Ayatullah Khamenei speak on Akhbari issue

Ayatullah Imam Khamenei Reply on Akhbari issue

—– Original Message —–
   From: Inqelaab
   To: Imam Khameneis Office in Qom
   Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2003 6:29 PM
   Subject: Question about Akhbariyat

   As Salam Aleykum
   dear brothers and sisters in Islam,
   I would like to ask a religious question to my Marja-e-Taqleed and our
   Wilayat-e-Faqih Hazrat Imam Khamenei (may Allah shower HIS blessings on
   Dear Imam Khamenei, as Salam Aleykum
   I wanted to ask you a
   important religious question about a new group among Ithna Asheriyyah
   Shia, which is called Ithna Asheriyyah Imamiyah Akhbari.

   The Akhbaris call themselves true shia and they believe in the 14
   Masoomeen(as). But they reject Marjiyat and the conept of Taqleed, saying,
   that they are doing taqleed of Imam al-Mahdi (as) directly.

  The Akhbaris sometimes curse (La’aan) and insult the great Mujtahideen
  like the Wali-e-Faqih Imam Khamenei, and also Imam Khomeini (r.), they
  absolutely disrespect he great Ulema of Shia, sometimes even from the pulpit (Minbar).
  The Akhbari believe that the shahaadah of Aliyun Waliullah is obligatory(wajib) in
  every namaaz in the tashahud. Furthermore Akhbaris believe, that
  the quran has been changed and Azadari of Imam al-Mazloom (as) is more important
  than prayer. They have also constructed a internet website http://www.akhbari.org there you
  can read more of their beliefes. They are nowadays very active among shia especially in
  Muharram during Majaalis of ShuhDah-e-Kerbala (as). They tell wrong things about Islam
  and also write wrong books. The Akhbaris are confusing many of our shia brothers and
  Some true shia preachers have said that the religion of Akhbariat is different
  from true shiism and that these people are Kuffar. My question is now:

  1) Are the Akhbaris considered as muslims in your honourable opinion?
  2) Is it permissible to eat and drink from them?
  3) How should the shia brothers and sisters warned against the Akhbari
     religion, because many people don’t know about them?

   Wassalam Aleykom wa Rahmatullah,   Jazaakum Allah khairan,

—– Original Message —–
  From: istiftaa
  To: Inqelaab
  Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2003 2:27 PM
  Subject: 17167e

  Salamun `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.
  The answer is as follows:

  Bismihi Ta`ala
  1) As long as their belief does not make them denying the fundamental of
      the religion or the prophethood of the Last Prophet Muhammad (s.), they
      are rued as Muslims and taahir (pure) although their deviation is confirmed.

  2) According to the given question, there is no objection to it.

  3) You must try your best to guide them through kind treatment, good
      morals, getting good information through reading, to be able to guide them.
     You may also make the others aware of their deviated thoughts.

  Note: We beg your pardon, for the delay in answering your questions which
  is due to great deal of work and the huge number of emails reaching us from
  all over the world.

  With prayers for your success,

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  1. Assalam o alaikum

    I request you about the belief of Akhbaari’s that Quran Majeed has been Changed, If it is false in your honourable opinion then how Akhbari’s are considered to be Muslims,and how any one can eat and drink with them.

    Please Explain it’

    Waiting for reply.

    Wassalaam Alaikum

  2. Janab Aap kesay keh saktay hain k yeh bat saheeh hai kay akhbari kehtay hain kay Quran majeed mien chainging hui hai. Iss ka koi saboot b to hona chahiye na janab. Wesay mein Akhbari nhi hoon aur na un ki WAKALAT kar raha hoon Shayed aap samjhien kay mein akhbari hoon. Aur Tashud mien Ali Un Wali Allah Wajib Hai Ya nahien Aap iss baray mien kia kehtay hain?

  3. I am very confused , I have read akhbari shias website http://www.akhbari.org.
    they believe Quran has been changed.
    but the reason they present for reciting shahada of Wialyat ali (A.S) is most convinced.
    this is a valid point that if Ali un wali ullah is not necessary & only is Mustahab then why we have been fighting with Sunnis for 1400 years only for a Mustahab belief. we must recognize it as wajib.
    if Wilayat Ali (A.S) is wajib then it is wajib everywhere in namaz , in Azaan , In Aqamaah,.

      • Salam Janab Husain Mahdi sb,
        Haq ager jahalat kae saath bola jae toh fasaad paida kiya kerta hai. Ali haq hai, Ali (a.s) ki wilayat haq hai. Aur Ali(a.s) ki hi wilayat kyoon 12 Imam (a.s) ki wilayat haq hai. Phir Namaz main Sirf Hazrat Ali (a.s) ki wilayat ko hi kyoon add kiya jae, sabhi imam(a.s) ki wilayat ko kyoon na add kiya jae?
        Jo shaks Muhammadur rasoo lillah keh deta hai woh yeh bhee kehta hai woh Ghadeer kae aelaan ko maanta hai, 12 Imam(a.s) ki wilayat ko bhi maanta hai. Ab kya bacha jiska aelaan alag sae zaroori hua namaz main.
        Namaz main Bohra Muslim, bhee Aliyun waliullah keh sakta hai, lekin 12 Imam (a.s) ki wilayat ka aelaan toh nahin hai na.
        Isliyae janaab nayae fitnae fasaad kae nayae issues sae door rahein. Shia usee ko kehtae hain jo hazrat Ali(a.s) ki wilayat ko manae aur unko follower ho. we

      • Assalaam Alaikum.

        Jab maula Ali(a.s) ki baat aai toh jab ap logh ku fisaad ki perwah rehti.hum maula ku chahane waale hai koi bhi or kaise bhi fisaad se nahi darte.or agar ap jaisa sonchrain hai ke maula ka naam lena namaaz me fisaad barpa kar raha hai toh hume manzoor hai.or zara apne imam(a.s) ki qurbani ku dekhiye or phir fisaad ki baat kariye.hum pure 14 masoomeen ku ek hi samajte or jab chahe kisi ka bhi naam lete.us rab se puchiye ke pure 14 ke 14 masoomeen ka ruthba ek sa kyun hai………..

