Duties Of Shia and 40 Hadith

A person asked Imam Reza (A.S.) “Who are the best of servants?
So he responded “Those men that when they perform good deed they become glad & when they perform a bad deed they ask the forgiveness (of Allah) & when they are granted they thank (for it). And while they get afflicted & grieved they exercise patience. And when they get enraged & angry they forgive. (overlook other faults).
As salamualikum
Dear Members as you know I started two webs http://www.alqaem.org and http://www.alqaim.info under banner of our Idara Alqaem Youth education and welfare society ,by which we try our best to Guide you properly and defend our Community,Zaer e sarparasti Imam e Zaman(a.s)….. “We believe in Islamic Unity. All Learned Scholars are equally worthy of respect and honor in our eyes. We do not promote any specific scholar or Maulana. We are totally against dividing our community into different small groups on the basis of difference in their respective researches. Those who wish to create discord among us on this basis are soldiers and agents of iblees (Satan) and by creating such disputes they are support him.”

It is also my Humble request all of our brethern in faith think about akhirath and Try your best to perform your duties and make your kids practical shia…. Without Practice there is no Meaning of Declaration and because of our this weaknes enemies attack on azadari practices , majalis , matam jusloos with the words all are useless because shia do not learn from Characters of Our Aimma(a.s).. It was an old practice of enemies always to target , torture ahlulbayt and they will continue But it is also our duty not to give them chance to attack on ahlulbayt by our acts… So be a practical shia and do not give chance to enemies of ahlulbayt…
We update every shab e Juma….and our updates for this week are:————–

1) Collection of 40 hadith series ( more than 400 hadith with proper refences)


2) sayings of Holy Prophet (S) about Fatima Zahra (A) From Other Muslims Hadith Books


3) Duties of Shias towards Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.)

( A collection of 80 duties By Sayyid Muhammad Taqi Musavi Isfahani


4) Articles , Video and dua Imam e Zaman (a.s)


5) Current Issues Of our Community and Statements and replies of Our Scholars

6) Software Required to View Video and other files.


Please visit and also suggest How we can serve you?


Iltemaas e dua

Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi






5 thoughts on “Duties Of Shia and 40 Hadith”

  1. Salam Un Alaikum!

    I am pleased to see this site.This really conveys the expression and feelings in my heart for the ISlamic community.May Allah and Ahlay bait bless you.

    I need to have some comments on the duties of a shia in this world once he finds the clerics taking wrong steps and defaming the community.What should he do according to the Imam (A.S). Should he comtinue his life normally..ex job and looking after his family,livelihood etc taking care of haraam and halaal OR he should raise a voice against them which could cause a loss to his income, job, problem in society and he could face offence from the big shia leaders.

    Please advice if you have any fatwa or suggestions from any uleam in this case?


  2. Assalamu alaykum,

    I am pleased to read this genuine text calling for the unitiy of our ummah. I hope that by using the word “community”, you also imply the sunnah, wich I am part of. I hope the learned shias will inshallah contribute to the unity of the muslims, and overlook the sectarian conflicts in the middle east, that are by no means natural, but rather provoked by certain geopolitical parameters.

    Salam, and Allah bless us all



  3. Hi can anyone please guide me i need sayings of the prophet(p.b.u.h) and all the imams (A.S) regarding various subjects like friday prayers etc , please help


  4. there r no sectors in islam infact sectors are opponent to islam while islam gives the lesson of peace not war/separation.there r so many ref. in quran about secotorsim y dunt u muslim get it…stop slandering, cheating,jelousy,back biting,hating,differntiating this is the time of uniting islam back, like in those days of prophet.remember?try.thats when we will be folowing the rules.advises, toheed,etc…anyway im sorry if i/ve caused u any problm.Allah is with Allah is with u and Allah is with ev thing.


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