Imam mohammad Taqi(a.s) (40 Hadith)

251.jpgFascinating Discourses of the 14 Infallibles (AS),
(Islamic Propagation Organization, Translated by Javed Iqbal Qazilbash Ansariyan Publications)
Imam mohammad Taqi(a.s)
(40 Hadith)

1) The one who trust upon Allah, He shows him pleasure&felicity (make him Happy). And the one who depends upon Allah, He suffuice the matters of his life. And the trust upon Allah is a fort where is no body except a trustworthy faithful gets accomodated &placed.
And trsut in Allah is a slavation from all evils & safety from all the enemies. And religion is the source of honour, & knowledge is treasure.And silence is a light . And the apex & climax of abstinence is avoiding sin. & temperance and fear of God.
And there is no destruction for religion such as innovation (heresy)
And there is nothing most spoiling & decaying for man than greed. And the people (matters) are corrected & set right by the rulers. And the supplication moves away (deviates) the calmities & disasters..
AYAN U SHIA (modern Print) vol 4 PG 35

2) The one who makes transgessor hopeful, the least of his punishment is deprivation. EHQAQ UL SHIA VOL 12  Pg 436

3) Allah revelated to some of the prophets: never theless, your piety in the world makes you easy & comfortable..
more over, your discoonnecting from the world & turning towards me makes you honourable by me. but have you ever made anyone your enemy for me. And made a friend for me? (ie for my sake). TUHFUL AQOOL Pg 456
4) the person who is present (sees) witnesses a matter & dislike it is like the one who is absent about it (hasn’t witnessed it ) and the person who is absent( at the occurance) of a matter & and is pleased & approved it is like someone who has witnessed. ( was present while it occured) TUHFUL AQOOL Pg 456

5) If the ignorant keeps silent, people would not differ.  EHQAQ UL HAQ VOL 12 Pg 432

6) It is sufficient for a man’s being dishonest that he becomes the trustee of dishonest ones. AYAN U SHIA New Edition vol 2 Pg 36

7) The one who lends ear to a speaker he has worshiped him. So if the speaker is from Allah’s side (speak the word of Allah) then he has adorned Allah and if the speaker is speaking from the tongue of satan then he has worshiped satan. TUHFUL AQOOL Pg 436

8) Delaying repentence is a deception & prolonging the period before making  repentence is an amazementful wandering. And adducing pretexts & making excuses before Allah is an annihilation. And insisting upon sin is being (considering oneslf ) safe from the scheme of Allah . And no one ever thinks  himself safe from the shceme of Allah except the community of loosers. TUHFUL AQOOL Pg 456

9) The beneficiences & benevolences Of Allah do not  become great (abundant) for a person except it that the needs of the people toward him become greater ( in number) so the one who does not bear (the burden of) those needs, puts his beneficiences into annihilation.AHQAQ AL HAQ Vol 12 Pg 428

10) Four Qualities  assist one upon practising, health and wealth & knowledge & devine grace. EHQAQ AL HAQ Vol 12 Pg 436

11) Do know that you are not away  from the sight of Allah, So see to it that in what condition you are living (sinfulness or piety) TUHFUL AQOOL Pg 455

12) The one who commits aggression & tyranny & the one who helps him upon it & the one who is pleased over it, all are party & participents in it. EHQAQ AL HAQ Vol 12 Pg 432

13) The person who gets wealthy by Allah’s (help’) people will be needy towards him & the one who guards himself against Allah’s forbidden acts people will love him. EHQAQ AL HAQ Vol 12 Pg 429

15) Trust in Allah is the price of every valuable commodity & the stairs to every lofty place. BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 364
16) How does he , whose guardian is Allah , get perished ? and how can he , who is beaing persued by Allah, gets salvation. EHQAQ AL HAQ Vol 12 Pg 436
17) Indeed, we do not find access to the love of Allah except by facing the enemity of lot many people.BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 363
18) And forebearence is the dress of scholar so do not get yourself dressedoff, it. BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 362