  4. assalaam alaikum
    i want to know that Marja-e-Taqleed and our
    Wilayat-e-Faqih Hazrat Imam Khamenei is important to us or not.I will not trust on any one accept alebaith{a.s}.i want to know that some more thing about the Khamenei.who had given him a permission to tell any thing about our religion

  5. how khameni give any fatwa any thing ,like that to our religious people,he don’t have any permission to tell any thing about shia religion.Because our 12 imam{a.s} is alive by the grace of god,then why he is giving all these fatwas




    • Assalaam Alaikum.
      Brother how can u tell tat akhbari’s r kuffar. frst u tell me tat who had given u any right to tell like this.Akhabari’s r true in my views because they believe only on Ahlebaith (a.s).Yes Imam Ali (a.s) and prophet mohammed (a.s) r same.because thay made frm only 1 noor of god.these is a hadees of masoomeen (a.s).If u reject these u will became a kafer…..

      so rply me as early as.


    • Assalaam Alaikum.
      Har shaks ko maula Ali(a.s) salaam ke fazail baedaash nahi hote. jise bardash hogaye toh jaake apni waleda ke haqh me dua karna.ap or kisi ki bhi kainath me haqiqath hi kya hai ke maule ke fazail pe fitna bole.jaake agar ap me himmath hai toh us rab(a.s)se puchiye ke ali(a.s) ka ruthba puri kainath me sab me afzal kyun hai……

    • As Salaam Alaikum,

      Bhai , if you’ve noticed , these Akhbari creatures do not start their conversation with Salaams.
      Anyways the MAIN REASON behind the AKHBARI emergence is this: After the CRUSADES ( Holy Wars fought between the Christians and the Muslims in the Medieval Period ) careful and deliberate studies by the Jews and the Christians led them to conclude that BEST WAY to DISINTEGRATE ISLAM is to create a RADICALLY DIFFERENT IDEOLOGY among the Muslims which would shake the FOUNDATIONS of ISLAM. Hence, WAHHABISM was born. However, their plan could not succeed fully among the SHIAS, and after further deliberations, they found out that TWO VERY IMPORTANT THINGS KEEP THE SHIAS AND THEIR BELIEFS UNITED…. AZADARI and TAQLEED !!!!!

  7. Ya Ali Madad to all Momineen

    Nabi Akram ki aik Hadees mujhay bohat pasand hai. Ay Ali tujh say Sirf Halai Mohabbat Karay ga Or Harami Tujh say nafrat or bughz rakhay ga.

    Jab Kalmay men Ali Un Wali Allah Hain Azan, Aqamat Men Mojood hai to Namaz Men kioon nhi. Ye doghli policy kia hai. Baqi Shahadaton kay baray men fitna kioon nhi phelta lekin Jab Ali Un Wali Allah ki bari aati hai fitna shuroo ho jata hai. Or jab fitna Shuroo hota hai to us waqt muhjhay Nabi Aakhir Uz Zaman ki yeh Hadith yad aati hai kioon k asal or naql ki parakh yahi say hoti hai yani Ali Un Wali Allah say.

    Aakhir Men 11 Imam Janab Hassan Askari (a.s) ki aik Hadith likh raha hoon jo k meray khila mien iss fitnay k leay kafi ho gi.

    Sirkar Farmaty hen k “MUQASSAR Laskhar-e-yazid (l.a) say b Bar tar hen.

    Ya Ali Madad.

  8. Agr To Aap ka aqida ye hain k hamaray imam a.s is dunia mein nauzbillah mojood nhi hen to jis ki marzi hai ap taqleed karen. Lekin Ye maloom hotay huay k Hamaray Barven Imam Janab Mohammad Mehdi (A.S) zinda hen hen or wo hamaray waqt ka Imam hen to un ki mojoodgi men kisi ghair masoom ki taqleed kesay ho sakti hai?

    • salam plz shw me one hadith wer it shws that taqleed is wajib mr mehdi taqleed sirf zaroorat ka naam hai and refer ayatollah khumeineis tawzeehul masail that there is no taqleed in usooley deen so just do taqleed in furuedeen n move dont believe this khameinei bcoz he is the main fitna in our religion and one more thing just tell me or shw me one proof that wen u die qabr mein tumsey taqleed par sawaal hoga c sirf jo aliyun waliyulla par eimaan rakhta hai wohi halali bakhi toh bas thode jahil hai ya mola ki mohabbat mein andhey hain magar ye log dozagi nahi hain kyunki they are against marjas not against imam .so though if they r wrong unko dandey padhengey lekin woh jahannumi nahi hai got it answer me or wana have debate with me plz merey id pe reply karo nasirhusain14@yahoo.com

  9. taqleed means to follow someone on only one condition taqleed is not wajib if ur able to get mukammal knowledge about islamic rules n regulation so that we can make it by our own which is next to impossible as people are busy in their dunyavi work.
    ex if ur in an unknown place and u dont know the way then will u find the way without asking anyone or will u ask the guidence of other people to show u the corect path,
    so to take guidence is called taqleed and if those who dont do taqleed they r 10imami because there is a hadith of 11and12imam regarding taqleed as wajib.
    these akhbaris are agents of america and israel to create tafrqa amoungs shias and misguide them easily.
    i request all shia brother to protect themself from akhbari

  10. i want to ask them why dont they sit for a debate with are shia aalims and why do they just go on misguiding our shia brothers who dont have much knowledge about our deen.
    the main problem is in our shia brothers who easily get misguided by their false ownmade hadis

  11. Salaam Alaikum shabbir ye Aliyan waliullah ka jawaab ye hai
    Agar tum keh rahe ho 14 Masoom sab 1 hai, i realy agree upon u. Avallaona mohammad aousado na mohammad akhirona Mohammad, to Sirf Mohadur rasoolillah keh kar ruk jaane mei kya harj hai.
    tumne hi kaha na on st jan k Aap 1 imam ka naam le ye dusre ka sab 1 hai to ye sirf 12, 1 nahi hai ye 14, 1 hai.

