Was Abu Talib (as) a Kafir?

Was Abu Talib (as) a Kafir?

Hazrat Abu Talib (as) was the son of Hazrat Abdul-Muttalib (as); the father of Imam Ali (as) & the paternal uncle of the Holy Prophet (saww).

According to historians, his real name was ‘Imraan. Ayatullah Shaykh Ja’ffar Sub-hani in his book ‘The Message’ writes that: Sometimes it is said that the real name of Abu Talib was ‘Imraan. Some scholars are of the view that Abu Talib was his real name and not his kunniyyah.


One of the greatest accusations levelled against Abu Talib (as) by the non-Shia’h is that he died as a Kafir meaning as ‘a pagan’. They have based their opinion on this narration that:

[When Abu Talib was on his deathbed, the Holy Prophet (saww) went to him while Abu Jahl was sitting beside him. The Holy Prophet (saww) said to him:

“O Uncle! Say LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAH – an expression with which I will defend your case before Allah (SWT)”. Abu Jahl and Abdullah bin Umayyah said, “O Abu Talib! Will you leave the religion of Abdul-Muttalib?” They kept saying this till Abu Talib’s last statement was, “I am on the religion of Abdul-Muttalib”. So the Holy Prophet (saww) said, “I will keep asking Allah for your forgiveness unless I am forbidden to do so”. Thereupon, verse 113 of Surah al-Tawbah was revealed, in which Allah (SWT) says, “It does not befit the Prophet and the believers to ask Allah’s forgiveness for the pagans, even if they were their near relatives, after it has become clear to them that they are the dwellers of Hellfire”.]

(Sahih al-Bukhari)

The non-Shia’h Muslims also have this false narration recorded in their books that:

[Abbas bin Abdul-Muttalib said to the Prophet, “You have not been of any benefit to your uncle Abu Talib (though) by Allah, he protected you and used to become angry for your sake”. The Holy Prophet (saww) said, “He is in shallow fire, and had it not been for me, he would have been in the bottom of Hellfire”. ]

(Sahih al-Bukhari)


There are many points – historical as well as logical – that prove that Abu Talib (as) was NOT a pagan. He was a Muslim and also died as a Muslim! The verse:

“It does not befit the Prophet and the believers to ask Allah’s forgiveness for the pagans, even if they were their near relatives, after it has become clear to them that they are the dwellers of Hellfire”. (9:113)

This verse was not revealed for Abu Talib (as). How can this be established?

1.      Hazrat Abu Talib (as) had passed away in Makkah before Hijrah whereas this verse is of Surah al-Tawbah and it was revealed in the 9th year of Hijrah. The long gap between the two shows that there is no connection between them.

2.      Only one person has reported the narration, which states that this Ayah was revealed for Abu Talib, and that is Sa’eed bin Musayyab. This man is such that he cannot be relied upon. One account of his life in which Sa’eed himself has declared his affiliation to the worst people is:

[Imam Zaynul-‘Aabideen (as) had passed away. Sa’eed bin Musayyab happened to be alive and he also passed by the place where the funeral of Imam (as) was being attended. Sa’eed did not participate in Imam (as)’s funeral prayer. When people asked him in sarcasm, “Do you pray behind Hajjaj (the most evil and cruel ruler)?” Sa’eed boastfully replied, “We even pray behind worst people then Hajjaj”.] (Tafseer-e-Namoona)

Therefore, how can we rely on the authenticity of such a person?

3.      Even if Abu Talib (as) said that, “I am on the religion of Abdul-Muttalib”, the question is whose religion was Abdul-Muttalib following?

There is no doubt that Abdul-Muttalib (as) followed the religion of Ibrahim (as) and the biggest testimony is the event of the elephants, which Abraha had brought to destroy the Ka’bah. Abdul-Muttalib (as) prayed to Allah (SWT) to protect the Holy Ka’bah from being destroyed and when he (as) confronted Abraha – he (as) simply asked him to release his livestock. Abraha was shocked. He said, “You are the chief of this tribe and I expected you to plead to me NOT to destroy the Ka’bah”. Abdul-Muttalib (as) said, “I am the owner of these animals and have therefore come to ask for them. As for the Ka’bah, its Master is there to protect it”. So if Abu Talib had said that he (as) followed the religion of

Abdul-Muttalib (as) – how can he (as) become a pagan?

4. Last but not least, the verse under discussion was NOT revealed for Abu Talib (as). According to narrations, some Muslims came to the Holy Prophet (saww) and said, “Why don’t you pray to Allah to forgive our fathers and forefathers who died during the days of paganism?” This verse was revealed and the Muslims were informed that they had no right to pray for the forgiveness of such pagans. (Majma’ al-Bayaan)

Abu Talib (as) was not an ordinary person in the history of Islam. He (as) rendered great sacrifices during his lifetime to protect the Holy Prophet (saww) and his mission. Ibn Abil-Hadeed, the Sunni Scholar and commentator of Nahjul-Balaghah writes: “If Abu Talib and his son Ali were not there, the religion of Islam would not have been successful. Abu Talib supported and protected the Holy Prophet (saww) in Makkah and his son Ali (as) dived in the whirlpools of death in Yathrib for him”. Hazrat Abu Talib (as) and

Sayyida Khadeeja (as) both passed away in the same year and it is a well known fact that the Holy Prophet (saww) declared that year as ‘Aamul-Huzn meaning ‘the year of grief’.

Abu Talib the Victimised Mo’min In Sunni and Shia Books

Eeman e Abu Talib – Dr. Tahir ul Qadri 4 of 10 – Urdu

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  1. How can they even SUGGEST that our Imams father was a kafir…tauba astagfurallah…or that our prophets UNCLE was a kafir…He who supported his nephew in EVRY step how dare any one say any thing evil about Hazrat Abu Talib. The thought gives my shivers. There would be no I slam if it wasnt for the support of Hazrat Abu Talib. He is the backbone of Islam.

  2. today i have a deep discussion on this fact with my frnds and got the conclusion that how can a person who is pagan (tauba) read the nikah of our prophet and how can he fight for islam. hazrat Abu Talib was a muslim by birth.

  3. Thanks a lot for this article Mr.Syed Mohamad Masoom. i was searching for Tafseer of this Ayat and u mentioned it here….
    “It does not befit the Prophet and the believers to ask Allah’s forgiveness for the pagans, even if they were their near relatives, after it has become clear to them that they are the dwellers of Hellfire”

    and surely Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s) is Muslim.. even i say He(a.s) is the protector of Islam with whom’s help Islam started to spread.

  4. Dear All,

    I suggest one thing to all those who belive that Abu Talib was not a muslim, That is…. If Abu Talib was not a muslim than how he can recite the Surah Fateha while residing the Nikkah of Holy Prophet (saww)EVEN NOT A SINGLE VERSE OF Quran HAD REVEALED UNTIL THAT TIME.


  5. Assalam alikum
    Bismillah Arrah man Ar raheem…..well this is totally fake and going towards the Shia Aqeedah. They rejected thr Hadees of Sahi Bukhari which is the most authentic Hadees book and the majority of Muhadiseen are agreed upon sahi Bukhari that each and every hadith of Sahi Muslims and Bukhari is correct and verified so no doubt about any of Hadees. this is fake propaganda about abu talib he is in the Hellfire according to this Hadees

    • I think you will b in hell fire , because the hadith was fake and there is only one ravvi of that hadith . You never raise issue about fathers of Abubakar, umar and Usman. It shows how much hate in your heart about Ali and his father and you will receive torture and your face will be as pig and swine in the day of judgment thanks.

