Relating to the Master of Our Age (a.s.) Kamal al-Din (Completion of Faith) to the Master of Our Age (a.s.)

The situation before his emergence: Corruption, Innovation, Oppression, Excessive transgression and the power of the transgressors, lack of emphasis on obedience of Allah, spreading of evil, and open indecency.


Kamal al-Din (Completion of Faith)

Reported on the authority of Hasan b Ahmad b Idris from his father from Abu Sa’id Sahl b Ziyad al-Adamiy from Muhammad b Adam al-Shaibani from his father Adam b Abu Iyas from Mubarak from Faddalah from Wahb b Munabbah who attribute the tradition to Ibn Abbas, he said:
The Prophet said: When my Lord the Almighty ascended with me to the heavens he called upon me, “O Muhammad!” I answered: “I hear and obey O Lord of Grandeur!” Allah then revealed to me, “O Muhammad! Do you know why the great angels argued?”
“I have no knowledge regarding that my God”, I said.
“O Muhammad! Have you appointed a vizier, a brother, and Successor after you from among the people?”
I said, “O my Lord! Who shall I appoint? You must appoint someone for me O my Lord.”
Allah then revealed to me, “O Muhammad! I have chosen for you from among all the people Ali the son of Abu Talib.”
“O my Lord! He is but the son of my uncle!” I answered.
“O Muhammad! Ali shall be your heir, the one to inherit the legacy of knowledge from you, the bearer of the flag of praise on the day of judgement, the custodian of your pond from which any believer from your nation who passes by it will have his thirst quenched.”
Allah then revealed to me, “O Muhammad! Indeed I have made a true pledge upon myself that the one who harbours hatred for you, your household, or your pure progeny shall never ever drink from the pond. I say to you, I shall let all of your people into paradise except for the one from my creation that refuses.”
I said, “O my Lord! Can anyone refuse to enter paradise?”
“Of course!” He said.
“How can he refuse?” I asked.
He answered, “O Muhammad! I chose you from my creation, I then chose a successor for you giving him the same position as that of Aaron in relation to Moses except that there can never be another prophet after you. I then instilled his love in your heart making him the father of your grandchildren. Therefore, his right upon your nation is like your right upon them during your life. Whomsoever disputes his right has disputed with your right. Whomsoever, refuses to support him has refused to support you, and he who refuses to support you has refused to enter paradise.”





I then fell down in prostration, showing my gratitude to the Almighty Allah for the great favour upon me. At that same time a voice announced, “Raise thy head O Muhammad! Ask of me and I shall grant it!”
I called, “O my Lord! Unite my people after me under the leadership of Ali the son of Abu Talib so that they may all come to drink from my pond together on the day of judgement.”
“O Muhammad! Indeed I have decreed upon my servants before I created them and my decree shall come to pass. I shall destroy with it whomsoever I wish and I shall guide whomsoever I wish. I have granted him your knowledge after you upon your family and nation as a firm decision from me. I shall let enter paradise whoever loves him and I will not allow into paradise whoever hates him, fights him, or disputes his leadership after you. Whoever angers him angers you and whoever angers you angers me. Whoever wages war against him has waged war against you and whoever wages war against you has waged war against me. Whoever loves him has loved you and whoever loves you has loved me. I have granted him this favour and I have granted you the favour of producing from him twelve rightly guided personalities and they are all from your progeny from your pure daughter. The last man from among them will have the honour of leading Jesus the son of Mary in prayers. He shall spread justice on earth just as evil and oppression had been widespread. It is through him that I shall save men from destruction and through him that I shall guide them from darkness. I shall grant sight to the blind through him and cure the sick.”

I said, “O my Lord and Master! When shall that be?”
He said, “This will happen at the time when knowledge vanishes while ignorance is rife, the number of those who preach what they do not practise will multiply, and good deeds will be scarce. Killing will be common. Scholars and guides will be few and deceptive and misguiding scholars will increase, poets will increase, and their graves will be turned into Mosques, Qur’an will be decorated and Mosques will be adorned with beauty and indecency and corruption will be widespread. Evil shall spread and your nation will enthuse towards it while they prevent good. Men shall desire man while women shall desire women. The leaders shall become clear apostates, their ministers evil, and their helpers bureaucratic oppressors. Their advisors shall be hypocrites. At that time there shall be three lunar eclipses in the East and one in the West, and another in the Arabian peninsular. Basra will fall at the hands of a man from your progeny whose followers shall be black. A man from the children of al-Husayn will appear, and so to will the Dajjal appear from the Eastern region of Sajistan. The Safavids will also appear.”
I said, “O my Lord! How long after me will this evil be?”