  12. Salam Mehdi, i do agree wid dis, y dey dont do debate wid us
    n u can c thier website : in dat they have given a blong “Ansqer dis ?”
    but u r not facilitate wid d answer u cant give dem answer u just can read thier ?
    n the impact of dis ? on young brothers is extreme

  13. On to u waseem haider ur reply of 30 dec 009 ?
    Imam zinda hai to unhone apni Gaibat mei 4 Naib-e-Imam q Appoint kie the.
    wat u will say abt dis?
    iska matlab nauzobillah tum ye kehna chahte ho imam ne Tab Chutti li thi, mazerat k saath Arz karna pad raha hai ye baat

    Agar mei Imam ki Hadith pesh kardu jismei saaf saaf likha hai
    u have to follow dat guy who hav eyes on our hadith n Quran verces>

    n condition abt dis marjaa<
    inhei 14 masoom ki life history n unke Zamane k Raviyo ki life sab pe study karni hoti hai
    maslaan agar tumhei mei 1 raavi ki kissa sunao to tumhara Aql kabhi us tarah sochegi k ye Ravi kaun hai kis kabile se taluk rakhta tha kya umr us dauran, kya logo ki rai thi iske liye
    have u ever think abt it
    but dis Marjaa HAve to
    kya jawaab doge 12 imam ko jab sawal kiye jaaoge.
    ye keh sakte ho mujhe us hadith ki Tashree nahi mili so meine Amal nahi kara.

    if u dont want to b taqleed thn u should b much educated as Dis Marjaa's samjhe
    or is baat se to nahi jhutla sakte ki itna padhne ki kya zururat.

  14. Or ye Alyanwaliullah jab marjaa kehte hai mustahab hai to wats d matter
    ye Apni Azaan mei baqae Aliyawaliulla ka Wird karte hai

    kya Waseem tumne aaj tak janne ki koshish ki K In Marjaa ki Namaz dekhe Aqamat sune
    fir q bura bhala
    ya ye kehdo apne aap ko sahi sabit karne ka isse badiya tarika nahi hai , bus dusro ko bura bol lo

  15. SALAAM bro main aik tu akhbari nahi hoon and donot know about them
    just mere tu mind main yeah hai ke ager kisi NABI KI NABUVAT oar kisi RASOOL KO RISLAT MOLA ALI (AS) ki walayat ke begair qabool nahi tu hum gunah garo ki namaz kia qabool ho sakti hai

    • salam
      ji aap ilkul sahi kah rahe hain jab anbiya w rasool ki nabuwat w resalat baghair walayate ali as ke qbool nahi hai to hum gunahgaroon ki namaz kya qubool hogi
      lekin is ka matlab ye to nahi hai ke namaz men shahadat se hi wilayate ali as ka iqrar hota hai warna nahi
      hamare yahan ” yani shia isna ashari ” me aqal nahi balke kirdar rasool se kam liya jata hai aqal to bahut kuchh kahti hai lekin zaroori ye hai k allah aor us ka rasool bhi wahi kahe tab qabil e qubool hai warna nahi hai agar rasool ne namaz men padha ho to batayen apni aql na lagaye khuda k waste
      khuda hafiz

  16. I totally agree with you my brother. Men b yahi kehta hoon k ye fitna peda kis ne kia hai? Us ko dhoonden or us per or us ki tamam nasal per lanat karen. Ye fitna peda krnay wala khud ko kitna bara Shia ya Aalim kioon na kahay wo hai HARAMI. kioon k Rasool Pak ka irshad hai k Ay ALI ap say Halali Mohabbat karay ga or Harami ap se bughz rakhay ga. Khawa wo koi b ho. Shiat ka libada Orh kr logon ko gumrah krnay walay khood ko Aalim kehlwa rahay hen.

  17. To you Syed Abbas.

    Sab se pehlay ap books men dekhein k jin 4 afrad ki ap bat kr rahay hen wo Imam (a.s) k NAIB nhi balkay WAKEEL thay or na un logon ne khood ko kbi Imam (a.s) ka NAIB kaha balkay wo khood ko WAKEEL kehtay thay. Kion k Imam (a.s) Masoom hotay hen or un k NAIB k leay b Ismat Yani Masoom hona shart hai. Imam ka NAIB koi nhi hai wo log WAKEEL thay. Or aik or bat k Aakhri WAKEEL ne to ye b kaha tha k mujhe Imam (a.s) ne Hukam Dia hai k apnay baad kisi ko apna Jansheen Muqarar na krna. Agar ap k pas waqt ho to Mola ALI (a.s) ki aik Hadis hai jo k HADESS E TARIQ k nam se mashoor hai us ko parh lejeay ga zara. Or Us men Imam (a.s) k jo laqab hen wo Parheay ga or phir Dekhiye ga k yeh tamam k tamam tamam Laqab in logoon yani Marajon ne apnay namoon k sath lagaey huay hen.

    Aik baat kahoon k un Azim Logon ne Khood ko Imam (a.s) ka NAIB kehnay ki Jisarat nhi ki to phir is zamany k logon k sath ham Imam Ya Naib Imam k alfaz kis tarha laga sakty hen. Kis ne haq dia hai in logoon ko ye alfaz apny nam k sath lagany ka. Doosra Ap keh rahay hen k Maraj’s k pas Knowlege hai. Kia Cretaria hai aik Maraja ki degree hasil karny ka? Kitna knowlege hota hai aik Maraja k pas.

    Kis ne haq dia hai in logon ko deen men fatway denay ka? Or Hazoor (SAWAW) ki hadees hai k Ilam Hasil Karna Tamam Muslmano per farz hai us men tamam Muslman aa jatay hen.
    Or reh gai bat ravioon ki to Ye Tamam Tariqa to Ahl e Sunat say lia gia hai to is lehaz say yeh to hai hi mashkook chiz. Kioon Masoomeen (a.s) ne farmaya hai k Hamari Hadis ko Quran K sath milao agr milti hai to theek hai warna aisi Hadees say hamara koi taluq nhi hai.

    Or Taqleed k baray men jis HADEES ki ap bat kr rahay hen Mujhe wo bata den please.

