Prayers in Times of Need as Recited by Imam Reza (A.S.)

610.jpgPrayers in Times of Need as Recited by Imam Reza (A.S.)

He said: Abul Hasan Ahmad b. Muhammad b. al-Hasan b. al-Waleed reported to me from his father, from Muhammad b. al-Hasan al-Ja’ffar, from Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Isa, from al-Rayyan b. al-Swalt who said:
I heard al-Reza Ali b. Musa invoking a prayer, so I memorized it from him. And whenever I invoked it during hardship, Allah relieved me. It is:
“O Allah! You are my Trust in every distress,
and You are my Hope in every hardship;
And in all that befalls me, You are my Trust
and my Shelter;
How much of grief that weakens the heart,
and has but little way of escape,
and when the affairs lack any remedy,
When the near ones and the distant ones, and the
friends let me down, and the enemies taunt,
I came unto You and complained to You,
inclined to You beside all others,
And You dispelled the grief and relieved the affliction,
and became Sufficient for me,
So You are the Provider of all bounties, and the Source for
all needs, and the Final Refuge for every desire.
So, for You is abundant praise, and to You belongs the
plentiful favour. With Your blessings, all righteousness is
fulfilled. O One who is known for His Grace, and the
One praised for His Grace, bless me with the Grace
which would enable me to dispense with kindness from others,
I beseech Your mercy, O Most Merciful.”

Al-Amali: The Dictations of Sheikh al-Mufid


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