Addresses of Ayat khomeini & Gulpaygani about Azadari

Addresses of Ayat khomeini & Gulpaygani about Azadari

By: G. M. Khossa


A part of the address of the founder of Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatullah khomeini (ra) which he delivered in a congregation of waezin and zakireen of Qom on the first night of muharram 1400 hijri:

“It is admitted that haq is overpowering and successful. We should not limit to this slogan only but we should find out the hidden secret of overpowering of haq. We should see that what is the secret of our success. In front of us, we have a very long period of our history which is spread over from the period of hazrat Ali (as) till today. There was a time when our number was less rather very little. Now with the grace of Allah our number is large but not more as compared to other faiths but is much as compared to earlier ages. We have to see that what is the secret of integrity of shia nation, integrity of Islamic countries and integrity of shia governments? After discovering the secret we have to keep this in mind.

From among the factors of integrity of Muslim nation in general and shia school of thought in particular the great and most important factor is incident of karbala of the grand son of prophet (saww). It is a fact that the son of zahra (sa) has got the religion insured forever. Brother of zainab (sa) has got Islam insured with his deed. He has given protection to Islam from all aspects.

The uprising and the movement which you (imam Hussein (as)) initiated and the battle in which he himself was martyred but overthrew Umayyad concepts, the protection of this battle, movement and uprising is necessary. If we want to make our state and its freedom permanent then we have to protect this secret. And despite this hallucination of some of our suspicious youth that there was a time when it was political need to hold majalis e aza, now there is no need of this and weeping and crying should be stopped. We have to maintain these majalis e aza in our long history. These majalis e aza were being held in line with the orders of aaimmah (as) and this should be remained still now. Those people who consider these needless are involved in doubt and misunderstanding.

(Now those people who are against azadari, qamazani, zanjeerzani, and those who say that the blood being shed through zanjeerzani must be given to patients, and the money being spent on majalis e aza must be given to poor, should take a lesson from the words of Hazrat ayatullah khomeini (ra) and the following will of Hazrat Imam Muhammad baqir (as) because no limits have been fixed for lamentation or grief it is in accordance with nature) Will of Hazrat Imam Muhammad Baqir (as)

In the last moments of his life imam Muhammad baqir (as) says in his will that after my martyrdom noha khoani be performed at Mina during hajj days every year for ten years. Whats this? Was imam Baqir (as) in need of weeping and crying? For which purpose Imam Baqir (as) wanted to use weeping at Mina during hajj days?

This is the basic and worth-noting point and this is according to nature that when after martyrdom lamentation and weeping will be performed for ten years during hajj days, people will come from remote countries and when they will see the mourners weeping they will ask that mourners are weeping to whom? And why they are weeping? And when they will be told they will get awareness of oppression, oppressor and oppressed. From this, oppressed will get energy and oppressor will be disgraced. Like karbala we have also given young sons. We have to keep this point in front of us. (To be continued)

Some say that weeping and crying is useless what do they people think that is it just cry? Never its not so. This is a social and collective issue. Is ghareeb e karbala need crying? Why aaimmah insisted so much for azadari that hold congregations. The objective of shedding tears over ghurbat of ghareeb e karbala is only this that shia protect our faith, sect through azadari. Never think of any type of changes in mourning processions of ashur day; Never give these shape of anytype of long-march; maintain them according to our passed bright traditions with the same chest beating, matam and noha khoani rather with more magnificence. This is the secret of success. Loin-march is a political thing. Let it keep aside. Whole country should be imambargah, every man should be zakir and every person should be azadar. From where more than this unity will be found? Is there any nation in the world which is united like us? This unity is whose production? Courtesy to ghareeb e karbala.

Protection of the mourning processions of youm e hashtum, youme nahum and youm e ashur etc in all Islamic countries and muslim nations is very necessary. Well check properly non-Islamic affairs in these processions and Islamic affairs should be maintained.

You will not find such magnificent and great procession elsewhere. Which is that part of the world where such great processions are organized? Go to the countries Hindustan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq etc and view the magnificence and greatness of these processions and ponder that who has created this harmony. Don’t waste this harmony. Some people are colonial agents who want to make inattentive our youth from this harmony. Our these clean-hearted and dear youth will not give attention to these people’s satanic tactics. There was a time when these foreign people shattered our unity; created distance among ulema and young generation. They people had special aims. Their aim was to make us negligent.