    • Hello brother,
      Please open your eyes, and the jealous related al-e-mohammad for only sometime, then re read the whole conversation again, then you can get every right information, yar everything is so clear, so wherre doubt?
      And about sahi bukhari, no doubt this is a authenticated book, but where bukhari says he neglected the islam, it says “I am on the religon of abdul muttalib”? So what about abdul muttalib? He was on the relegon of janab-e-Ibrahim(sws)… who have full faith and belief in god subhanahu ta’ala! In short who saves the rasool a lot of time in his life, surely he was agree with the logic and iman of mohammad(sws)….. So first read and research for understandung not for conflict!

  6. What a proposterous thing to say? Abu Talib (as) was a Muslim. This is the man that raised Huzoor SAW during his childhood years, fed him from his hands, even performmed his nikaah ceremony which requires you to start with the name of Allah. Anyone that refutes this fact that Imam Ali’s father was not a Muslim is either too stupid to be a Muslim or too wicked to be a Muslim. And a reply to Ahmed, you suggest Abu Talib is in hellfire and this is Shia propaganda, I am Sunni, but I ask you this. What will the Shia bothers and sisters get from saying he was a Muslim andn what will you get by denying it eh? So by those standards of sahi bukhari the prophets nikah was performed by a non muslim and therefore null and void! Put that into your pipe and smoke it, who is going to go to the hell fire now

    • SALAM To All MUSLIM BROTHER and Specialy to Aafaq brother.

      dear i m not agree your mind. because you says, anyone that refutes this fact that imam ali ‘s father was not a muslim.
      dost yeh mumkin nahi keh agr father musilman hai to uski aolad bhi musilman ho.
      belkul es tarah agr aik bht hi great califh ka father bhi musilman ho.
      lakin es baat par tehkeek krni chahey keh ap (s.a.w) kay chacha muslims thy ya nhi,
      baki yah kehna keh abu mutlib muslims thy kiun keh woh HAZRAT ALI (R.A) ka baap hai yeh mairay khiyal main ghalat hai.
      ALLAH PAK hm ko sshi elm atta farmaay (Ameen)

      • Salam dear bro….
        me ny kafi koch para mager me ap ki or tamam brothers ki knowledge me ye bat bytana chahta ho k Hazrat Abu Talib (a.s) ek muslman shaksiat ty or hai…..
        Q k Hazrat Abu Talib (a.s) ny khod hi Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w) ki pehli NEKAH Hazrat khadija (s.a) k sath parhai ti or Hazrat Abu Talib (as) ki NAMAZ E JANAZA Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w) ne parhai ti…..

        Ager Hazrat Abu Talib (as) musalman nahi ty to kya ek ghyr muslim shakhs kesy muslman ki NEKAH parha sakta hai or wo b peghambar ki or kya ghyr muslim ki NAMAZ E JANAZA hoti hai ager nahi to Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w) ny Q…? parhai… kya ap (w.a.s) ( nauzubillah ) na samaj ty……?

  7. Dear Ahmed,
    My question is by what evidence do you describe that all ahadis in the S.bukhari are authentic and how can abutalib a.s can be in hell fire. Has Naoozobillah Allah forgotten about the sacrifices that man has given for the sake of islam, and how can Ali a.s the Kull e Imaan say that Abibaker’s parents were only one who accepted islam whole Abubaker’s age was old

  8. assalam un alaikum
    aap ne hazrat abu talib (a s) ke eman ki jo shahadat di hai uske liye shukria aur allah aap ko taraqqi de ameen aap ki dua yaqinan qubul hoti hogi mujhe duaon main yaad rakhein murtaza shuja naqvi sikander amrohvi

  9. Some people object that Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) never accepted Islam and never recited Kalma. I am quite amazed at their comments since they themselves never recited Kalma to become Muslims. Those born in Muslim families do not need to recite Kalma to become Muslims. There are no traditions in my knowledge that Imam Ali(a.s.) ever recited Kalma to become a Muslim. The one who has been a non-Muslim before really needs to recite Kalma to become a Muslim.

    Now consider the following:
    – Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) was the one who hosted the first dawah of Islam in his house – Dawat Zul Asheera. All the Dawahs hosted by any muslim now a days are in fact Sunnat of Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.).

    – He was the one who arranged the marriage of Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) with Hazrat Khadija(a.s.).

    – He was the one who recited the Nikah of the Holy Prophet(sawaw) and that Nikah started with Hamd of Allah(swt) and praise for His Prophet(sawaw). It also referred to the Prophet-hood of Hazrat Ibrahim(a.s.), the Holy books sent by Allah(swt) and all praise to Allah(swt) to have ordained Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) in the progeny of Hazrat Ibrahim(a.s.).
    Just a word of thought for the objectionist – if Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) was not a muslim then how did Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) accept a Mushrik (Naozo billah) to recite his Nikah and even if it were so, why don’t the objectionists follow this Sunnat of the Holy Prophet(sawaw) now.

    – He was the one who paid the Mehr of Hazrat Khadija on behalf of Prophet Mohammad(sawaw).

    – According to Quranic instruction, a Muslim women cannot remain in the Nikah of a non-Muslim after accepting Islam neither can live with a non-Muslim. Hazrat Bibi Fatima bint-e-Asad remained in the Nikah of Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) until his death.

    Another word of thought for the objectionist: It is accepted by all sects that Hazrat Bibi Fatima bint-e-Asad had accepted Islam so how did the Prophet(bpuh&hf) allow her to stay with Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.)?

    – As I stated above, Allah(swt) calls the protection of Hazrat Abu Talib(a.s.) as His(swt) own protection. In the entire Quran there is not one mention of any act of a Mushrik that Allah(swt) has called His own act.

    – Finally, Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) has stated in a hadith that on the day of judgment the one who raises an orphan will be together with me in the heaven as these two fingers are (pointing to his two fingers). Now where would be the one who raised the orphan who became the Prophet of Islam

  10. Dear All…

    It’s just obvious that the Shia follows will say that Abu Talib was a muslim, because he was the father of Sayyidina Ali. Similarly, the Sunni followers will say his not a muslim because his the great father of the Shia sect.

    Can we please look at the facts…

    1)He was the paternal uncle of the prophet Muhammad
    2)He raised the prophet from a young age
    3)He provided employment to the prophet
    4)He married him to sayyidinah Gajidah
    5)He provided protection and assistance to the prophet
    The above is recorded undisputable facts and cannot be changed or removed from history.

    What we also have to look at is the following ….
    1)There is no authentic hadith to comfirm his conversion
    2)He died after naboowat meaning in Prohet Muhmmad’s prophetic period.
    3)The prophet did not need Abu Talib’s protection. Allah is enough
    4)Abu Talib’s death was great sorrow for the prophet, that’s natural.

    Because there is no authentic proof that he was a muslim and everything around
    Abu Talib is about interpretation and opinions; I would like to advise Sunni and Shia followers
    to respect one another’s views as good muslims should do.

  11. “Don’t throw pearls at the swine”. This admitted assertion throws a web of thought into the vista of knowledge and adds colour to the meaning of wisdom. Muslim must scrutinize every iota of fact with the yardstick of wisdom and unbiasedly disseminate the right face of truth. We have come across numerous facts and evidences that testify that Abu Talib did not venture into an act of embrace into the club of Islam. On account of implausible gesture he can not be ascertained to be a steadfast Muslim. Even though, he served as a launching pad for development of Prophet,yet, he can not be purported as a Muslim. The last moments of Abu Talib serve as an opening into the vista of this admitted truth. The virtual verse of Quran is the glaring testament to the validity of his infidelity. May Allah enlighten you with the aura of wisdom and infuse an air of honesty oriented truth into the spectrum of your hearts.

