The search for Light/Divine Guidance, is one thing which is to be remembered is that no matter how much wealth a person gathers in the world but this wealth cannot become an essential part of ones personality and the self. Wealth is of a transitory (momentary, temporary) nature and it was been separated from man ultimately. Moreover, in this context there is a tradition related to Great Scholar Imam Hassan (AS). Among the companions of Imam Hassan (AS) there was a man who used to call himself a lover of the Ahlul-Baits and a true follower of the Imam but in his heart of hearts, he had a great love for wealth and riches. Moreover, his eyes sparked with greed and elation with the slightest mention of money before him.

            Imam Hassan (AS) thought that this man was a victim of worldly wealth and riches and thus he was been cured of his disease otherwise he would have to face great loss in the hereafter. Once Imam Hassan (AS) asked the man, “Whenever we talk over any thing you become happy with the mention of wealth, gold, diamonds, jewels and the like…what is the matter with you?” The man replied, “O’ Imam I have an ardent (glowing, keen, eager) wish to become rich and wealthy” and the Imam replied, “Listen! This gold and silver is like stone one type of matter, what good would it do to you if you loved them so dearly?”

At the answer the man got surprised that, the Imam had placed stone, gold at the same level, and questioned,

“O’ Imam what are you saying, how can gold silver and common stone be of the same value?” and the Imam explained the matter to the companion thus,

“Ok I will explain it to you, imagine if you become the king. The owner of the entire universe this very moment and you had all the gold and all the silver of the world.  Even if the entire wealth of the world is at your disposal, even then these things cannot become a part of your self.  But on the other hand true faith and practice become a permanent part of your self and accompany you even after your death.”

            Often we find that people run heedlessly after wealth and money and they fall into the eternal (everlasting, perpetual) pit of hell fire. Wealth has a magical charm over them and they find it hard to resist the temptation, and in the process of attaining wealth they defy (disregard, challenge) the message of God and become indifferent to the warnings of God. Thus it was because of ignorance and unenlightenment that people were snared (caught, trapped) in the web of greed and hunger of wealth, and riches. As a result, characters like Shimr, Pharaoh, and Ibn-e-Saad were been brought to the limelight (attention), who for the sake of wealth did not hesitate to kill and torture the Prophets and the saints of God. These people thought of wealth as the means of ultimate success and thus became the worshippers of transient and temporary thing as money and wealth.

In reality, money has no permanent place in our life and after the temporary life of the world, it was been separated from man; forever and then it will have no existence and reality for the man. Therefore the first advice the Infallibles gave their followers and their lovers was to get rid (remove) of the love of the world and its attractions.  Without doubt, any one who claims to be a lover of Great Scholar  Ali (AS), and the follower of the Leader of the Faithful cannot be a lover of the world and a prey to its attractions. This is because Great Scholar  Ali (AS), has declared,

“I have divorced the world three times, so that it deceives (beguiles, betrays) someone

Else and not come near me.’’ Therefore Great Scholar  Ali(AS) has set the standard for himself and whoever claims himself to be a lover of Ali cannot be a lover of worldly wealth, and whosoever is a lover of wealth and money he cannot be a lover of Ali no matter how greatly he tries to prove the authenticity of his claim.


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