He then informed me about the Umayyad rule, the fitnah regarding my uncle’s son Abbas, what will be and what should have been until the day of judgement. I then informed my uncle’s son all of this when I returned to earth as I executed my duty of propagating the message. I praise Allah for that just as the prophets have sung His praise, and as everything before me has praised Him, and whatever he is to create will until the day of judgement.

He (the narrator) has reported this tradition in al-Bihar


Muhammad b Yahya from Ahmad b Muhammad from the companions of Ali b Ibrahim from his father from Ibn Abu Umayr all of them reporting from Muhammad b Abu Hamzah from Hamran from Abu Abdullah (sa) (in a long hadith in which he mentioned some of the things that shall manifest among people; evil deeds, innovation [bid’ah], and fitnah), he said: When you see that truth is dead and its proponents are finished, and you see that transgression has spread on earth, and you see that the Qur’an has been adulterated/fabricated and things that are not part of it are invented in it and it is directed towards vain desires, and you see that din [the Muslim way of life] has evaporated just as water evaporates, and the proponents of falsehood have overpowered the proponents of truth, and you see manifest evil which is not prevented and its performers are justified and excused, and you see transgression manifesting itself, men sufficing themselves with men, and women with women, and you see that a believer is silent and his word is not considered while the transgressor can lie and his lie and concocted words are not rejected, and you see that the young look down upon the old, and you see that the family ties have been broken, and you see the one that glorifies evil being laughed with and his word is not rejected, and you see the young boy being given the same as is given to a woman, and women marry women and you see women increasing in number, men spending wealth in other ways than the obedience of Allah and he is not prevented or stopped, and you will see the onlooker seeking Allah’s protection from the believer’s striving independent reason, and you see the neighbour harming his neighbour and no one stops him, and you see the disbeliever happy from the happiness he sees in the believer who rejoices at the corruption he sees on land, and you see alcohol being consumed openly while people who have no fear of Allah will gather around it, and you see the one who enjoins good being humiliated, and you see one transgressing in what Allah harbours enjoying power and being praised, and you see those calling towards verses [in another manuscript, Traditions] and those who support and love them(Quran) being humiliated, and you see the path of good being blocked while the path of evil is followed, when the house of Allah has been neglected and people are ordered to leave it, and you see a man saying what he does not do, and you see men fattening themselves ( gaining weight) to attract other men, and women to attract other women, and you see that the source of a man’s sustenance is his anus and that of a woman is her private part, and you see women frequenting public gatherings the same way men do, and you see that gender bending is common among the sons of Abbas and dyeing is common and they comb their hair in the same way a woman prepares for her husband, and men are given wealth for their private parts, and the rich person is respected more than the believer and interest is rife and cannot be changed, and a woman is praised for her promiscuity, and you see a woman encouraging her husband to have sex with other men, and you see most of the people and even those from noble families assisting women in their promiscuous acts, and you see a believer being grieved and humiliated, and you see promiscuity and innovation [bid’ah], and you see people considering false witnesses, and haram is legitimized, and halal is outlawed, and religion is based on personal opinion while the Qur’an and its laws are neglected, and the night is not enough to hide from the transgression of Allah’s laws, and a believer is not capable of preventing evil except with his heart, and you see the one endowed with great wealth spending it in transgression against Allah, and the leaders befriending the disbelievers while alienating the people of goodness, and the leaders accepting bribery in ruling, and the leaders accumulating wealth and you see the blood relatives marrying each other, and you see a man being executed only on the basis of suspicion, and you see a man being criticised for preferring women [over men], and you see a man eating from what his wife has earned from her private parts [pimping] knowing full well and approving it, you will see a woman dominating her husband, working and gathering wealth which she spends on her husband, and you will see a man hiring out his wife and slave and being pleased with despicable food and drink, and you will see a lot of false oaths on Allah, excessive gambling, open and legitimised trade in alcohol, women presenting themselves to the disbelievers, you will see a lot of amusement centres emerging and people will be passing by them and no one preventing others from entering them, you will see the honourable beings humiliated by the ones who fear his authority, you will see that those who befriend the leaders will be the same people who praise and legitimise our being insulted i.e. the insult to the ahl-al-bayt, you will see those who love us being calumnised and their testimony being rejected, people competing to give false testimony, when listening to the Qur’an will become difficult, and listening to falsehood is easy, a neighbour honouring a neighbour due to fear of his tongue, Allah’s penal laws being neglected, people acting according to vain desires, and you see