  12. Assallaam Alaikum, regarding Sulayman Alexander, very interesting to see someone bridging the sunni shia gap with his one sided and biased comment. All one has to do is read the comment by brother syed nasir with an open heart and mind, rather than being “sum mun buq mun”(deaf dum and blind). Allah (s.w.t) has given “AQL” to every human to use, it’s a pity that some choose to follow their fore fathers beliefs instead of accepting the truth which befalls their eyes and ears. May Allah (s.w.t) guide you blind people to love the ones that the Prophet (s.a.w.w) loved and shun, despise, hate and do laanat on the ones that hurt him (s.a.w.w) and his pure progeny. Allah Hafiz !

  13. Dear Muslims
    Only Allah knows what is in the hearts of humans. We have no right to speak of anybody and no right to Judge who is a muslim and who is not. Allah knows everything and Allah is merciful. May Allah forgive his prophet’s (S.A.W) Uncle. We prey together with our Great Prophet. Ameen. Keep praying all muslims instead of fighting and arguing. May Allah guide us all. Ameen.

  14. Well in reply to Mr.Alexander’s facts,one fact should also be agreed on is that the nikah of the prophet (saww) was recited by jinab e Abutalib. if he was a pagan that means our beloved prophet naoozobillah was also pagan before announcing prophet hood. Do u agree this fact? Another fact which he told was that there was no need of protection of jinab e Abutalib. Allah was enough, in reply to that havent u read surah Duha,
    in which Allah says “Didnt we find u an orphan and we raised u”. By which means that Allah blessed his mercy on the prophet?
    Of course major part of bringing him up was played by jinab e Abutalib. Did Allah relate his work to a pagan?
    These are the points we need to think about


  15. Dear readers.
    when Moses was offered the milk of maids ,he refused as same was haram,quran witnesses the event.how could prophet mohd sa ,the prohet above all prohpets,and rahmat for universe,could eat for years in house you claim was house of kafir.Islam is religion based on reason rationale.we are ordained to use our intelect in all sheres,then follow.a small incident which reveals the fact about the issue of abu talib.during the shab abutalib ,abu talib used to change the bed of prohet during night ,making ali to sleep in prohets bed to prevent any mishap to prophet .if you look in to this matter through intellect,prophet was his nephew and ali was his son,no one could sacrifice his son for his nephew ,this is quite natural and not acceptable to any mind.there was something that abutalib knew which uptil now our suni brothern are unaware of.wasalm

  16. assalm,
    first of all thanks to almighty allah, then i would like to say that, i read a leaflet which was distributed on the occasion of 12th rabiul awwal in same it was written that prophet born on monday, & hearing this news abu laheb freed his woman slave, saying that today he got a nephew. due to this act, allaha raises the azab from abu laheb, on monday of every week, it means abu laheb remains free of azab for 52 days in a year, & abutalib who rose & uplifted islam & prophet & faced banishment along with prophet in shoaib-e-abutalib remain homeless for 3 years of strife & struggle, which abutalib had never been faced, then after this abu talib is in hell(azab) throughout (whole of) the year…………..so decide

  17. Abu Talib died Muslim or pagan, that’s not the question, rather the focus is here on what he did for Islam, we muslims believe that whoever has faith in “La Ilaaha Illallaah Muhammad ur Rasoolullah” is a muslim”. Abu Talib believed that there is no God except Allah (La Ilaaha Illallaah) if we say he followed the religion of Adbul Mutallib (Ibrahim’s religion), and supporting Muhammad in spreading Islam indicates that he was accepting the prophecy of Muhammad (pbuh) (Muhammad ur Rasoolullah). if no body is the evidence of him declaring Shahada, so how about the above logic just explained. Abu Talib was a Muslim by heart and deeds, so only thing missing is his declaration of shahada by mouth (tongue) and who knows he might have told that many times to Prophet (pbuh) and accepted by all means, now why it is not revealed can be a secret and will of Allah so that we should use our logic to figure most things out.

    Allah guide us all the right way. A’meen

  18. Salam u Alaikum, Abu Talib died Muslim or pagan, that’s not the question, rather the focus is here on what he did for Islam, we muslims believe that whoever has faith in “La Ilaaha Illallaah Muhammad ur Rasoolullah” is a muslim”. Abu Talib believed that there is no God except Allah (La Ilaaha Illallaah) if we say he followed the religion of Adbul Mutallib (Ibrahim’s religion), and supporting Muhammad in spreading Islam indicates that he was accepting the prophecy of Muhammad (pbuh) (Muhammad ur Rasoolullah). if no body is the evidence of him declaring Shahada, so how about the above logic just explained. Abu Talib was a Muslim by heart and deeds, so only thing missing is his declaration of shahada by mouth (tongue) and who knows he might have told that many times to Prophet (pbuh) and accepted by all means, now why it is not revealed can be a secret and will of Allah so that we should use our logic to figure most things out.

    Allah guide us all the right way. A’meen

  19. hello,

    i think the discussion is going quite well but what i feel here that by saying that he will be in fire or he wont be in the fire of hell is not a judgement tha should be given by us (may Allah forgive us for our sins and mistakes). who are we to decide that i must say that please leave this judgement up to Allah he knows it best. dont spread the point of differences here dont give any judgements i believe Allah has not given any authority in our hands.
    but please just refer to the following Quranic verse;

    Al-Baqara [2:62]
    إِنَّ الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ وَالَّذِينَ هَادُواْ وَالنَّصَارَى وَالصَّابِئِينَ مَنْ آمَنَ بِاللَّهِ وَالْيَوْمِ الآخِرِ وَعَمِلَ صَالِحاً فَلَهُمْ أَجْرُهُمْ عِندَ رَبِّهِمْ وَلاَ خَوْفٌ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلاَ هُمْ يَحْزَنُونَ

    Inna allatheena amanoo waallatheena hadoo waalnnasara waalssabieena man amana biAllahi waalyawmi alakhiri waAAamila salihan falahum ajruhum AAinda rabbihim wala khawfun AAalayhim wala hum yahzanoona

    2:62 Those who believe (in the Qur’an), and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the SABIANs,- any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.

    i donot want to elaborate it any more but jus think a sabian is freed from fear and is rewarded and Abu Talib will be in fire of HELL?

