Status of Sadaat and the Narrations of Masoomeen

Status of Sadaat and the Narrations of Masoomeen

All these Fazail have been endorsed by the following : (pg 95 – Anwaray Zahra by Agha Syed Hasan Abtahee student of the late Agha Syed Muhammed Hussain Borujerdi).

» Agha Hajj Sheikh Muhammed Kohastani
» Agha Aqahai Hajj Shiekh MujtabaQazvini
» Agha Sheikh Habeeb-ullah Gulpaygani
» Agha Aqahai Alhiyaan Qazvini
» Agha Hajj Syed Ali Rizvi
» Agha Aqahai Mullah Jaan Zanjani (Zavaar of Imam-e-Zamana -AS)

1. A Syed doing something good receives double reward then non-syeds. Imam Raza (as) has narrated through his grandfather Imam Ali bin Hussain ;

Lamohsina kaflahnay manal ajray wa lam sinaz zohfanay minal ahzaab

Those pious amongst us will be rewarded doubly and the non-pious will be punished doubly. (Anwaray Zahra – pg 270 Agha Syed Hasan Abtahee Mashadi)

2. To respect Sadaat is wajib on all non-syeds – Sheikh Sudooq – Ihteqaad. He has mentioned this as part of Shia Aqaid – therefore anyone rejecting this will mean their aqaid being incorrect.

3. Both Sunni and Shia muhadiseen have narrated that the Prophet said ; Love the pious (syeds) for the sake of Allah (SWT) and love the non-pious for the sake of Me. (Anwaray Zahra, pg 181, Agha Syed Hasan Abtahee Mashadi)

4. Sadaat and Hellfire : Allah (SWT) has made hell haraam for the offspring of Hz Fatima. ( Najashi, baabul-ein, narration by Imam Raza “innallah harmay lahmawaladay fatima alannaar”) also in Ma’ani al-akbar and Sawahaqa Mohraqa.

5. Khums another blessing for Sadaat which is haram on non-syed, and sadaqah of non-syed is also haraam “Dirt of hands”.

6. Ibn-e-Babuya says in Ayoonay Akhbaray Raza that the Prophet Muhammed said “The enmity of Ali if kufr and the enmity to Sadaat is Nifaaq. (What do you say to this brothers and sisters)

7. Jamia al Akbar, the Prophet narrates; the hateful of my offspring will rise up as Munafaqeen on the day of judgement and will be in the last pit of hell.

8. Mir baqar Damad in Minhajus sifvaa on the account of Sheikh Suduq narrates that the Prophet said “Those who showed even a small amount of enmity to my offspring and even disturb them however small, then I will not do any shifa for them (last line).

9. It is Wajib for ummat to stop any oppression against any Syed (Manladurul faqih – Anwaray Zahra pg 201 Agha Syed Hasan Abtahee)

10. Life shortens for that Person who oppressors Sadaat ( Anwaray Zahra, pg 203- Agha Syed Hasan Abtahee)

11. Sadaat should be loved more than your own family – Sheikh Sudook narrates Ahlal-e-Shariah, Anwaray Zahra pg 206, Agha Syed Hasan Abtahee)

12. It is Mustahab Moakda (highly desirable) for a Non-Syed to stand up for a Syed – Jamis ul Akhbar, – Anwaray Zahra pg 210, Agha Syed Hasan Abtahee)

13. Non-Syeds should not walk infront of Syeds; Sharah Irshad by Moqaddas Arbabaili (another father figure of all Marja’s) Anwaray Zahra, pg, 212, Agha Syed Hasan Abtahee.

