What is a woman? And when is she most loved by Allah? by Maulana Sadeq Hasan

Translated from an Urdu speech by Maulana Sadeq Hasan
Once the Prophet while sitting with his companions in the
Mosques poses a question to them : “What is a woman?” All of his
companions try to answer the question according to their ability.
Yet, each of the answer is being rejected as “No, that is not the
correct definition of a woman”.

The companion Salman al-Farsi who was watching all this decided to
quietly slip away from the back door of the Mosque where was the
house of the daughter of the Prophet . Salman asks Lady Fatemah
(SA) the same question that was asked by her father . Having
taken the reply from her (SA) he returns to the mosque. When he sits
on his seat again the Prophet asks him the question again and
he replies:

“Oh! Prophet of Allah I have just brought the answer from your
daughter Fatemah (SA) and she has said that ‘a woman is her hijab’ ”
In other words, a second name for WOMAN is Hijab. The Prophet
was happy with this answer and said it to be the best one. Now he
asked his companions:

“Oh! My companions now tell me when a woman is the closest to Allah?”
Someone replied “When she is praying” another said “When she is
fasting” and yet others mentioned performing Hajj, giving alms and
zakat, being obedient to husband and parents. Everyone gives an
answer only to find it to be rejected. Once again Salman al-Farsi
slips out the back door to get the answer from the Chief of the Women
of Paradise (SA). On Salmans return he gives the answer that “My
master, I have once again asked your daughter for advice and she (SA)
has told me that; ‘A woman is closest to her Creator (Allah) when she
is in the inner most part of the house, that is, where the eyes of
the non-mahrams cannot reach her'”. Once again, the Prophet was
pleased with the answer given and said it to be the best one.

This is not to say that a woman should lock herself up inside the
house but it goes to show the importance of hijab and taking care to
keep oneself and ones beauty away from the eyes of those who are non-


One thought on “What is a woman? And when is she most loved by Allah? by Maulana Sadeq Hasan”

  1. I respect these ideas and beliefs but one question keeps on poping in my head…why those it seem(to me at least)that to be a good person you need to supress your sexuality?

    By sexuality I mean the ability to express one’s sexual feelings which leads to a certain understanding of onself which in turn,I believe, increase respect for one’s body.This expression I feel,helps us get in touch with ourselves and therefore help us develop psychologically.

    Why does the Islamic religion sometimes seem to portray sexuality as something negative????
    Too much of anything is bad but on the other hand supressing something natural(natural for me implies pure)sounds…strange maybe.


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