  20. and just one more point i would like to add that kafir is the one who is “munkir” who denied the prophethood of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and created hindrences in his preaching, this term cannot not be used for all the non-muslims.so please dont disgrace Abu Talib by calling him a Kafir because he never denied the prophethood neither he created any hindrance for Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). so by no means he can be fall into the category of being Kafir. dont use the termonologies without knowing its exact meaing and usage. even if you believe that he was a non-muslim it doesnot proof that he was a kafir

  21. Dear Fellows
    I ve been reading all the text since last one year
    and I ve decided to comment because I thought to ve some knowledge before commenting and thanks alot to all of you for contributing . I would not add anything but would just like to say please who
    believes in Quran don divide into Fikhas . All are equal in eyes of Allah and everyone will be treated according to their deeds but by dividing into pieces we are actually naozobillah betraying Qur’aan and in the Holy Qura an it is straightly said :
    “Allah ki Rasi ko mazbooti se thamay rakho and tafarqay main na paro ”
    and by dividing into fikhas we’re doing munafikat to Qur’an
    and additions to the religion is Kufar and it is strictly forbidden please do understand Fraternity .
    In Quran it is also said that
    “Kisi k Jhutay khuda ko be jhuta na kaho k kahin wo ap ke Sachay Khuda ko Jhuta na kehay”
    By this we all understand of living in peace and by not dividing but remain intact.
    Hazrat Abu Talib (a.s) was if not a muslim but was a believer of Allah and his Holy Prophet if you could understand this by his deeds then it it is good enough. and the one who believes in Allah And Prophet(P.B.U.H) is a muslim.And it is also said that may be haqooq Allah will be forgiven but there will be no relief in haqooq ul ibad but the one took care of haqooq ul Ibad will be near to Allah.

    I’m really sorry about my method of conveying . My language skills are not good plus im not good in delivering concepts but I wanted to share my thought . So Im really greatful to you all.
    May God bless us all with the light of knowledge and stop us from Munafiqat to the Holy Book.

    Dushmanaan e ahl e bait pe lanat beshumaarr..

  22. Dear all muslim brothers & sisters,

    It is quite illogical to say that prophet’s UNCLE was a kafir…Who supported his nephew in all aspects of his life.
    How can a person who was a kafir & could read the nikah of prophet.Further how can any one can fight for islam,if he is himself not a muslim. He always protected prophet.

    Can we hire a non muslim to protect a Khana Kabba or a muslim leader?
    Thus it is very foolish thoughts to belief that Hazrat abu talib was Kafir.
    Thanks & regards.

  23. Shame on thoose ppl who says that Abu Talib(as) was a kafir.
    Hz Ibrahim(as) father was a non muslim.When Ibrahim(as) broked the temples his father said.If u do it one more time i will kill u or ask u to leave my house.Here we can se that a father clearly said to his son that if u disrespect my god i will kill u.
    If a father can say this then Abu Talib(as) was his(saww) uncle.Abu jahal and abu lahab were uncles of Mohammad(saww) bt they always tried to harm him bt Hz Abu Talib(as) protected him throughout his life.
    He not only saved Mohammad(as),he also Saved Islam.
    Allah Humma Sale Allah Mohammadin Wa Aalay Mohammad(as)

  24. Salamalaikum. My name is ” Aijaz ” and i am a sunni muslim. i apologise to enter in shia muslim’s site. All muslims have great respect for Ali (ra) but regarding Abutalib can any shia brother mention from their history that ,
    1. Abutalib ever offered salat ( Muhammad (saww) ‘s other uncles Amir Hamza (ra) and Ibn Abbas (ra) offers regular salat alongwith Sahaba ).
    2. Does any from Bani Hasham tribe witnessed of Abutalib’s reciting of ‘ Kalima ‘.
    3. Why the Prophet (saww) refused to offer ‘ Salaat e Janaaza ‘ to uncle Abutalib ?
    4. Abutalib was the custodian of Kaa’ba ( in which 360 idols were placed ). Who brings daily one idol for worship and then keep it back ?
    I am sorry if i hurt anybody’s sentiments.

    • Salaam Alaikum,
      Ajaz bhai actually d problem is u all got defeated in badr and Ohad. & dis is d problem y u all question Abu talibs faith.
      Actually it is a revenge of u all from Abu talib His son Ali and his Son Imam Hussain. ur ameerul momeneen, whose grandfthr ws abu sufyan, and dad ws muawiya,
      Answer me these
      Abu sufyan is khalifa and a muslim 4 u whu fought with huzur and tried 2 kill him, but Abu talib is not who always protected huzur frm ur fore fathers

      Jo huzur ko paale woh kaafir jo katll kare woh musalmaan, wake up aejaz bhai,

      sirf faaltu sawalon se akl khatm ho jaayegi,
      notice one thng all sunni ppl hve raised only question none has any explanation except lame one. and we shias hve all ayaats regrdng dat.

      Muawiya whu alwys fought wid Hazrat Ali and his son Imam Hasan is ur khalifa but ali and Hasan r not ur khalifa wow nice islam u r following

      u forget Imam Hussain whu saved islam and remember Yazeed whu killed him.

      Here is d results,
      u follow abu sufyan we follow Huzur
      u follow muawiya we follow ali
      u follow yazeed we follow hussain
      plz read books ask ppl , may allah lead u to right path

      • Hi brothers ,
        Abu talib was a muslim or not Allah and his prophet knows well and in regard Allah has a great value for a muslim even though he he might have accepted Islam later but Muhhamed salalahuwalaihuwasalam has never degraded them he was not in his favour he always was in favour of Allah and those belived Unto Allah and his prophethood has high rank compared to one who might me dearer but not muslim.



  26. if Abutalib was a muslim then why he didn’t offered Salat, while Ibn Abbas and Amir Hamza along with other sahaba regularly offers salat under the imamat of Rasulallah (saww), and why Prophet (saww) refused to offer ‘ salat e janaza ‘ for him ?

  27. Salam to all. Mein Momineen hazrat se pochna chahta hun k mujhe 2 saal huway hein Shi’a huway. Meri age 23 saal hei is se pehle mein deobandi se ta’aluq rakhta tha. Mera bara bhai Deobandiun ka mufti bana hei abhi. Mere pass itna ilam to nahi hei lekin mera Muttay pe yaqeen nahi. Mein ne aayat bhi pari hei Quran ki 5 Paray mein. Lekin mera dil nahi beth ta is baat pe k ye ghalat hei. Mein ne ek Shi’a Zakir ko suna us ne kaha k Mutta shuro hazrat umer ne kya tha, Ager umer ne kya tha to hum to umer ko mannte nahi to os ka ye kam kiun karte hein…… Plz reply me ya mujhe mail kar dena “malangi_06@yahoo.com”.. Ya Ali (as) Madad.

  28. When Abu Talib was on his death bed, And Prophet Sallalla ho alaehe wasallam asked him to say LA ILA HA ILLALLA, and abu talib reply am on the religion of Abdul Muttalib.


    Why did not he say LA ILA HA ILLALLA.
    Why did he say i am on the religion of Abdul Muttalib.

    At that time it was very easy to accept Islam, but Abu Talib did not accept Islam.

    • Salam dear bro….
      me ny kafi koch para mager me ap ki or tamam brothers ki knowledge me ye bat bytana chahta ho k Hazrat Abu Talib (a.s) ek muslman shaksiat ty or hai…..
      Q k Hazrat Abu Talib (a.s) ny khod hi Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w) ki pehli NEKAH Hazrat khadija (s.a) k sath parhai ti or Hazrat Abu Talib (as) ki NAMAZ E JANAZA Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w) ne parhai ti…..

      Ager Hazrat Abu Talib (as) musalman nahi ty to kya ek ghyr muslim shakhs kesy muslman ki NEKAH parha sakta hai or wo b peghambar ki or kya ghyr muslim ki NAMAZ E JANAZA hoti hai ager nahi to Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w) ny Q.…? parhai… kya ap (w.a.s) ( nauzubillah ) na samaj ty……?

