One of the titles of this Imam Musa ibn Ja’ffar (as) is that of Al-Kadhim. Al-Kadhim means ‘forbearance’ or ‘one who swallows anger’. In the Holy Quran, Allah (SWT) has described couple of things, which He (SWT) loves most. Amongst them are: “Those who swallow their anger and excuse the faults of others”. (3:134) What will be the reward of such people? Allah (SWT) says,

“Their reward is forgiveness from their Lord and gardens with streams running in them, to remain in them forever, how excellent is the reward of the workers!” (3:135)

Imam Ja’ffar as-Sadiq (as) has said,

“A person who has three traits shall be awarded Hoor al-‘Een in the Heaven: He controls his anger; Gets wounded fighting in the way of Allah and keeps calm and despite opportunities for illegitimate earnings, he abstains from it for the fear of Allah”. (‘Ayn al-Hayaat)

Our 7th Imam (as) had this attribute in him and he (as) has advised his followers to build this attribute in them. As a way of lesson, Imam (as) narrated that the following incident:

[Allah (SWT) sent a revelation to one of His prophets saying: Do the following things (step by step) tomorrow morning when you leave your home: Firstly, you must eat the first thing, which comes in your view. Secondly, whatever you see, hide it away. Thirdly, whatever presents to you itself accept it. Fourthly, whatever comes before you, don’t disappoint it. And fifthly, run away from the thing.

The Prophet (as) set out early next morning. The first thing, which came in his view, was a huge mountain. He (as) began wondering how will he (as) eat it. Since it was the command of Allah (SWT) he (as) knew there should be some wisdom in it. As he walked towards the mountain, the mountain became smaller. When he (as) got very close to it, the mountain had shrunk to the size of a morsel, which he (as) ate and found very delicious. He (as) then went further and found a tray of gold. He (as) immediately dug a pit and burried the gold inside it.

As he (as) was proceeding further, he (as) noticed that the gold he had burried was coming out. Now he had no concern about it so he (as) simply accepted what was happening. Travelling a little further, a small bird came to him and sought refuge from him from the hawk, which was pursuing it. The Prophet (as) hid the bird in his sleeve. But the hawk came and complained that it was pursuing the bird for some time and that he (as) was now depriving the hawk from its food. The Prophet (as) cut a portion of his own flesh and gave it to the hawk. Finally, he (as) came to a putrefying animal carcass and saw vermin were crawling out of it so he (as) ran away from it.

That night when that Prophet (as) slept, he (as) saw in his dream being told by Allah (SWT),“O My prophet! You fulfilled My commands but do you know the meanings of all these?” The Prophet (as) said, “No! I don’t know”. Allah (SWT) told him, “O My prophet! The mountain, which you saw, is the human trait of anger. When a person gets angry, he goes out of control and forgets himself. But if he controls it, the result will be like that delicious morsel, which you consumed. The tray of gold is good deeds. However much one hides it, Allah (SWT) will uncover them so that the doer of those deeds is honoured in this life and in the Hereafter. Whether you like it or not, accept it as it is. The example of the bird and the hawk is that when someone seeks your help, don’t disappoint him. And finally, the example of putrefying animal carcass is backbiting and carrying of tales, which must be avoided”.] (‘Ayn al-Hayaat)

Mulla Mujahidali Sheriff


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