that the Masjids have been beautified, the most trustworthy among people will be those fabricating lies, when evil, gossip and back biting is strife, when rebellion has spread, when back biting shall be considered interesting and people congratule each other for it, when one shall desire hajj and jihad for reasons other than the pleasure of Allah, when a leader will humiliate a Muslim for the sake of pleasing a disbeliever, when you shall see more ruins than buildings, and you see a man eating from deceptive measurements, when blood shed will not be taken seriously, when a man will seek leadership by worldly treasures and using his evil tongue to gain fame so that he may be feared and that all affairs may be directed towards him, when daily prayer will not be taken seriously, when a wealthy man will never pay regular charity to keep possession of his wealth, when the dead will be exhumed and mutilated and their shroud/coffin is sold, when you will see turmoil increasing, when a man will sleep drunk and wake up drunk and none shall bother about his situation, you will see people [marrying] engaging in sexual intercourse [nikah] with animals, you will see animals preying on their own species, men coming out for prayers and returning naked, when people’s hearts become hard and their eyes blind (to truth), when remembrance (admonition) becomes heavy upon them, when illegal possessions are many and as are the people competing for them, when a person shall pray only to show people that he prays, and when a faqih shall seek knowledge for the world desiring power and leadership, when people will be on the side of the winner, when a person seeking lawful sustenance will be blamed and criticised while the one seeking it unlawfuly will be praised and respected, and when actions which do not please Allah shall be practised in the two holy places [haramain] and no one will dare prevent them, and when music shall be rife in the two holy places, when you will see a man saying some truth enjoining good and preventing evil and the one whom he is advising will stand up and say, “leave this topic!”, when you see people looking at each other and paying attention to the evil people while a person will be alone on the path of truth with no one to tread it with him, when a person shall pass by the dead without experiencing any fear (of death), and when every year bid’ah and evil will be worse than the previous year, when the people will follow none other than the rich, when a needy person will be given to but for laughter and only shown mercy for reasons other than the sake of Allah, when the signs in the skies shall frighten no one and when people shall cohabit just like animals cohabit and no one shall prevent evil fearing people, when a person will spend greatly in the disobedience of Allah and refuse to pay even a little for the sake of Allah’s obedience, when disobedience of parents shall be rife, and when their status shall not be granted any significance and they will be treated as though they are the worst of people in the child’s eyes and the child will be happy to see them being defamed, when women will take over authority and take over every issue and they will only be approached for desire, when a child shall rejoice when his parents are being defamed and he shall pray against them and celebrate their death, when a day shall not pass when a man has not engaged in a major vice or earned through deceptive measurements [in trade] or cheating, drinking alcohol in sorrow thinking that day to be the worst of his life, the leaders will hoard food, and you see the wealth of the blood relatives being distributed unjustly and casting lots on it, using it to drink alcohol. You will see the alcohol being used as medicine and being prescribed to the sick, when people shall stop enjoining good and preventing evil and they will stop emphasising on these, when the winds of the people of falsehood and the hypocrites seem everlasting while the winds of the people of truth fail to move, when Adhan and [leading] Salah shall be paid for, when the Masjid will be full of people with no fear of Allah gathering in them for backbiting the people of truth and describing drinking habits in it, when a drunk will pray with people without any recollection, and drunkenness will not be considered a problem and when one drinks he shall be honoured, feared and will be left alone without being condemned and punished, when the one consuming the wealth of the orphans will be praised for his piety, when judges shall judge with laws other than what Allah revealed, when leaders shall trust the treacherous, when the leaders shall appoint the hypocrites as heirs confiding in them and what they desire, when the Mimbar shall be a place where people are commanded to fear Allah and the speaker will not act according to what he preaches, when prayer in the right time will not be considered important, when charity will be given not to please Allah but to please people, when people’s main concerns shall be their stomachs and private parts and they shall not bother regarding what they eat nor who they marry, when the world will follow them, and you see the most prominent proclaimers of truth obliterated, be on your guard and seek Allah’s salvation, know that people are in Allah’s wrath and He just gives respite to them as a matter intended for them, be careful and strive hard so that Allah can see you doing contrary to what they are doing. If the punishment is to come while you are among them then you will have hastened towards the mercy of Allah and if you are delayed then they will be tested and you will save yourself from the transgression against Allah the Almighty that they engage in and remember that Allah will not waste the reward of the righteous and that the reward of Allah is closer to the righteous.