  29. my dear friends who beliefs that hazrat abutalib is kafir u all are burn in a hell.
    i give u some evidence
    u know who gave the name of muhammad?
    hazrat abutalib given the name…
    when hazrat abutalib 1st seen muhammad sey alhamdo-lillah..khuda is so like it thats why they started quran from the alhamdo-lillah…..
    u know who read the nikah of muhammad?
    is its hazrat abutalib
    so brother 1 baat btao tmhare nabi ne kafir se nikaah pdhwaya…jis naam se aadmi musalman banta hai wo naam bhi hazrat abutalib ne diya hai.
    so dont discuss hazrat abutalib is muslim or not
    u seen u r qafir or not?who doesn’t beliefs hazrat abutalib they all are kaafir…
    khuda said thats i don’t made hell if u beliefs in hazrat abutalib..so if u r muslim always beliefs in hazrat abutalib……

  30. Dear Muslims,

    Why dont we just say LA ILA HA IL ALLAH MOHAMMADUR RASOOL ALLAH and BELIVE it from our own hearts..????

    Why there is a question of Abu talib is muslim or not???

    In our QABR , ALLAAH will not ask Abu Talib was Muslim or not?? Malayak will ask MAN RUBBUK ? MAN DEENUK ?? MAN NABIIYUK ??


    Mere bhai, Samajhdhaaar shaks wahi hai jo maut se pehley maut ki tayyaariii karley… abhi bhi waqt hai sudhar jaaO…

  31. HI brother
    why are you all in the mess fighting each other.
    I want to tell all of you that we all ( sunni ) love hazrat ali.
    please try to control you tongue
    kuin ke allah kehta hai
    Mein sabar kerne waloin ke sath huin

  32. Dear all
    Muslim history was written by paid for people and the ruling parties had it written and rule Arabia to date . The enimity of the Kuffair was with Imam Ali And since they could do nothing about it reverted to distort the facts About His father . the People did not hear what the prophet announced on Gadir which was a open kutbah and yet they heard what was said in the house hold in whispers . so seems they want to write whatever goes against the household of the prophet . but i guess thios is all in vain the enimity is against house of the prophet because it is because of them that they think islam was saved and spread .

  33. A/salam all,
    My question is,
    1).If Abutalib was a muslim then why he didn’t offered Salat, while Ibn Abbas and Amir Hamza along with other sahaba regularly offers salat under the imamat of Rasulallah (saww), and
    2).why Prophet (saww) refused to offer ‘ salat e janaza ‘ for him ?
    3).Does any from Bani Hasham tribe witnessed of Abutalib’s reciting of ‘ Kalima ‘.
    4).The fact is that Abutalib was the custodian of Kaa’ba ( in which 360 idols were placed ). Who brings daily one idol for worship and then keep it back ?
    Do you know ALLAH(s.w.t) said i will forgive every sin of everyone if i want, Except shirk.These question putted by brother Ajazi shows that Abutalib was not a muslim he is a kafir.

  34. AOA
    Dear brothers You are all talking about the Iman of Hazrat Abutalib AS but you all forgot that the issue is just because of a rewayet of Sahih Al-Bukhari do not go here and there first decide Bukhari shreef is Sahih or not.
    ” Becuse Imam Bukhari found a rewayet about iman Hazrat Abutalib AS but he could not found the rewayet of “Hadees Kisa” was he become blind at that time when reciting this rewayet in books and he did not foud this rewayet” First decide the Iman of imam Bukhari then talk on the iman of Hazrat Abutalib AS”
    Allah hafiz

  35. asalaamalaikum
    abutalib was from hazrath ibrahim’s shijrah and u recite durood on aale ibrahim and when he told rasoolallah that he is on hazrath abdulmutallib’s religion that means it was islam .if u dont recite durood on him then ur in trouble forget about considering him as kafir.if u were in time of rasoolallah will u interfere listening to what prophet intends to whisper .y so many doubts “MOHABBATH KARO RASOOL AUR AALE RASOOL SE KHUD KHUDA MADAD KAREGA THUMARE DIMAAGH KE PARDE HATANE MAIN VARNA SADTHE RAHO NAFRATH MEIN ,ALI KA DUSHMAN RASOOL KA DUSHMAN HAME JANNATH KI KHWAHESH NAHI UNKI MOHABBATH DIL MEIN HAI HUME JANNATH SE ZYADA MAZAA MIL GAYA KOSHISH KARKE DEKHO IT REALLLLLYYYYYYYY WORKS”

  36. Mashallah Still Youth Of Muslim Is Alive Nice To See U All,Question Is Not That Who Is Right And Who Is Wrong But The Question Is Simply That We Are Wrong Or Right? U’ll Find It Within A Second If U Know About This Saying Which Could Be Summarized Of Mohammad (SW) as:”Come To The Points Which Are Si miler In You”
    Simply Asked 2 Urself How Much You Are Si miler To Other And How Much I’m?And How Much We Are To Others….


  37. I just want to put this that Salat was not commanded by ALLAH until the death of Hazrat Abu Talib.. SALATs were commanded when RASOOL SAW went for MAY’RAAJ… and RASOOL SAW himself did the burial proceeding for Hazrat Abu Talib….all the islamic rituals were ordered steadily .. not at once.. so there has been so many things that muslim at that time hadnt offered untill it was finally ordered from ALLAH…so plz always look for the right thing.. Whatever Hazrat Abu talib has to do to save KAA’BAA shareef he was doing it.. whether he has to face the presence of false idols inside KA’BA .. he was not the hujjat to take any action but whatever he did it was all to save KA’BA from destruction , there used to be a yearly hajj in a wrong way .. but he never left the hold of KA’BAA because he knew that the birth of PROPHET SAW was so near.. he handed over the commands of KA’BA…as it was in his instincts from Hazrat IBRAHIM A.S…..
    and if he said at the time of his death that I am on the religion of Hazrat ibrahim .. that means prophet already knew what he actually meant.. it was this shear understanding but damn you abu lahab and abu jahal who propgated this false believe that hazrat abu talib never recited kalma… one who is already from a muslim family needs kalma ??? i dont think so..

    in last.. if hazrat Abu talib was kaafir.. then what about RASOOL SAW parents and Grand father .. who never gotta to see any sign of nabuwat ?? would you ever call those a non believers also ??

  38. If you want to know that weather Hazrat Abutalib was kafir(mazallah).. so you just see wherther his activities were against the islam or in favour ….
    Hazrat Mohammad had a mission to introduce the islam….
    Every one who was kafir was his enemy at that time but hazrat abutalib supported him, saved his life ….
    it shows that hazrat abutalib was directly or indirectly fully involve in the mission of hazrat mohammad and was equally participating in the introduction of islam…
    so one who was ready to sacrifice his everything for the islam even his sons…. then how he can be kafir….


  39. well to all those who say the hadeeths of sahih al bukhari are all correct i would like to ask to reconsider. i was once a sunni and yes i once did believe that this book had all the answers to my questions. Once you get to read the book, and understand the hadeeths you come to find that some just dont make any sense at all, and some are also insulting toward the prophet PBUH. It seems as if Omar and Abu Bakr had taken the role of the prophet god forbid. Anyways “ala yahdy man yasha’a” and most importantly “ala yahdy man yoreed al hedaya”. God (SWT) gave us a gift “our minds”, one who seeks knowledge is worthy upon gods ultimate prize which is PARADISE. ala yahdy al jame’a enshala :), may god be with u.