    AP ne kaha k Maraja’s apni azan or Aqamat men Ali Un Wali Allah kehtay hen. Janab agar Azan or Aqamat men kehtay hen to Namaz men kioon nhi kehtay? Ye Doghli Policy kioon. Baqi 2 Shahdaten to her jaga detay hen lekin teesri shahadt sirf azan or aqamat men kioon namaz men kioon nhi? Ye sirf Mola Ali (a.s) se he bughz or dushmani kioon hai in logon ko?
    Ap ne kaha k ye 14 k 14 Mohammad hen to phir Hazoor (SAWAW) ki gawahi hi kafi hai agar yeh aik gawahi hi kafi hai to phir Azan or Aqamat men ap MOLA Amir (a.s) ki gawahi kioon day rahay hen wahan b Mohammad Ur Rasool Allah keh den bas. Or aik or Mashwra be deta hoon men k kioon na Shia b Ahl e Sunnat hi ban jaen kioon wo b Hazoor (SAWAW) ki gawahi to detay hen na Azan or Namaz men or DAROOD b parhtay hen. Is baray men kia khial hai ap ka?????

    Or Aakhir men aik sawal krna chahoon ga Aap say. Aagha Kohmeni K nam k sath IMAM ka lafz kioon bola jata hai? Ye Kis tarha k Imam hen? Mera matlab hai ye Imamat ki konsi QISM hai.

    • salam,
      wasim sb yeh sab lawzoon kae khael hain aur isko samajhne kae liya Ilm aur sahee neeyat ki zaroorat hua kerti hai.

      Jis tarah sae Aalim lawz ka istemaal loog kiya kertae hain, Ilem rekhne walae kae liyae woh sirf samajhne ki baat hai, warna Aalim Maula Ali(a.s) kae liyae hi istemaal sahee hai. Mukammal ilem rekhne wale ko Aaalim keha ja sakta hai.

      Yeh nayab e Imam (a.s), ko aap yeh na samajh lein ki yeh Imam Jaisae hain. Balki Imam (a.s) aur quran ka hukm hai jis kae paas sabsae zyada ilem ho us sae sawaal kero aur unki batoon pae amaal kero. Yeh nayab, mujtahids wahee shaksiyat hain aur hamko jahiloon ki bajae mujtahids ki baat maan ni chaiyae. yahee taqleed hai.

  18. On to Your Mr. Mohammad.

    Acha to ye lafzoon ka masla hai or aap ne ye b likha k iss ko samjhny ky leay ilm or sahi neyat ki zaroorat hoti hai. Ilam ka matlab hai her chez ka ilam rakhna ab men agar ja k un say ki SCINCE k maslay pr baat krna shuroo kar doon to un ko SCIENCE ka ilam nhi ho ga. Aap k Khial k mutabiq Hamari Niyat theek nhi hai. Khair Ye To ALLAH hi behtar janta hai ya us Ki MASOOM Hastiyan hi janti hen ki kiss ki kia niyat hai.

    Or doosri baat ap ne ki k jiss k pas sab se ziyada ilam hai uss ki baat per amal karen to MASOOMEEN se ziyada ilam kiss k pass hai men b to yahi keh raha hoon k MASOOMEEN ki ataat karen or un ka hi hukam manen bus. Or aap ne NAIB Imam ki baat bi ki Yeh khood sakhta aqqaid aap apny ooper to Musallat kr sakty hen lekin Deen ki thori bohat samjh boojh rakhnay wala admi iss jaal men nhi phansay ga. Kioon k NAIB ka lafz agar un logoon ne khood use nhi kia to ye log un k leay ye lafz kioon istemaal kr rahay hen. Sirf apni Dokandari chamkany k leay. Ta k in ko b NAIB Imam kehlwany ka moqa mill jaye.

    Agar In MARAJA k pass aap k khial k mutabiq sab se ziyada ilam hai to Aik hi MASLAY per her Mujtahid ka 1 hi fatwa honay chahiye ye 1 hi maslay per her Mujtahid ka Ilahda Ilahda Fatwa kioon hota hai.

    Or Ham to iss aqeeday k qaail hen k baat Mujtahid ki nhi hamesha MASOOM ki manni Chahiye jiss se koi Ikhtalaf na ho.

    or agar taqleed k baray men MASOOMEEN ki koi hadees mojood hai to Mujhe Dikha den Kisi b kitaab se???

  19. Zahoor e Imam Qaaim (ajtf) se qabal jo jhanda Buland ho ga Samjh lo k us ka buland karnay wala Taghoot (Shaintan) hai. Jo ALLAH Azawajal K Ilawa Kisi or ki Parastish karta hai.

    Imam JAFFAR SADIQ (a.s)
    Behar Ul Anwar
    Jild 11, Page 287

    Ab aagary aap khood us jhanday walay ko dhoond len ye Imam e Masoom ka farman hai.

  20. Slm,
    wasim brother mein aap se kuch puchna chahta tha ki aap jo book ka naam le rahe he woh book ka naam bataenge jahan yeh likha hai ki 4 naib nahin balki wakil hai aur woh mohtabar(trustable) ravi(writer) hona chahiye na ki koi bhi
    ek naeb-e-aam hota hai aur ek naeb-e-khas hai aur imam ki hadis hai ki unke baad koi bhi naeb-e-khas nahin honga aur naib-e-aam appoint kiya gaya hai jo aam logon ke liye hota hai
    aap se kaun kehta hai ki namaz mein maula ali ka naam nahin liya jata tashahood mein khuda aur rasool ki gavahi ke baad salwat pada jata hai(allahumma salle ala mohammadin wa ale mohammed) jo tashahud mein wajib hai uske bina namaz mukammil nahin salawat sirf maula ali ke saath kul 12 imam ki gawahi di gai hai to yeh kehna galat hai ki namaz mein maula ali ki gawahi nahin di jati
    11 aur 12 imam ki hadis hai ki taqleed wajib hai aur jo taqleed nahin karta woh 10 imami hai bcz woh log hadees par amal nahin karte
    imam ki hadees hai
    (logon ko chahiye ki fuqaha means mujhtahid mein se jo shaqs apne aap ko gunahon se bachata hai apni deen ki hifazat karta ho apne nafsan khoaish ke gulam na ho aur ahkam e ilahi ki itaat karta ho is ki taqleed karein(book ehtejaj tabarsi part 2 page 263) for more hadis of our imam plz refer to tauze-ul-masail of ayatullah sistani in urdu
    may allah show them the right path(akhbaris)


    Sheikh Abdullah Maraghi Misri Apni Kitaab “Al Salafa Fi Amr Al Khulfa” me likhtay hen k Hazrat Salman Farsi Azaan o Qamat men Shahadat e Rasool k baad Wilayat e Ali Wali ki Shahadat day rahay thay jisay sun kar aik shakhs ne Hazoor PBUH se kaha k Salman ne to Shahadtain k baad Wilayat e ALI ki Shahadat di Hazoor PBUH ne farmaya jo kuch tum ne SALMAN se suna Khair suna.

