What Islam says about Sex?

Sex during marriage is a good thing. Out of marriage it is a sin and out of the question.

Therefore Islam say yes to sex during marriage and totally go against pre-marital sex.

Sex is a natural part of life and we have to understand that. What isn’t natural is to have sex without a husband or wife – without the true commitment of marriage.

So what’s the big deal about having sex out of wedlock?  All the kids are doing it?  Well here is the fact why they are:

1)      Peer pressure– “since everybody is doing it.”

2)      Desire for sexual competence with adults and a way to get ahead.

3)      Lack of self-esteem, which they want to improve by becoming a father or mother.

4)      Sometimes it is a lack of alternatives to divert their sexual energies.

5)      Lack of love and appreciation at home. Detachment from home can lead to attachment elsewhere.

6)      Sexual pressure on them is everywhere: at school from their peers, from the TV where about 20,000 sexual scenes are broadcasted in advertisement, soap operas, and MTV.

So big deal if kids are doing it?  It is a big deal in for their health when kids are having sex.  The health hazards of early sex includes sexual trauma, increase in incidence of cervical cancer, sexually transmitted disease, and teenage pregnancy.  Many injuries are possible and happen when sex organs are not ready for sex in terms of full maturation. Some of these injuries have a long lasting effect. Cervical cancer is thought to be related to sex at an early age, and with multiple partners.



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