  40. Jiss ki aaghosh mein Naboowat ki parwarish huwi, Aap usee ko (Maazallah) Kafir kehtay hain. Jo Mohsin-e- Islaam hai, aap usee ko kafir kehtay hain. Ye aaj kal ka mussalmaan basics ko bhool baitha hai. Kuch log Hazrat Ali ki azmat ko ghataanay, ya giraanay, iss afwaa ko saari duniya mein phailaye hain. Khair, Ye wo log jaanay, ya unka Rab jaanay, unka eemaan jaanay. Muttefiqa Hadees ye hai, aik nahin kayee baar Rasool-e-Kareem nay kaha, “Mere Alhay-Bait Kashti-e-Nooh ki maanind hain, jo bhi inn-say mohabbat kiya, inn ko chaaha, wo fallah paayega. Aik common mussalman jo na to Shia hai na Sunni hai. Wo thanday dil say sonchay kay Islaam ki history mein kin logon nay zulm kiya. Agar aap ko pataa chal jaaye, to aap ussay musalman nahin kahayngay.

  41. Nabi -e-Kareem nay ye bhi kaha hai, “Mai tum logon mein “Do” (two) cheezein chorDay jaa rahaa hoon. Ab aap khud research kar leejiye, Wo do cheezein kya hain???
    Sunni hazraat ye kehtay hai, 1Quran 2 Sunnat — Phir Shia hazraat ye kehtay hain, 1.Quran 2 Ahlul-Bait. Koee aur firqay walay ye kehtay hain, 1. Quran 2.Usool-e-Deen. Mera ye sawaal hai, itna azeem-ushaan Nabi, itna zimme-daar Nabi, Ulul-azm Paighambar, jhaatay jaatay apna wasee nahin banaya?? Kisi bhi mulk ka constitution ye rehta hai, kay uss mulk kay sadar ki zindagi mein hi, ye qanoon rehta hai kay agar mulh kay sar-baraah ko kuch ho jaaye to falaan falaan mulk ki baag-door sambhaalaingay

  42. Mera ye kehna hai, har waqt Nabi nay Hazrat Ali ki itnee tareef kyon ki, Aakhri Hajj kay baad Qumm-e-Qadeer mein ye Eilaan kar diya, apnay haathon par buland karkay, phir badi badi hastiyon nay Hazrat Ali kay paas aakar mubarak baad bhi dee. Nabi nay ye kaha, “Mai ilm ka shehar hoon aur Ali uska darwaaza, Shab-e-meraaj mein apnay bistar par Hazrat Ali ko hi kyon sulaaya. Har Islaami jung mein Hazrat Ali ko saamnay rakkha, Daawat-e-Zulasheera, mein sab say pehli gawaahi Hazrat Ali ki, Log kehtay hain, jab Ali bacchay thay, unki gawaahi ki koee value nahin hai. Agar ye baat sahi hai, to mera sawaal ye hai, kay Abu Taalib ka beta, jiski itni acchi taleem-o-tarbiyat ho tab hi ko wo pehli gawaahi Risaalat ki deyga na !!!

  43. Aaj mussalmaan darr darr ki thokarein kaa raha hai, badnaam hogaya hai, log dartay hain mussalmaan kehnay say…kyon…??? Is ka zimmedaar kaun hai. Aaj kal Masjidon mein Ibdat gaahon mein yehi “kalema-go” paabandi say namaaz pardhtay hain, daadhi rahtay hain, Laa-Ilaha-Illah bhi kehtay hain, rozay bhi rakhtay hain, phir bombs laga kar khoon bhi kartay hain… Waah, kya ye Allah ko, aur Uskay Nabi ko khush kartay hain. Log ye kehtay hain, kaafir ko jaan say maarna jaayez hai…?? Ye kaun sa Islaam hai? Quran mein to ye likha hai, kay aap aik choonti ko bhi bila-wajeh nahin maar saktay. Haan, agar kafir, islaam aur Khuda kay khilaaf hoon, aur Islaam par hamla hua hai, tab jung karein. Apnay defense mein. Dehshat-gardee Islaam mein jayez hai ?? Aisay log Nabi kay zamaanay mein bhi huwa kartay thay..unkay peechay namaaz bhi ada kartay thay, to zaahir hai, unhin ki aulaad aaj tak chalee aa rahi hai. Bay-hadd afsoas kay saath, muafee chahta hoon. Please research karein, aur khud pechaanay, kya hum sahi path par hain……..!!!!

  44. Ghalib ki shayeri ko samajhnay bohot saari dictionaries eejaad kee gayein, Shakespeare kay plays ko samajhnay kitaabon kay volumes likhay gaye hain…To kya Quran-e-Paak ko samajhnay ki knowledge hai? Sirf lafz-e-talwar kay 70 say zyaada naam hain. Ye Ilm sirf aur sirf Nabi ko aur unki Aal ko hi diya gaya… Issee liye aaj bhi majoriity of muslims ye baat ko acchi tarha maantay hain, kay, aakhri waqt Imaam Mehdi ka zahoor hoga aur wo Hazrat Ali kay Aal mein say hi hongay. Ye baat to taye hai, kay Ahlul-Bait mein say hi hoga. Koee dost, ya sahabi, ya door ka rishtay daar nahin hogay. Jab wo aayengay, to wo iss baat ko accept kareingay, kay Hazrat Ali aur unki Aal kay maan-nay waalo ko musalmaan qatl kar raha hai…? Iss ki wajaah kya hai? Dushmani kyon chalee aarahi hai? Maatam bidat, majlis bidat, hattah kay rona bidat hai kehtay hain…Array, Yaqoob Alay-Salaam ki beenayee chalee gayi, rotay rotay, sirf aik betay kay gham mein. Karbala mein to Nabi ki Aal ka hashar yehi mussalmaanon nay kya kiya?? Buss ussee ko dohraatay hain, aur duniya ko ye batlaana chaahatay hain, kay qaatil ko pehchaanon, aur uss par laant bhaijo… Wo kaun hai?? kiss khandaan say ?? Usnay kiss cheez ka badla liya Nabi ki Aal say? Uska taaluq kis qabeelay say tha ? waighara waghaira , ..ye aap research keejiye. Buss meri yehi Dua’a hai, kay jab mussalmaan ye maanta hai, kay Khuda aik, Kalema aik, Nabi aik, kitaab aik, phir bhi aapas mein itnee dushmani kyon? Kab tak?

  45. well i would like to ask all my sunni brother that have u really read your Sahih al bukhari dear

    if yes then answer my question
    1. can u read it infront of your sister n mother ??????
    2. if yes then plz let me know
    3 if no then how can u call it ISLAMIC book

    u know guys salman rushde wrote his book satanic verses by reading this BUKHARI bro ther

    read it carefully u will get all the answer bro

  46. AOA Brothers,
    I am very happy to say that I am a Muslim not a shia or a sunni. Shame on us when Muslims are being killed all around the world and still we are finding topics to carry on the hatred amongst eachother. It is the time of sorrow and not the time for fighting on things which we dont know. Leave these topics for Allah Subhana to tell us the truth on the day of Qayamah. I hope everyone will try to correct his aamal and work for the benifit of ummah instead of wasting time on these stupid discussion. Focus on five prayers and keep remenbring Allah and the day of judgement. We all have to die one day and with this level of iman we will struggle to enter Junnah.
    Allah Hafiz