19) And if the scholars conceal & hide their admonition inside themselves & seeing the sprituality deed & gone astray they do not revive & give life & guide them then they are dishonest in their interiors.  BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 361
20) So i commend you to have fear of Allah (guarding against sins) since , there lies in it the safety & security from perishment & annihilation. And it is beneficial in confrontation & change of circumstances. Allah (swt) sustains that thing for man in which he is driven away by his mind throught his virtue of piety . and enlightens the darkness, blindness and ignorance of his servan’ts mind by his piety . And saved noah & and his companions in the arc (ship) by and  through piety. And saved saleh 7 hi8s companions  from th lightening & and those having patience are saved & secured by piety. BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 358
21) Beware of the company of  evil person since he is like a sword which is apparantly beautiful looking & its effect is bad (in spilling blood  on the way of falsehood). BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 364
22) The one who conceals the (way of) prosperity & progress from you has done enimity to you. BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 364
23) The honour of faithful lies in his needless from the people.BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 365
24) The one who acts without knowledge destroys & ruins more than rectifies. BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 364
25) The one who obeys his lustful desires  &  passions has helped his enemy  reach ( achieve)his wish. BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 364
26) The faithful needs three qualities , the grace and succour of Allah.  And an admonitioner & preacher of his own interior. And accepting the word of the one who admonishes him. BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 358

27) Modesty is the decoration of poverty & thanks giving  is the decoration of affluence & wealth. And patience & endurance is the ornament & decoration of calamity & distress. And humility is the decoration of lineage. And aloquence is the decoration of speech; committing to memory is the decoration of tradition. And bowing the shoulders  is the decoration of knowledge. And the decency & good morale is the decoration of mind. And smiling face is the decoration of munifence & generiosity. And not boasting of doing favour is the decoration of good deeds. And humility is the decoration of service.. And spending less is the decoration of contentment. And abondoning the meaningless & unnecessarily  things is the decoration of abstention & fear of Allah. AHQAQ UL HAQ Vol 12 Pg 434

28) Be firm  so as to reach the goal or get neared of it. BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 364
29) indeed the trustworthy & reliable brothers are the provisions & reshositores for eachother.BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 362
30) The supply of enhancement & abundance (of beneficience) from Allah does not get cut off till the thanks giving of servants gets disconnected.TUHFUL AQOOL Pg 457
31)The people of good deeds  are more needy towards practising them then those who have the need of them . Because they (good doers) have the reward , pride and memories of those deeds for themselves & and to their credit so the man who performs a good deeds fisrt of all it’s benefits reachs his own self. AHQAQ UL HAQ Vol 12 Pg 437
32) There are theree (acts , which make the servants reach the good pleasure & approval of Allah.
1) Plentifulness of repentence.
2) soft naturedness & forbearance.
3) Bundance of Alms giving.
And there are three acts  the doer of which does not repent. 1) Not making hurry 2) Taking advice 3)  Trsuting Allah while making decision.AHQAQ UL HAQ Vol 12 Pg 438
33)  The person who abandons conciliation with people so the undesirable (gloom, Misery, distress) gets nearer to him. BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 364
34)The man who does not know the ways of arrival & entry the ways of exit &exodus will tire & irk him. BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 364
35) The one who gets satisfied &contented with a thing before recognition & information so he has presented himself to annihilation, & a trouble  some & aweful. BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 364
36) The one who rides (the horse of ) lusty desire his faults & slips are irrepairable & uncompensatiiable. BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 364

37) The boon & benevolence which is not thanked for is like the sin not forgiven. BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 365

38) Good state & sound health is the best providence & grant of Allah. AYAN U SHIA MODERN PRINT Vol 2 Pg 36

39) Do not make remedy , for, a matter whose time of remedy has not yet come , for, you shall repent & bereave and ofcourse the (span) length of your ages do not grow & longivate But your hearts get hard.
Be merciful to your weak  & meak one. And  seek the mercy of allah by having mercy & beneficience upon them. AHQAQ UL HAQ Vol 12 Pg 431
40) And do know that indeed Allah is the all clement & all knowing & his wrath is upon the one who does not accept his pleasure. And verily the one who does not accept his grant is refused that. And the one who does not accept his guidence goes astray. BIHARUL ANWAAR VOL 78 Pg 359

Re presented By Syed Mohammad Masoom Abidi


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