    Issi kitaab men hai k aik shakhs ne arz ki k Ya Rasool Allah Abaazar Shahadat e Rasool k baad “Ashadu Ana Ali Un Wali Allah” kehtay hen. Hazoor PBUH ne farmaya Haqiqat yahi hai jo tu ne suna, Kia tu meray Ailan e Khum Ghadeer ko bhool gia jab k men ne khood ALI ki wilayat ka Ailan kia.

    Ab Aakhir men aik Riwayat Ehl e Sunnat ki Kitaab se biyaan karta hoon.
    Ehl e Sunnat k aik buland paya Aalim “ABU AL LAIS HERVI” apni kitaab “RIAZ UL SADIQEEN” men kehtay hen k Janab e Rasool Khuda ki zindagi men 6 mahinay ya 9 mahinay ki muddat men 5 martaba bil ittefaq Azaan men ye KALMA kaha gia. Baqol un k lekin Rafizyoon ne iss men dakhal andaazi ki wo ye kalmaat her azaan o Aqamat men kehnay lagay Halankay un ko ye maloom nhi k ye HUKAM mansookh ho chuka hai. Baray Baray Bazurg Sahaba apnay dor e Khilafat men ye alfaaz nhi kehtay thay balkay agar koi ye Kalmaat kehnay ki JURAT b karta tha to Hazrat “UMAR” usko sakhat saza detay thay.

    Mandarja Bala Tehreer se ye baat to waziha ho jati hai k “ALI UN WALI ALLAH” ko jab b roka gia Ya to UMAR ne khood roka ya Umar k kisi chahnay walay ne hi roka hai. Or aaj k doar men jo jo b Azaan, Aqamat or Namaz men ALI UN WALI ALLAH ko Juzav Samjhta hai wo UMAR ka hi Chahnay wala or CHAILA hai.


  22. Ya ALI a.s Madad.

    On to you Mr. Mehdi

    Sab se pehlay to ye k Jo Hadees aap ne likhi men us ko Sahi Tor per likhta hoon. I mean k wo jesay us book men hai uss tarha se likhta hoon.

    “Jo koi Fuqha men se apnay zaati melanaat Mehfooz ho. Apnay Deen ka Muhafiz ho. Apni Khuwahishaat ka Mukhalif ho or apnay MOLA a.s ka Matee o Farmanbardar ho. Awam ko ijazat hai k Uss ki Taqleed karen”

    Sab se pehlay k IMAM ne iss me laft Ijtehaad ya Mujtahid ka kaheen zikar nhi kia Balkay lafz FUQHA istemaal kia hai lehaza sab se pehlay ye jan’na chahiye k FAQEEH kissay kehtay hen. Imam HUSSAIN a.s ne Hazarat HABIB IBNE MAZAHIR ko Mard e Faqeeh keh kar Mukhatib kia hai Faqeeh k maani ko samjhnay k leay men 2 Ahadees bian karta hoon.

    Imam Jaffar SADIQ a.s ne farmya

    “Aadmi 2 batoon se FAQEEH hota hai “Jis ne Hawa o Hiras ko Chor dia ho Usay ye pata na ho k us ne kon sa kapra (cloth) pehn rakha hai or kia khaya hua hai. (Book Al Khisaal, Bab Khaslat Hahay Dogana, Hadees No. 22)

    mam Jaffar SADIQ a.s ne farmya

    “Ham Her Giz Un Ko FUQHAA Ka Darjaa Nahi Detay Jo MUHADAS Na Hoon. (Book Wilayat e Faqeeh)

    Ye jaan lena chahye k Imam JAFAR SADIQ a.s k dor men in alfaaz ka Istemaal Mujtahideen k leay shuroo ho chuka tha is leay iss hadees ki ahmiyat or b barrh jati hai IMAM k nazdeek Faqeeh se murad Mujtahid nhi balkay Sirkar ki Ahadees bian karnay walay ko kehtay hen. Lehaza Fuqhaa se muraad sirf un logoon ko lena paray ga jo Sirf AHKAM e MASOOMEEN logoon tak pohnchatay hen. Saray Fuqhaa b iss hadees kay misdaaq nhi balkay un k leay b IMAM ne chand Sharait lagai hen Jo Ye Hen.

    1. Faqeeh se Murad Mujtahid Nhi Balkay MUHADASS hai.
    2. Aisa Faqeeh jo apnay zaati melanaat se khood ko bachanay wala ho. (Jo Shaks deen me apni zaati raay or pasand na pasand ko dakhal deta ho ya jo deen k zareeay maal khata ho wo iss tareef men nhi aa sakta).
    3. Aisa Faqeeh jo apnay deen ki hifaazat karnay wala ho (Lehaza jo shakhs ghairoon k nazryaat ko apnay deen ki bunyaad bana lay or Quran o Hadees se sirf juzvi Taluq rakhay wo kiss tarha iss tareef me aa sakta hai?????? Balkay aisa shakhs to dohra mujrim hai aik apna deen kharab karnay ka or doosra apnay muqaladeen ka deen tabah karnay ka.
    4. Aisa Faqeeh jo apni Khuwahishaat ka Mukhalif ho. (Phir aisa skhakhs jo Hakumat or Riasat k leay haath paoon marta hai or hakoomat ko hi asal deen samjhay iss ki khatir lakhoon logoon ki bheent charha day wo iss tareef se kharij hai).
    5. Aisa Faqeeh jo apnay MOLA a.s Ka Matee or Farmanbardaar ho. (Ye shart to itni waziha hai k iss per tabsra karny ki koi zaroorat hi nhi. Jo shakhs apnay MOLA a.s ki mukamal att’at karnay ki bajaye Un ki mukhalifat per amaada ho or un k mutwaazi Qiyadat qaim kar rakhi ho or iss hadd tak logoon ki brain washing kar day k i iss k Qol per QOL e MASOOM per Tarjeeh denay lagen or ahkam e MASOOMEEN se Qata Taluq kar k iss ki TOZEEH ko hi apna deen eeman samjhany lageen wo shakhs Qati tor per iss tareef se bahir hai. Ye log Masoom k hukam k khilaaf fatwa detay hen or us per logoon se amal b karwaty hen. Mukhalif e Masoom donoo hen Amal Karwanay wala b or Amal Karnay wala b.

