).


What does “Submission to Allah (SWT)” mean?

This is a very wide subject and can be looked at from different perspectives. One such perspective is “to be submissive to what He (SWT) has decreed for us”.

Imam al-Sadiq (as) has said, “The servant (of Allah) is in between three things: Trials, Destiny and Bounty. During trials from Allah, he must exercise endurance, and in what has been decreed for him by Allah, he must be submissive to Him, and for the bounty from Allah, he must express his gratitude (to Him)”. (Bihar al-Anwaar)

Somebody asked Imam al-Sadiq (as), “By what can a Mu’min (believer) know that he is a Mu’min?” Imam (as) replied, “By being submissive to Allah and expressing pleasure in whatever has reached him of happiness and annoyance”. (Bihar al-Anwaar)


In today’s world, we see many people have abandoned Allah (SWT) and are engrossed in all sorts of vices and material pleasures. Those who strive to follow Sharia’h many at times feel left out and also feel disappointed. It is common to hear them complain: “Because of Islam, we feel left out in the society in which we are residing”. Or “We cannot enjoy life freely as other nations do”. Such people feel that Islam has imprisoned them. Note the following three points:

  1. If we have, out of our own free will, chosen to follow Islam, then to be true Muslims, we will have to submit ourselves to the will of God. The Holy Prophet (saww) has said, “Islam is submission” (Meezan al-Hikmah) which means we shall be required to sacrifice any such pleasure of the world which Allah (SWT) has forbidden. The Holy Prophet (saww) said, “This world is a prison for a believer and a paradise for a non-believer” (Makarim al-Akhlaaq)

  1. People who enjoy all the pleasures, appear so, because we only see them from the surface. In reality, their enjoyment is a signal of distress that they are discontented. This indeed is a real imprisonment. They are captives of their desires. They are captives of material things. They seek happiness and peace of heart in worldly things. Allah (SWT) says that contentment and peace of heart is acquired by His remembrance. “Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace”. (13:28)

  1. Those who submit to Allah (SWT) and are ever pleased with whatever He has decreed for them can never be losers. For them are great rewards in the hereafter if they believe. Quran says: “But you prefer the life of this world, and though the hereafter is better and abiding. Verily this is in the earlier scriptures. The scriptures of Ibrahim and Musa”. (87:16-19)


Mulla Mujaheedali Sheriff



2 thoughts on “Al-Tasleem (Submission) PROPHET IBRAHIM (AS)’S PRAYER:”

  1. I want to know how the prayer was done at time of ibrahim, I have been reading the book Quran and i am finding difficult to pray like how ppl are praying now, it seems to me not right atall. even the ablution is also wrong the way now its been practiced totally wrong, than what is in the book. I want to find out why these changes are made when its written so clearly in the book and none has the ability to change the way it has been said in the book.Tell me the meaning of it says do not make distinction from any prophets. I will continue this once i get the answers ..

    Thank you



  2. Salam, I will like to share my experience with you as a muslim brother. I am into buying and selling auction materials,and since ive started I was incuring heavy loses and this prompted me to talk to my Imam about stopping.He said if its my passion I shuold continue that Allah will not be displeased with me.I stopped at a time because of my losses and I was okay but my mind mwas there,so I went back, this time I owe nearly everything around me.Do you think Allah is happy with me? My friend and brother in islam I need your help seriously. Ma salam.


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