14. To kiss the hand of Sadaat is Mustahab, Anwaray Zahra, pg 216, Agha Syed Hasan Abtahee.

15. To do Ziyarat of Sadaat is Mustahab – Amali – Sheikh Sudooq, Anwaray Zahra, pg 220 Agha Syed Hasan Abtahee.

16. Allah’s chosen tribe : Sadaat, Anwaray Zahra, pg 232, Agha Syed Hasan Abtahee.

17. Usul-e-Kafi : Imam Jaafar Sadiq narrates ; A Christian women who loved the Ahlai bait and who used to daily go and see them to offer her regards and one day Caliph Umar al-khattab met her and asked her where she goes daily. She replied “that I go to the Ahlai Muhammed for Tajdeed and salaam. Umer replied “go back” ahlai muhammed has no right any longer but all their rights were only in the time of the Prophet (SAW). A few days later she met ummul momineen Hz Umme Salma , and she asked her what the matter was and why you stopped coming, then she told her all about it. Hz Umme Salma replied ” that people have been mistaken, the right of Ahlai Muhammed is WAJIB on all ummat until the day of judgement.

18. All sunni and shia muhaddatheen have narrated the following hadith from ibn masood ; The love of just one day of Ahlai muhammed is higher than the worship of a whole year. Whoever dies in the love of Ahlai Muhammed is will enter paradise.

19. Sawahaqa Mohraqa ; Prophet Muhammed (SAW) narrates ; The one who dies in the love of Ahlai Muhammed will have steadfast and complete Emaan. The one who dies in the love of Ahlai Muhammed will be greeted by the angels just like newly wedded women is greeted. While the one who despises Ahlai Muhammad will be rejected of Rehmat (mercy) of Allah (SWT).

20. In Kamil-e-Ziyarat Hz Abu Zar narrates; One day the Prophet (SAW) was kissing Imam Hussain and saying, For the lovers of Hassnain and their offspring, the fire of hell will not be able to burn even though they have sins mounting the same as the sand on a desert. Offcourse any sin which is against Emaan then the love of Hassnain will be of no awail.

21. Manaqib-e-shehr ashoob – Prophet Muhammed (SAW) narrates; That Hz Gabriel heard from the Prophet on the day of the Marriage of Imam Ali & Hz Fatima , Allah (SWT) ordered the tree of Tooba to throw down your leafs. The tree did this and the angels took those noorani (shining) leafs and on the day of Qiyamat, will present them to the lovers of Ahlai Muhammed. Written on the leafs bara tu minannar.

22. Narrated by ibn hajars Sawahaqa Mohraqa that Prophet Muhammed (SAW) has said ” Do not forget the friendship of me and my Ahlai Bait. Whom takes the love of my Ahlai bait and departs this world he will be eligible for my shifaa and will enter paradise. I swear by one who holds my life, no ones acts of worship will be of any benefit without the love of Ahlai Muhammed.

23. Usul-e-kafi once Zaid bin Ali bin Hussain came with a letter from Imam Baqir and showed him the letter. At the end of the discussion the Imam says ” When talking about Ihtaat – obeying of command, it is bound by all the ummah to obey only one infallible Imam as it is Wajib but with regarding love then Allah (SWT) has made it Wajib on all the ummat to love the Ahlai Bait.

24. Sawarayka Mohraka ; The Prophet narrates ; Keep me and Ali as friends and whoever shows any enmity against any of the Ahlai Bait will be deprive of Shifaat on the day of Judgement.

25. In the book, Ayoon akhbaral raza Sheikh Sudooq has narrated a hadith from the Prophet (SAW) that the first question asked on the day of Judgement will be of the love of my offspring.

26. In Majalis al momineen (by Qazi noorullah shostri – Shaheeday thaalas (the father of all Marja’s) that the Prophet (SAW) said; That Allah (SWT) presented the love of Imam Ali and Hz Fatima and their offspring to all the creation. The ones to accept the declaration of love, Allah (SWT) gave them the post of Prophethood and the ones who accepted but did it later; Allah (SWT) made them the Shias of Aalai Muhammed. On the day of judgement Allah (SWT) will gather all of them together.

27. Sheikh Sudooq in his Amaali quotes a narration from the Prophet (SAW) who said; There will be seven feared placing where the love of Me and my offspring will benefit people. a) at the exact time of death, in Barzakh (time place between grave and resurrection), c) On the day of resurrection, where your deeds will be presented, d) When you will be given the book of your deeds, e) When your deeds will be started, f) When your deeds will be placed on the cradle of Justice and finally g) When you will be starting to cross Pulay Siraat.


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