They left their agents in ulema who to separate ulema from youth started saying that these clean beard are without religion. On the other their agents in youth started saying that these ulema are agents of English men. These agents increased mutual hatred by making such type of hatred remarks on both sides. Think over it that who got advantage of this definitely these people who wanted to enjoy their lives on our oil wealth. In this manner they create dissention among us; sow seeds of hatred to shatter our mutual unity. When this unity will split then they people will do as they like and then we could not do anything.

While muharram is near there is some utterance. May these be wrong. It is being said that from our generation or some youth who are the agents of others are saying that when one person recites majlis e aza then there is no need of another majlis. They don’t know that those who oppose azadari are the same who were the enemies of ulma e din; were against education in university; were against labourers in factories; were against farmers in the fields; these were the people who wanted to loot us; wanted to disgrace us. Our harmony in the event of Karbala is our basic center on world level; A life on international level. This is that incident with which we get united heartily. If we put this unity on right path we will succeed. We should respect the grace of this unity and our youth should pay attention to this.

Our youth should give special attention towards this. Still affairs are in our hand but colonial agents want to kill our most effective and active men one by one; want to eliminate our all centers of unity like majalis e aza, congregations in mosques and our weekly majalis e aza etc. if other countries want to create complete unity and harmony in every class of their nation, its completely impossible for them. If they people spend billions of dollars to create unity like our’s, it is not possible for them.

Our this unity is under obligation to ghareeb e karbala. Shaheed e karbala has united us; that sayed ush shuhada due to which we got unity, should we stop weeping him? Should we not express grief over him. Even though this weeping has bestowed us with the greatest wealth of unity. These are satanic tactics; and are satanic chewed morsels. These people want to snatch this great unity from us. Do not be trapped by them. O youth this azadari has given us protection till today; this azadari has saved our country.

It is the religious responsibility of ulma and zakreen to recite majalis e aza and they are under religious obligation to make their processions magnificent; matami groups perform chest beating; avoid anti shariah matters but matami groups should come on streets in every condition; perform matam and do whatever they were used to do in the past; protect their congregations. These are the congregations, which have protected us till today. In the same unity is hidden our life. Do not be defrauded by those people who say that why should we weep now? Keep in mind if we remain continue shedding tears over ghareeb e karbala till the day of resurrection even then it is not beneficial for sayed ush shohada but definitely beneficial for us.

Keep aside the benefit of hereafter just see worldly benefit. Our this unity is due to our this weeping over ghareeb e karbala. It is an attempt of colonial agents to snatch our center (Azadari). Out worldly these people are from among us and are pious. Simple people have been defrauded by them but these simple people do not know that whose hand is on those people back. Definitely the hand is of those people who want to make us in pieces; want to destroy us. We should awake from ignorance; our whole nation should awake. Another thing for which I would wish from the whole nation I would request every class of nation that we are facing such a strange enemy who want to shatter our this freedom and state.”

(Taken from Azadari az deedgah marjeat e shia By: Ali rabbani Khalkhali)


An address of Ayatullah al Uzma Aqa e Gulpaygani, who has also the honor of performing namaz e janaza of the founder of Islamic republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, and he recited shahadat e salsa in the janaza prayer over which Islamic republic of Iran stands witness.

The address was delivered on 23rd zilhajj 1399 hijri in masjid e azam Qum, to the preachers and students during the vocations of ashra e muharram.

He said: ” We (Allah) have specified dar e aakhrat with the people who nor arrogant on the earth nor commit destruction. And good end is for muttaqeen.

Every person of each class should help Islamic republic of Iran with his deed, character, wealth, pen and tongue but first of all masaeeb of ghareeb e karbla from beginning to end should be described and listened so that shia faith be not erased from the hearts of people.

There was a time when in Iran and other Islamic countries where there was shia population marasim e azadari could not be performed, and enemies of Islam were happy over our this negligence because with the blessing of this azadari people get awareness about their rights; preachers remind many forgotten matters; speakers tell the people way of living in the world along with religion and tell that what colonial powers are doing with us and how is looting us; people are made alert to raise voice against oppression instead of bearing oppression. As all these affairs go against the basic aims of the enemies of Islam. That’s why official planning was made to eliminate azadari in the period of raza shah I. An injunction order was issued against azadari in iran. Azadar (mourners) started performing azadari in their homes. Official spies come to see majlis e aza and then give report following which police come and arrest azadars. Take them in police station and torture them. Thus azadar go to villages like jamkaran for majlis e aza but majlis e aza had no protection there as well. People of UCID come on cycles and supervise majlis e azas lest zakir or speaker take the name of imam hussain (as). Situation was worst than this in the whole country. With the grace of Allah all these curbs have been ended and people have according to their nature arranged azadari, which was a source of revival of mission of imam hussain (as) and objective of Prophet hood with a fresh spirit and special thinking.