    Lehaza in tamam Sharait (Conditions) per poora utarnay wala hi iss baat ka Mustahiq hai k uss ki taqleed ki jaye kioon k wo apni taraf se koi hukam nhi deta balkay jo kuch b logoon tak pohnchata hai wo ye keh kar pohnchata hai k “MASOOM KA YE HUKAM HAI”. Lehaza iss ki taqleed Ba Mutabiq Irshaad e MASOOM dar haqeeqat MASOOM ki taqleed ho gi kioon k amal hukam e MASOOM per kia jaye ga na k iss k fatway per or yahi Taqleed hasb e Irshaad e MASOOM wajid hai Or issi Taqleed k baghair Qabooliat e Amaal Muhaal hai.

  23. Ya ALI a.s Madad.

    Taqleed k baray men aik or Hadees Bian karta hoon.

    “Ghair Masoom ki taqleed haram hai or Shirk Fil Ibadat k Zumray men Aati hai.” (Asool e Kafi, Kitab Aqal, Baab 19, Hadees No.1).

    Ravi kehta hai k men ne IMAM JAFFAR SADIQ a.s k samany Sura Toba ki Ayat 31 parhi or is ka matlab poocha “Unhoon ne ALLAH ko chor kar apnay Ulma or Darweshoon ko Rab Bana Rakha hai”
    Farmaya “Nasaara ko un k Ulma or Rahbaan ne apny nafsoon ki parastish ki dawat nhi di thi or agar aisi dawat detay to wo qabool na kartay. Magar un k Ulma ne ye kia k Halal ko Haram Bataya or Haram ko Halal. Puss unhoon ne apnya Ulma ki Taqleed ki or iss tarha la Shaoori tor per un ki Ibadat ki.

    Shahadat e Wilayat e ALI a.s k baray men aik or Riwayat mulahiza ho.

    From Book “Tanveer Ul Eeman by Mohammad Bin Yaqoob Kaleeni Writer of Asool e Kafi”

    Hazrat Khatmi Martabat Farmatay hen k Meraj per wapsi k waqt ALLAH ne Farmaya
    “Apni Ummat se keh dena k Ali Un Wali Allah meray or tumharay darmiyan WASEELA hai iss se Ghafil na hona. Or yaad rakho na tumhari Azaan Mukamal ho gi na Aqamat na NAMAZ, na roza na Haj, na Zakat na tumhari Wiladat na tumhari moat magar Zikar e ALI Ibne Abi Talib se.

    Mola ALI a.s Madad.

  24. Ab men Aakhir men aik Reference bian kar raha hoon.

    Al Qatrat o Min Behaar Jild 2 Page No. 93, per Ba Hawal Fiqa Majlasi ye likha hua hai k Imam JAFFAR SADIQ a.s apni Namaz men Tash’hud k doran ye Jumla Parha kartay thay.

    “Ash’had o Ana Rabi Nehm Al Rab Wa Ana Mohammada Nehm Al Rasool Wa Ana ALI UN NEHM AL WASI WA NEHM AL IMAM”

  25. Slm log sirf maula ali ki wilayat namaz mein kyun chahte hai kya unke baad hamare 11 ki bhi wilayat ka iqrar namaz mein kyun nahi karte kya unka martaba chota hai(nauzubillah) namaz mein agar tuul miley(lambi hojae) to namaz batil ho jati hai isiliye hum jo tashahud namaz mein padte hai woh wajib hai usse hum kul 12 imam ki wilayat ka iqrar karte hai. phir bhi agar koi shia mein tafrqa dalna chahta hai ex-israel,america aur unke agent jo shia mein mil gae hai tafrqa dalne ke liye woh yaqinan yazid ki aulad hai allah un logon par lanat kare aur deen-e-haq(shia) ki hifazat kare.

  26. sabse pehle faqih ka mana hai ki jo ilm-e-fiqh janne wala ho(yane huqm e shari ko quran,sunnat,aql aur ijma se sabit karne wale ko faqih kehte hai.
    har mujtahid hadees ke mutabiq hi fatwa deta hai.har hadees mohtabar nahin hoti hai kai hadees gair-mohtabar hoti hai jise gair-mohtabar ravi bayan karta hai.
    hum har hadees ko ankhein band karke nahi maan sakte hai aur hum puri tehqeeq bhi nahin kar pate ilm kam hone ki wajah se yaa itna waqt na hone ki wajah se.
    hamare mujhtahideen ko har ravi ke bare mein mukammal ilm hota hai jin ki badolat woh raviyon ke hadees ko dekhkar fatwa dete hai.
    har mujhtahid apne deen ki hifazat har tarah se karta hai chahe woh bahar ke log ho(america,israel etc) yaa andar ke log(akhbari,nusairi etc).
    hamare mujhtahideen jaise ayatullah sistani, ayatullah khamenai aur degar mujhtahideen.
    yaa allah in mujhtahideen ka saya hamesha hamare sar par qaem rakh.

  27. Mehdi Saab Men ne jo Reference aap ko books men se deay hen un ka Answer dain aap????? Aap jo kuch keh rahay hen men iss se ziayada aap k khilaf likh sakta hoon lekin men nahi likhoon ga kioon k men yahaan per masaail ko suljhaanay k leay aaya hoon na k mazeed bigaar peda karnay k leay.

    Or wesay be jo b Mola Ali a.s ko nahi manata wo Hazoor ki hadees k mutabiq “HARAMI” hai chahay koi b ho.