Al-Malahim wa al-Fitan

From what they mentioned in Kitab al-fitan of Na’im b Hammad al-Khuza’i who reports from the Shaikhs (teachers) of Bukhari and al-Rumadi and other scholars of hadith. They said: Na’im told us that al-Walid and Rushdin told him while reporting on the authority of Abu Lahi’ah who is reporting from Abu Qubail from Abu Ruman from Ali (as) that he said: When a caller shall call from the heavens that Truth is with the family of Muhammad (sa), at that time the Mahdi become the main topic of discussion on people’s mouths while they rejoice and they shall not have any other topic of discuss other than him.

Bihar al-Anwar: Kitab Tarikh Qum.


It has been reported from al-Sadiq (as) through a number of chains that he mentioned Kufah saying: “Kufah shall be devoid of believers and knowledge shall sneak out of it just as a snake sneak out of its hole. Eventually knowledge shall appear at a place known as Qum. It shall become the mine of knowledge and virtue so much that even the young girls shall be veiled (from the eyes of strange men). This will happen towards the appearance of the Mahdi. Allah shal make Qum and its people the representatives of truth and authority. Had it not been for that the earth would swallow its people and no hujjah would be left on earth. Knowledge shall gush from it (Qum) to the rest of the world; in the East and West and Allah authority will be completed on his creation so much that there shall be no one upon the face of this earth to whome the message of Islam and the knowledge has not reached him. At that moment the Mahdi shall appear and he will become the reason of Allah’s wrath and anger because Allah will not take a people to account until they reject the Truth.

Al-Burhan fi ‘Alamat al-Mahdi:

The proof regarding the sign of the Mahdi of the end of time: Daraqutni mentioned a hadith in his Sunan on the authority of Muhammad b Ali that he said: Our Mahdi shall have two signs which have never happened since Allah created the earth and the heavens. The moon shall eclipse on the first night of Ramadan and the sun shall eclipse in the middle of the same year and this has never happened since Allah created the heaven and earth.


Sunan Ibn Majah (vol.2)
The Chapters of Fitan: The Chapter of the Signs:






Ali b Muhammad told us that Waqi’ told him that Sufyan told him while reporting from Furat al-Qazzaz from ‘Amir b Wathilah Abu Tufail al-Kanani from Hudhaifah b Usaid Abu Sarihah that he said: The Prophet appeared from Arafat while we were discussing the events of the end of time and said: The final hour shall not approach until after ten signs: The rise of the sun from the West, the Dajjal, the smoke, the beast, Gog and Magog, the return of Jesus the son of Mary (as), three eclipses; one in the East, one in the West, and one in the Arabian peninsular, etc. Abu Dawud (al-Sijistani) reported in his Sunan (Sunan Abu Dawud also known as “Risalat Abu Dawud ila Ahl Makkah”) in the chapter of the signs of hour in the book of battles, from volume 2 with his own chain from Hudhaifah and others. Muslim (Muslim b al-Hajjaj al-Qushairi) also reported it in his Sahih (Jami’ al-Sahih) in Kitab al-fitan wa ashrat al-sa’ah in the chapter of the signs before judgement day.



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