When they saw that these people do not abstain with force and torture from azadari, supporting zikre ahlebait e mazloom and fighting against oppressor they adopted the other path. They trapped unripe and immature youth compiling wrong sughra kubra from themselves saying that imam hussain (as) was not martyred to weep over him, what will be the advantage of weeping. These people are unaware of this reality that this was the weeping which was emphasized by aimmah. Aimmah said perform azadari of imam hussain (as) to fight against oppression and tyranny. This azadari shattered the joints of Umayyad government’s palaces of oppression. This azadari gave birth to great revolutions. This azadari faught against oppression. This azadari redressed oppressed and rooted out oppressor. Now these people want to stop simple and shortsighted people by above-mentioned arguments from azadari that is a silent sword against naked oppression.

Mind is prepared against oppression due to this azadari; and people get ready due to this azadari that they should give sacrifices jointly for religion, objectives of religion and collective and individual freedom. If a very short period passes without azadari you will see that yawning gaps have been created between people and religion; people would become negligent of Islam and objectives of Islam. If azadari is replaced with the chain of speeches and addresses then the fruits, which we are getting from azadari, we could not get even a minute part of that fruits. If required advantages be achieved but this chain could not move further for more time. Its effectiveness will come to an end. Every preaching is being done in every village, every city and every place through usool and majalis e aza. If azadari is not remained then there will be no such congregations. Azadari has become the faith of people. Azadari is faith. Azadari has included in the meat and blood of people. If an attempt is made to stop azadari then other type of majalis could be easily stopped.

Now a days in other countries i.e. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and iraq etc where there are even four shias they do such acts in ayam e aza (mourning days) that attention of all people definitely turns toward religion and objectives of religion; and greatness of Imam Hussain (as)’s Jehad becomes much clear. We continuously heard that in India (and Pakistan) mourners go to burning live coals saying ya hussain (as) and even a little sign of heatness is not viewed on their feet. Due to this surprising act of entering into the fire, hatred is being created in the hearts of people against oppression. Why they people do so? And for what they do? There is only one answer to this question and that is that they do so for imam hussain (as). Why they go in to fire? Why they perform matam and seenazani? Just because imam hussain (as) uprised against oppression. Imam Hussain (as) did so to reveal the oppression of oppressor.

But now a days we hear that these marasim e aza (mourning rites) are being joked and it is said kiddingly that fight against oppression by performing more matam, more chest beating and shedding more tears. If we keep aside our sight from all individual and collective benefits of azadari even then is this benefit is less? that every year a number of people getting impressed from azadari converted to shiaism. Especially such miracles happened in some places from which they (non shia people) get assurance of truthfulness of shia school of thought. Now our some dear youth who themselves are defrauded cheat others that azadari is neither wajib nor mustahab. Keep in mind that if any person goes to pulpit and does not recite masa’ib he has committed munkar (forbidden). Rebuke and snub him; inquire him that why he has not recited masa’ib.

God willing now when you will go to cities and districts then hold majalis e aza according to the past traditions rather with more greatness and magnificence. Give understanding to new generation getting it close to you with politeness that opposition of azadri is being done from the side of colonial powers; They people want to end azadari; Give attention to this point especially and pour this in the minds of people; During majalis stress upon stability of beliefs along with ahkam e shariah; Continue to give awareness to simple people about the evil deeds of colonial agents; Awake the people; Urge for the protection of Islamic values; Tell people the character of Lord of the Prophets (saww); Give people awareness of the character of aaimmah especially describe masaeb of aaimmah; only due to masaeb their (aaimmah) objectives get revival. Rahem Allah man ahya amrana – May Allah show His mercy upon whom who revive our hukm. Ala wa man maata ala bughze ale Muhammad (saww) maata kafiran, ala wa man mata ala bughze ale Muhammad (saww) lam yashum ra’ehatul jannah.”

(Taken from Azadari az deedgah marjeat e shia By: Ali rabbani Khalkhali)


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