    Or Muhtahid ya Faqiha ka matlab aap ne apnay toar se kesay nikaal lia Men ne to Hadees bian ki thi Imam JAFFAR SADIQ a.s ki us se sabit kia tha k Faqih ka kia maltlab hai iss ka matlab ye hua k aap in MUJTAHDEEN ko Nauzbillah Masoomeen per b tarjeeh detay hen.

    Jo Koi be AAIMA (s.a) ki baat chor kr kisi Ghair Masoom ki baat manay wo Yazid ki Nasal men se hai or Israel or America ka Agent hai

    Or aap ne ye b kaha k Mujtahid Hukam e Masoom k Mutabiq Fatway deta hai men aap ko aisay kai fatway dikha sakta hoon k jo Hukam e Masoom k Bilkul Against (Khilaaf) hen.

    Namaz men Ali Un Wali Allah ko dakhil karnay se aap ki Namaz batil hoti ho gi ham to iss ko wajib samjh kar parhtay hen kioon k Doghli policy Ehle Khilaaf ka kaam hai hamara nahi Kalmay men Ali Un Wali Allah Hai, Azaan or Aqamat men hain leking Namaz men Nahi hai ye Doghlai policy hai

    Or ye jo Ijma ka zikar aap ne kia hai to ye bilkul ghalat cheez hai iss k Fiqa Masoom se koi Taluq nahi hai Yeh Ehl e Sunnat se lia gia hai or iss k mutabiq yani Ehle Sunnat to ye b kaha hai k Imam Hussain ko Qatal karnay ki waja se Yazid kafir nahi hua kioon k iss per tamam Ulama ka Ijma ho gia hai ham Ijma ko nahi Mantay kioon k ye Ehle Khilaaf ki pedawaar hai or iss ka hamaray deen se koi taluq nahi hai

    Or Mehrbaani kar ka Jo Sawalat men ne keay hen un k jawabat den Ghair Hasil Behs se kuch hasil nahi hota Or Ghair Zaroori baten mujhe aap se ziayada aati hen.

  28. salam brothers

    zindagi agar hai to ali ki wilayat ki wajeh se hai wilayat na hoti to kayenaat na hoti kayenaat na hoti to nabuwat na hoti nabuwat na hoti to namazein na hoti namazen na hoti to jannat na hoti janat na hoti to ajood na hota jab wilayat se bina kuch na hota to kuch logun ki nammaz waliyat ke baghir mukamill kise hosakti hai

    ya ali madat

  29. the aakhbaris are absolutely right all the mujdahid are bastards they bark just to gather khums from innocent people. just a simple question is that what is the process of choosing a marjaa? if its by voting, voting was also done in *saqeefa so you people are using the same method as saqeefa and as you know the history of saqeefa it was voted to choose next khaleefa and that chose umer, abubakar,and usman similar to your khamnai,khomeni,seestani…….

  30. may waseem sab ki baton sa sehmat hon q k ma suni say shia convert hoa tb mane dekha k yahan to hal or bi bigra hoa hai bus mera aqeeda tha k mola ko pokaro mola madad karen gen ,. mane parhna shoro kia nahjul balagha ma imam ali a.s ne moftiyane den e islam ma ikhtilaf e rae ka khtaba to us ma mojtehden ki koli khol kr samne a gae or ab ye kehna k wo to bani ummaya k liy kahatha ya us dor k liy to phir bhai namaz bi or degar ehkam bi us dor k liye thay. jahan tk ali un wali allah ki bat hai to sorah marij ki 31ayat sa ap parhany to lafaz hai arbi k shahadathum or ye lafz arbi ma 3 ya 3 sa zaid k liy estimal hota hai trjuma hai or jo l9g shahadten daten hen or apni namazon ki hifazat krte hen. bhai ab teen hoi ya nhi namaz ma jesay 2 zohreen thek to hoga shahdteen 1 hoga to hoga shahadat or 3 ya 3 sa zaiad to shahhadathum ok mera email hai ahsan_raza_110@hotmail.com

  31. Assalamalaikum! bhai log u people are having the problem of akhbari is a small problem. come to chennai or bangalore there is a religion groups named ‘malang’ which does all the activity of a ‘nausari’ but they are in shia group which say “Ya Ali Madad” instead of salam. Rehbar does not have to look at only these problem as he the rehbar of the world and he has to see the political issue of the world mainly america. i would rather say that you people do not go against akhbari as they will confuse u people and will not tell the real thing.

    • O janaab aap joh bhi ho khush hona chahiye k aap wahan k logh Maula Ali(a.s) ka naam lerain na…ap kyu jalrahe ho maula ka naam agar woh logh lete hai toh. kyu aap ku maula ka naam nahi maloom ya phir apki fitrath me nahi hai…..wah re bhai kaise lgoh hai maula ka naam bhi liye toh jalrain ab.aap logh bhi sunnath jammath se hogaye hai…..

    • W.salaam To all momineen

      Beshak Azadri Afzal hai kyunke agar aap namaaz bagair padhe k marjaye toh uski adaye gi aap k aaal karsekti hai( ab unki marzi chahe woh khud ada kare yaa phir koi dusro se hadhya de kar padhaye) magar aapki azadari aap hi ko karna padhta hai…bagair maula Ali(a.s) ki wilayath or imam ki azadari bagair jannath me toh kya aap Khabr me chain se nahi reh sakte……


  33. ary ap sub log ek esi bt par behass kr rahe hai ke jis ka koi faida nae hai …. ! hum sub ko maloum hai ke farowye deen mai a0wal namaz hai 0r azadari ka koi zekar nae hai is lie azadari namaz se bar kar nae hai … fazul bt par behas kr ke ap log sub ko confius kr rahe hai plz haqiqat ko dekhen ke aj ke do0r mai kia ho0 raha hai … o0r hame is waqt kis bt par discusi0n karni chaie ….. hamary shia bhai he apas mai laren ge tou kia ho0ga deen ka jis ko bachne ke lie imam ne apni jan de di hai…. think about it plzZ……!!!

