Safarul Mudhaffar: Suffering Continues for Prophet SAWW

info.jpgProphet Muhammad SAWW declared “No Prophet has been harassed more than me”. Indeed, these words ring true to this day. Not only do the bigoted Televangelists spew out their venom against The Prophet SAWW, but also the terrorist outfits that kill, maim and cause mayhem on the pretext of defending The Prophet SAWW. The Prophet SAWW, according to Philip Hitti, never killed anyone even in battle, let alone to convert somebody to Islam. As the victor, he could easily have put Abu Sufyan and his cohorts to sword. Yet, he offered amnesty to those who did not want to accept the message of Islam. So, at the height of power and might, “The Mercy unto Mankind” spares lives of inveterate enemies of Islam and is of course compassionate and merciful, how then can his so-called devotees justify the carnage, murder and terror they wreak upon Muslims? How can there be a fatwa of lawful killing of Shi’a who are the real Muslimsand who have steadfastly adhered to The Prophet SAWW’s teachings?

Did The Prophet SAWW not seek “Mawaddata fil Qurba”? Did Allammah Zamakhshari not reiterate the hadith that one who dies in the cause of the Ahlul Bayt dies a martyr and one who shows enmity to Ahlul Bayt will never get the Mercy of Allah SWT? Who do the muftis who pronounce Shi’a as Kafir and “wajibul qatl”follow? Certainly not The Prophet SAWW . Did The Prophet SAWW not say that one who testifies to the shahadah is a Muslim and that a Muslim is one from whose hands and mouth another Muslim is safe? If The Prophet SAWW follows the Qur’anic norm of “saving one life is akin to saving a whole humanity and killing one life is akin to killing the whole humanity”, then whoever issues fatawi of bomb, kill, gun down, disrupt religious processions and worship services cannot claim to be a Muslim who follows The Prophet SAWW.

The carnage perpetrated on innocent pilgrims to the shrine of Imam Husein AS in Karbala and of Kadhmayn, Imam Musa Al-Kadhim AS and Imam Muhammad Taqi Al-Jawad AS in the outskirts of Baghdad as well as the wanton killing of Shi’a mourners in Quetta, Pakistan and in Afghanistan on Ashura Day have revealed their true colors as the enemies of The Prophet SAWW. American Muslim Organizations such as CAIR, MPAC and Islamic Center of Long Island, New York put out statements condemning the killings. In Iraq, Shi’a and Sunni ulamaa stood together to foil the nefarious plot of dividing the Muslims of Iraq and creating civil strife so that Satanic influenced can be snuck into the body politic of Iraq. Yet more needs to be done.

Imam Husain AS who, according to Josh Malihabadi, is not the champion of Muslims only but of the whole slumbering humanity, made sure the atrocities of Yazid would not be hidden by taking his family with him to Karbala. And it was the captive Imam Zainul Abideen AS, the brave daughters of Imam Ali ibn TalibAS, Hadhrat Zaynab and Hadhrat Umm Kulthum who shook the tryants’ throne. Nay, it was Sakina Bintil Husayn’s martyrdom in the dungeon of Damascus that proclaimed the doom of Yezid who used his might to attempt not only to destroy Imamah by killing Imam Husain AS but Nubuwwah by ransacking Madinah and Tauheed by sacking The Ka’aba. Yet, to this date Imam Husain AS’ memory is alive and fresh, Madinatu Rrasul is the focus of millions of Pilgrims and The Baytullah the Qibla of Muslims the world over. Where is Yazid? Where is his army? “Darbare Aam Kuja?” “Majlise sharab kuja?”

Hadhrat Zainab AS addressing the tyrant told him “O Yazid your days are but numbered”. This was in 61 AH. In 64 AH the tyrant died of pleurisy and his grave became the epitome of Hell. His dastardly deeds earned him eternal fire inside the grave and the French glass factory built on his grave earned him fire from outside too. Similar fate awaits those who perpetrate carnage and mayhem.

Safarul Mudhaffar is a month of suffering for the real devotees of The Prophet SAWW. The Prophet SAWW’s progeny that survived the massacre of Karbala was imprisoned in the dark, dilapidated dungeon of Damascus for a year. Imam Husain AS’ beloved four-year-old Sakina Bintil Husayn (also known as Ruqayyah) died and was buried therein. Safar is also the month in which the Fortieth day of Imam Husain AS’ martyrdom falls and this Day brings back profound memories of Ashura Day to the fore.

Safarul Mudhaffar is also the month in which The Prophet SAWW passed on to the Heavenly abode, leaving Muslims bereft of his fatherly love and guidance. This is also the month in which Imam Hassan Al-Mujtaba AS, the elder grandson of The Prophet SAWW was poisoned by his wife at the instigation of Mu’awiya ibn Abi Sufyan, the son of “eater of human liver”. When she had done his bidding, he reneged on his promise to marry her to his son, Yazid. And such a man is revered as Khalifatul Muslimeen?Safarul Mudhaffar is also the month of the shahadah of Imam Ali Al-Ridha AS whom the Abbasid caliph Ma’mun had appointed heir apparent and then administered poison concealed in grapes that he offered the Imam AS to eat. Such a person is also regarded as the caliph of Muslims? No wonder, we have murderers, bombers and criminal elements posing as champions of Islam today.

The suffering of the Ahlul Bayt AS and their followers began when The Prophet SAWW closed his eyes to the world and has been continuing for fourteen hundred years. Yet, despite all these atrocities, the name and mourning for Imam Husain AS will never cease for it is Allah SWT’s Will that keeps it alive. The butcher Saddam bombarded the shrine of Imam Husain AS in 1991 and declared ”La Shi’a baadal Yawm”. Today, the shrine stands, the Shi’a live and profess their faith. But where is Saddam? Where is the rat that cowered in a rat-hole and pleaded for his life when he was being captured? The man who looted his people to build lavish palaces ended up in a pathetic hole, whereas Imam Husain AS’ shrine is the convergence point of millions of pilgrims. Everyone utters Saddam’s crimes with curses, Imam Husain AS is saluted from near and afar with “Assalamu Alayka Ya Aba Abdillah”.

Herein is the lesson for the tyrants, potentates, arrogant rulers and bloodthirsty leaders: Do your worst, but you will never succeed to obliterate the Truth that is represented by the Shi’a of Imam Ali ibni Abi Talib AS because The Prophet SAWW proclaimed : “Al-Haqqu ma’a Aliyyun wa Aliyyun ma’al Haqq” and The Qur’anhas guaranteed that Truth shall always triumph. The torchbearer of Truth, Imam Mehdi AFS lives and when he reappears from his occultation falsehood will disappear and Truth prevail. Imam Mehdi AFS is the Twelfth True Imam to succeed The Prophet SAWW, as The Qur’an and many ahadith have proven beyond an iota of doubt.


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