  47. Assalamo Alaikom.

    Janab, I haven’t read all the comments but I guessed the discussion type from a few comments. I am a Sunni and I’ve also delivered a speech on Hazrat Abu Talib AS and it was published in magazine later on. Do you know what actually the matter is nowadayz? The books of Sunnis are constantly being edited by the Wahabis especially Saudi Wahabis. We have the old Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim and other books and the new versions doesn’t contains many Ahadith.
    There are three traditions in Sahih Bukhari which prove that Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) died as a Muslim. Instead those Hadith were changed in Wahabi versions and now the text says that Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) died as a Kafir Naozobillah. Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadiri wrote a book IMAAN-E-ABU TALIB AS, in which he discussed that how Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) was Muslim. Although we do not follow Tahir-ul-Qadiri totally but he often say a spade a spade.
    When Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) took Holy Prophet (SAWAW) with him to Syria, doesn’t the Christian priest told about the prophethood? How can Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) be ignorant of this fact when the priests clearly told him and requested him to take Holy Prophet (SAWAW) back to Makkah because Jews will recognize him and might be they’ll kill him. And if Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) didn’t believed in it, why did he took back whole caravan? Why didn’t he proceeded to Syria? Secondly, Sahaba (RA) came to know about prophethood not before the age of forty of Holy Prophet (SAWAW) but Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) knew about this fact when Holy Prophet (SAWAW) was 12 or in some traditions he was 9.
    Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) wrote hundreds of QASAID for Holy Prophet (SAWAW). In which, he clearly says that your religion is the religion of truth and you’ll find me accepting it. You should continue preaching your true religion and no one can touch you until I am alive.
    Nowadayz, the new generation think that their fathers are not much knowledgeable and hence they move towards the markets and try to buy the stuff. If they’d have enquired from their fathers, they would have gained true knowledge. There is a lot of difference between Sunnis a 50-100 years ago and a Sunni of 2010. What is the change is that Wahabis want to let people say Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) as Kafir and let people say Yazeed and his family as Muslims and Momins.

    There is no need of discussing it all. Allah guides to whom He wishes and make astray whom He wishes and Allah doesn’t make astray but the FASIQEEN. And your religion be with you and our religion be with us, your deeds be with you and our deeds be with us, you will not be asked about our deeds, neither we will be asked about your deeds. And proving that Hazat Abu Talib (AS) was a Muslim or not will not enhance anything in your physical religion. At least you should first try to act on Shari’ah. Then you should try to learn about these matters. Instead of discussing that whether Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) read Salat or not, try to think that which Salat have you missed and try to read the QAZA of that Salat. Allama Iqbal said,


    at another place he said,


    • @adeel khan: I think your new version of Sahih Bukhari doesn’t contain the Hadith in which it is clearly mentioned that Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) read Kalima on his death bed. But let me inform you that we have the old Sahih Bukhari because we are old Sunnis not new Wahabis or new Deobandis. And the edition we have, it clearly says that Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) read Kalima on his death bed.

      WALANA A’AMALUNA WALAKUM A’AMALUKUM (Our deeds be with us and your be with you).
      LAKUM DEENUKUM WALIYA DEEN (Our religion be with us and yours be with you).
      TILKA UMMATUN QAD KHALAT, LAHA MA KASABAT WALAKUM KA KASABTUM, WALA TASALUNNA ‘AMMA KANU Y’AMALOON (This is a community that has passed away, for them what they earned and for you are what you earn and you shall not be questioned for their deeds).

      If you believe in Imaan-e-Abu Talib (AS), believe so and if you don’t, believe so because neither your belief will change the Iman of Abu Talib (AS) nor any one can question him about his Iman except Allah, the Almighty. Look at your deeds and try to correct your Iman.

    • If Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) was a Kaafir, then why Holy Prophet (SAWAW) cried for him and why he declared the whole year as AAM-UL-HUZN (the year of grief) although Islam decided only three days of grief if any person dies.

      Your new edited Bukhari might not have the Hadith that Hazrat Abu Talib alaih-is Salam was a Muslim at the time of death but let me inform you, we have old Bukhari which is unaltered.

  48. I wonder at those Muslims who call Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.), the beloved uncle of the holy Prophet, father of Hazrat Ali (A.S.) and the grandfather of Imam Hasan (A.S.) and Imam Husain (A.S.) a kafir.
    I wonder if in the religion of Islam there is any room to use things like logic and commonsense.
    May Allah grant us all knowledge, wisdom, understanding and tawfiq to learn the true message of Islam as taught by the Holy Prophet and his immaculate progeny (peace and blessings of Allah be upon them all). Ameen.

  49. I want to add that according to Hazrat ALI a.s ,: MY FATHER HAD A RING IN HIS RIGHT HAND ON WHICH IT WAS WRITTEN
    LA ALLAH HA ILLAL ALLAH MOHAMMAD UR RASOOL ULLAH ALI UN WALI ULLAH WASI UR RASOOL ULLAH WA KHALIFATU AHO BELA FASAL. He said that nobody can enter in the paradise on the day of judgement unless and until approved by my father.(For detailed references contact me)

  50. Respected All,

    One thing be cleared, The most authenticated book (for non-Shia) Sahih Bukhari has hadiths about Yazeed ibn Muawiyah is the muslaim (just bullshit), so how this book can authenticated? So please dont distrub the perfect Islam. Just keep in mind that Hazrat Abu Talib (as), jin ki shaan me to Quran mein Allah ney Surah Al-Imran nazil kardi, to wo kesey (Naaoozbillah) Kafir ho saktey hein?
    in short, Abu Talib (as) is the real back bone of our Islam.

  51. First thanx to S M Masum who helped all muslim who all are willing to know that …………Was hazrat Abu Talib a muslim?
    But if we focus on Surah Tauba we will get that all the Kafir even the close relative of prophet or other muslims are not going to be forgiven by Allah SWT becoz they never belived the religion of Islaam. Abdul Muttalib died in the age of Ignorance i.e before Islam was introduced so how can we say that he was a muslim. More over Abu Talib fought for Islam but when he was at deathbed and when Mohammad SAW requested him to say that Allah is the one and only god then he got influenced by Abu Lahab who was a worthy opponent of Islam and did not repeated the Kalama-e-Tayyaba. So how can he be a muslim? I am facing this doubt. Please reply.

  52. Moaziz Dost,
    Agar deen ke baare mein kuch maloom nahi hai toh kam az kam khamosh raha karo.
    Rasoolallah (saw) ki Azwaaj aur Sahaba ki gheebaton ke baad ab aap log Allah (swt) ke kalaam ( Quran ) ko bhi badnaam kar rahe hain.
    Kis ne kaha aap se ki ” Sura’h Aalimran ” Abutaleb ke bare mein hai ? jinhu ne zindagi mein kabhi namaaz nahi padhi aur bilaaqir baghair Salaat-e-janaaza ke dafan kar diye gaye.
    Kisi acche Aalim se poocho ke Surah Aalimraan kis ke baare mein hai.

  53. Respected Brothers of Islam,
    May Almighty Bless all of us!
    I was not mentally agreed with the belief I inherited as a Sunni Muslim regarding the fate of the honorable uncle of our prophet (sa). Still I am eager to find the fact and from the discussion I got lots of logic in favor of my empathy toward the respected Abu Taleb.

  54. As salaamoalaykum; i dont belong to Shiaa school of thought, i follow Chisty Sufi Tariqah!
    Its an open fact that Hajrat Abu Talib (a.s.) was the Momin, protector of Islam & Huzur Mohammad Mustufa (s.a.v.v.)!
    And Muaviya bin Abu sufiyan was @ Munafiq.

    Hundreads of duplicate Hadish were made during the era of Banu Umaiyya, so we cant totally relly on yhe Hadish which dont match with core basics of Islam!