  34. Mr. Ali tumhen apna naam badal kar moavia ya walid rakh lena chahiye aisi bakwaas namaz k khilaaf kartay huay sharm aani chahiye tumhen
    jaantay ho Maula Ali(a.s) ki namaazo ki haalat, har raat 1000 rakaat parhtay thay Maula Ali(a.s) magar phir b ghurur o takabbur nahi kiya balkay hamesha Khuda k saamnay ijz o inkisaari dikhaayi.
    Maula Hussain(a.s) jin ka matam kartay ho jaantay ho unki namaz ki haalat, idhar asr ka waqt hua idhar Imam(a.s) ne talwaar apni miyaan mai rakhi, aur sajda e Khuda mai jhuk gaye, aur isi sajday k dauraan Imam(a.s) shaheed kar diye gaye,
    Bibi Zainab(s.a) jin ki aseeri ko rotay ho jaantay ho unki namaazon ki haalat ,
    bin palaan oonthon per namaz parhi hy Sayyeda Zainab(s.a) per aur tum aaj ke choorhay musalli namaz ki mukhaalfat krtay ho, jaantay ho namaz ki qaza kiyun hy aur azadari ki qaza kyun nahi hy, kyun k namaz ka waqt moaiyan hy uss waqt per nahi parhi to qaza waajib hy, azadari ki qaza iss liye nahi hy k azadari mustahab hy sawaab ka zariya hy, jis tarha nafal namaz kisi bhi waqt mai adaa kar saktay hain azadari kisi bhi waqt ki jaa sakti hai, Namaz e Juma wajib hy Juma ko hi parhi jaaye gi to jaaiz ho gi warna budh ko parhi jaaye to moavia ki sunnat mai shumaar ho jaaye gi.
    5 namazen wajib hyn, agar 5 bajay namaz ka waqt hy to 5 bajay se waqt e aakhir tak parhni laazim hy warna qaza wajib hy. Tasbheeh e Zahra(s.a) mustahab hy taakheer se bhi parh li jaaye to koi ashkaal nahi. isi tarha azadari subha 8 bajay kar lo ya raat 10 bajay mustahab hy sawaab mai koi kami nhi lekin namaz ki qaza karny se sawaab kam ho jaata hay, Afsos hy k Aimma(a.s) ne 51 rakaat namaaz parhnay ki taqeed ki aur tum namaz ko hi mitaanay chalay ho. Khuda zaalimeen per lanat karay. aameen
    Imam Jafar Sadiq(as): “Mein tmhy Taqwa aur Parhezgari ki wasiyyat karta hon, Rah e Khuda mein Koshish ki, Sach bolnay, Amanat-dari, Taweel Sajday aur Parosiyon se achay Sulook ki Talqeen karta hon.

    Kyonke Jab loag tum ma ye Khoobiyan deikhen ge tou kahenge k ye Jafari (shia) hai. Mjhe is bat pe intehai khushi hogi. Loag kahen ge k dekho Ye hai Jafar Sadiq ki tarbiyat ka Asar.

    Lekin tum agr weisy nhi Jesa meine kaha hai to tab b Kahen ge k ye Jafar Sadiq ki tarbiyat ka Asar hy.”

    (Wasail-ush-Shia v8, p389)

    Aik dafa kisi shakhs ne Imam Jafar Sadiq(as) k samnay aik Shia guroh ki tareef ki Or unko paak pakiza kaha. Aap(as) ne pucha: “kya un meinse jo dolatmand hain wo apne Ghuraba ka khayal rakhty hain?”

    Jawab diya gya k bohot kam.

    Imam(as) ne phir pucha: “Un meinse jo Mukhayyar hain wo Mohtajon ki madad karty hain?”

    Jawab diya gya: “Aap aisi batein kr rahy hain jo ham ma kam payi jati hain.”

    Aap(as) ne farmaya: “Phir wo loag apne aapko Shia kaisy kehty hain?”

    (Usool Al-Kafi, vol2 p173)


    Imam Jafar Sadiq(as):
    “Apne kirdar se loagon ko (Mazhab e Haqqa) ki taraf dawat do. Takeh wo tum loagon ma Parhezgari, Allah ki taraf raghbat, namaz aur nekiyan deikhen. Ye batein auron ko tmhari taraf Jazb kary gi.”

    (Usool Al Kafi, v2 p78)

    Kya ye Qualities ham ma Moujood hain? Hamary Aamal se mukhalifeen Mutasir hoty hain ya Mutanaffir?


    Imam Jafar Sadiq(as):
    “Wo Shakhs hamara Shia nhi Jo Zaban se tou Shia honay ka izhar kary mgr kirdar aur Aamal ma hamara mukhalif ho.

    Shia wo hai Jo dil aur Zaban, dono se hamara mawafiq ho. hamary Aasaar aur kirdar ki pairwi kary. Yehi hamary Shia hain.”

    (Wasail-ush-Shia, v11 p196)


    Imam Jafar Sadiq(as): “Hamary Shion ko 3 Mawaqay pe aazmao;

    1. Jab namaz ka waqt ho tou dekho k wo kaisy Namaz ki muhafizat karty hain

    2. Raaz-dari k muamly mein k wo kaisy apne Raz hamary dushmano se chupaty hain

    3. Apne Maal ko kharch karny k muamlay ma k kaisy wo apne bhaiyon ki madad karty hain.

    (Bihar-ul-Anwaar v83, p22)


    Imam Raza(as): “Jo koi ye Gumaan kary k Allah Taala ne khalq karny aur Rizq dainy ka ikhtiyar Rasool(saww) aur Aimma(as) ko day rakha hy, wo shakhs Tafweez ka qayil hai aur Mushrik hai.”

    (Bihar-ul-Anwaar v25 p329,
    Uyoon Akhbar ur Riza)


    aik dafa kuch loag Mola Ali(as) ki khidmat ma aaye aur aapse kaha k ham aapke Shia hain.

    aapne unko ghor se dekha or kaha: “kya baat hy mjhe tum mein Shion ki alaamaat dikhai nahi de raheen.”

    pucha gaya k Shion ki alaamaat kya hoti hain?

    Aap(as) ne jawab diya: “Bhook ki waja se unke pait pusht se lagay hotay hain or khof e khuda ki waja se unki aankhon ki basarat kam ho jati hy.”

    (Bihar ul Anwaar, v41 p4)

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