    According to Sunni Fiqhi Imam Shafaee, Love for Aehlebeyat is one of the basic pillar of Islam like other 5 pillars i.e. Qalma, Namaz, Roza, Zakat & Hajj.

  55. There are certain facts that need analysis.
    1) When the Prophet SAW married Hazrat Khathija, the surah Fateha and indeed the Quran had not yet been revealed so how could Abu Talib recite it and Prohet Muhammad saw had not yet attained Prophethood?
    2) If Abu Talib and his father Abdul Muttalib were on the religion of Prophet Ibrahim, why were there idols in the Kaaba?
    3) The name of Allah is eternal and the pagan Arabs regarded Laat and Uzza as Allah’s daughters.
    4) Surely Pharoah was also a Muslim after all he gave sanctuary to Musa saw.?
    5) Lastly Allah needs no one to protect his religion.

    Allah Hafiz








  58. agar abutalib hai kafir to muslman kon hae ????
    Jo log kahete hain k ali k baap hain kafir ye on ka nahi on k baap ka kasur hai

    Answers for people who says abutalib a duzkhi ….

    One person type of abusufyan says Imam Ali ibn Abitalib that “ae ali ap k walid duzkhi thae Hazrat Ali ne pocha ke tum mera bhai o akka Muhammad kya sunna nahi k ali main tumain janat or duzkh ka takseem karne wala banata hon wo sakhs bolo g mai sona hai imam ne kaha agar main tumain ye auhda fon tum apnae baap ko kahan baejo gae

    Another ahunswer

    Eik dinhazrat Essa A.S bahir qabirstan se ho kar ja rahe the anon ne daekha k eik qabar per azab parh raha hai lakin jab wo wapis ae to daikha k ausi qabar per barkat parh rahi yo app a.s ne allah se pocha ya allah ye kya majra hai to allah ne kaha ke osnya dunya main bohat zulum kiae the is lae azab parha tha laekin aj is ke bate pheli bar kuch apnd austad se sikha hae aur Wo bi bismilla kahna is lae us ka azab khatan kardia
    Jo ali hain islamsab se pehle qabool kiya aje bsmila pure arab ko jis n bismila para di aus ka baap dizkhi aur kafir

  59. agar abu talib astaghfirullah kafir thay to unhooon nay huzooor ki akhir tak madad kioooon ki?abu jahl bhi huzoor ka chacha tha lekin islam kay ailan kay baaaad dushman ban gia ooor agar abutalib astaghfirrullah kaafir thay to aisas hoo hee nahi sakta kay ALLAH kay piyaray nabi nay abau talib kay haraaaam kay paisooon ka khaia hoo…..issi liay abu talib musalmaaan thay

  60. Grudge and enmity at its height. People have always had hatred for a great personality, that of Imam Ali (as). One may say about the imaan of Hazrat AbuTalib, because they are biased. Remember the contribution of Hazrat AbuTalib, in looking after the Prophet which eventually secured the his life. Pay homage to this great man if you claim to be a Muslim

    • No muslim in the world are against Abutaled or so,
      stating facts cannot be termed as hatred. Did Abutaleb ever offered Salaa’t ?
      Prophet (saw)’s other uncles and Abutaleb’s brothers Amir Hamza (ra) and Ibn Abbas (ra) regularly offered Salaa’t along with Sahaba under the Imama’t of Rasoolallah (saw).
      if Abutaleb was a Muslim then why he never offered Salaat ?

      • Your statement is wrong in the mirror of history. Can you please recall when prayer was made obligatory? It was 5 years after the death of Hazrat Abu Talib (AS). Hazrat Ameer Hamza (as) and Hazrat Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib (as) were alive till that time but Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) wasn’t.
        If Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) wasn’t a Muslim, then why he protected Holy Prophet (SAWAW) in Sheb-e-Abi Talib? Was there any other uncle to protect Holy Prophet (SAWAW)? If there was no other, then it is clear that there was only that uncle which was Muslim at that time.
        What is Aam-ul-Huzn? Did Prophet (SAWAW) grieved for a Kafir?
        And lastly, if Allah never Wished for Moses (AS) to drink the milk from the house of Pharaoh, can He eve Wished for His Beloved Prophet (SAWAW) to stay in the house of a Kafir?

  61. salam to all….mein momineen brothers se yeh iltijah karta ho ke ish discussin ko stop karo…cuz ke inh ko samaj nhi ani…i will gve u result of this topic……..ALLAH (twt) hamein os raste pe le jaye jaha ….MUHAMMAD(saw)… ABU TALIB(as) aur AL e ABU TALIB(as) ho….aur ALLAH iman e AB U TALIB(as) ke munkiron ko waha le jaye jaha pe wo ho jis ko yeh mante ho…so simple….chill buddies…

  62. Asalamu alyakum brother and sisters
    I would like to bring to your attention is that no brother can tell his other brother in islam is going too hell, the brother might of repented also allah is the judge and allah may forgive the person, so we have no right in saying who is going hellm jazakallah

  63. Dear brothers and sisters
    Hazrat Talib was not only MUSLIM but was a SAVIOUR of OUR BELOVED PROPHET(PBHU) and ISLAM. Yes some may say what they are saying for many different reason. It is irony of history that when it comes to authenticity of relatives of HOLY PROPHET (PBHU) we forget the greatest reference which is OUR PROPHET(PBHU) HIMSELF. No one can deny what ABU TALIB (AS) did for the glory of ISLAM and early MUSLIMS. His sacrifices and passion is matchless. Can any one present an example of that passion from any NON BELIEVER of that time for the cause of ISLAM. This is in fact the proof of his belief in PROPHET(PBHU) and his message and consequently belief in ISALM. Again as they say , we compare the level and quality of ISLAM of some so called muslims like Abu Sufian , Hinda and so on who just said LA ILLA HA ILA ALLAH and became muslims; and our honest historian recorded them as MUSLIMS compared to ABUTALI(AS). At this moment I recall some urdu verses like

    ALLAH hum sab ko hidayat ki taufeeq ata keray

  64. May ALLAH give us strength to be on real FAITH and IMAAN..
    It is good to be share knowledge about Islam.. but we have not any right to talk about Imaan of other Muslims..
    And this is obvious that Hazrat Abu Talib (R.A) believes on the religion of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S)..
    So people who talk about these things should think a while .. Allah knows the better.
    Being a Muslim we should not give importance to this type of Propaganda…
    And even do not abuse each other by getting wrong meanings..

    • Dear Brothers,

      Hazath Ali (R.A) recite Kalima, as was Khwatija (R.A). This proves that indeed, to join Allah’s revised orders. Until Prophet (SAW), was made Prophet, the religion was already corrupted. And without accepting Mohammed (SAW), the Kalima, is not completed. Thus, the reference & indications was towards the same. Allah knows better about the religion of Abu Muttalib. However, when Mohammed (SAW) was made Prophet, Abu Talib was alive and Abu Muttalib wasn’t thus it was mandatory to recite Kalima.
      For your information, even before a muslim kid learns Quran, Kalima, is taught and recited. Also Kalima, is mandatory for those who reaches puberty age and if as born muslim, you recite kalima before or later, you have to recite once during that age with their true heart and faith. I do not know much about others but in Sunni Muslims, it is even recited most often. Allah know where Abu Talib is and his relegion. To correct that Abu Talib protected Prophet (SAW) being an uncle doesn’t prove he was a muslim, even the Ansars who accepted and protected Prophet were not Muslims until they recited kalima with full faith and heart.

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